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As  Beata said, some people seem to make friends wherever they go.

Sadly, Mitt Romney does not appear to be one of those people.  In one short day, Mitt managed to insult both the Prime Minister and the mayor of London, reveal that he has met the head of MI6, and forget the name of the leader of the Labour Party.  Then there was the whole thing about how he would be better able to appreciate the Brits because of the shared Anglo-Saxon heritage that had been suggested by a Romney operative.  He infuriated the US press by ignoring them, and criticized the President abroad, which is considered to be poor  form.  All in all, this stumble through the starting gate was not a propitious beginning for a man trying for some foreign policy chops.

Therefore, let’s spend today congratulating the Brits who have mopped the floor with this pompous fool – feel free to use any type of music of or about Great Britain, by British artists, bands or what have you,  and otherwise consider this to be an open thread.

(1) England Swings – Roger Miller. 1965

(2) Henry the Eighth – Herman’s Hermits, 1965
(3) Lola – The Kinks, 1970

(4) Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones, 1970

(5) Scotland the Brave – Note to Romney staff members: Mr. Cameron genetically shares Pictish and Celtic genes with these fellows, not Angle and Saxon genes with Romney. Now go wash your mouths out with soap, please.


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