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Posted on: July 28, 2012

As Mittens embarks on a European tour of “goodwill” he seems to be – (to be kind) – a little out of his element.  I mean, when some members of the British press refer to him as “worse than Palin” you have to believe that some of his gears may not be working to full advantage.

We have watched him struggle through GOP candidate debates with some of the nuttiest people on the planet and the best that can be offered in his defense is that he “did not seem quite as crazy” as some of the other challengers gracing the stage alongside him.  But that is merely “faint praise” when you shake out that description as a desperate attempt to choose somebody who isn’t harboring mice in their brainpans.

This trip to England has been fascinating to watch.  I don’t care how much one loathes Obama, this guy is pathetic.

Unable to even give a rational explanation regarding his position on gun control, he manages to slip in the fact that the Aurora shooter obtained his armory of weapons “illegally”.  NOT SO and that is the entire point of the tragedy: each and every weapon, right down to the bullets used to murder and maim, were legally purchased by law!  WTF?

Next up he managed to outrage the host country of the Olympics by suggesting that perhaps things were not under control.  In diplomatic circles this would be considered a huge gaffe.

No matter what problems may surround the organizational efforts, a visiting “potentate” does not comment on the lumps in the potatoes being served.  It’s just not done!

But none of this should be taken as unexpected.  It was not too long ago that he was meeting with a group of teachers in PA and served a plate of cookies.  He went on to question their origin and refused to eat one thus forgetting that “politeness” is a sign of maturity. Especially when trolling for votes.

This man is an idiot. His off the cuff comments are as cringe worthy as anything ever uttered by George W. Bush.  As a presidential candidate in a position of world leader, he is a pathetic figure overall.  How many times must we listen to him backtrack or contort himself into bendable shapes while pushing the idea that we should “trust” him in a role he is not fit to hold?

God only knows what “gems” he has saved up for his visit to Poland.  Think about it: when you have been compared to Sarah Palin – and come away wanting! – perhaps you need to sit yourself down and reconsider what it is you think you have achieved so far on the global stage.

Particularly when you appear to not have a clue in what you are talking about nor the self awareness that you may be considered a joke.


16 Responses to "OPEN MOUTH, INSERT FOOT"

This trip to England has been fascinating to watch. I don’t care how much one loathes Obama, this guy is pathetic.

Exactly! So funny that the argument from the right is that Romney was only telling the truth. Fine. But did he go there as an Olympic management consultant or as a guest, hoping to establish some foreign policy creds? It was supposed to be the latter and it was an epic fail. Unless it was supposed to be like his NAACP speech, where he isn’t really talking to the audience you think, he’s making sound bites for the base. Lucky us, another 11-dimension chess player.

And to think, this election should have been a slam-dunk for the Republicans, but this is the best they have. Pretty pathetic all the way around.

One of the biggest misnomers about “venture capitalists” is that they are these swashbuckling, caution-to-the-wind heroes of capitalism. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Venture capitalists are the most risk adverse people on the planet other than casino owners. VC critters prey upon the weakest, most vulnerable of the corporate food chain, shake them down for every last piece of information, dissect it, chew it up, regurgitate it, swallow it again, and then design a finance plan according to the age old formula, “heads I win, tails you lose.”

Every VC person I have ever known is an “expert” the minute they walk into the room until someone asks them something off script or upon which they don’t have a spreadsheet to consult. That is when the fun of watching them disassemble starts — more fun than watching chihuahuas try on stretch wigs.

Romney should be ahead by forty points.

SophieCT said: Exactly! So funny that the argument from the right is that Romney was only telling the truth. Fine.

But the *art* of diplomacy is to either not tell the truth or to mask it in so many phrases and turns in speech as to be unable to know what was said. And when Krauthammer comments negatively about it, it ain’t good.

“All Romney has to do, say nothing,” Krauthammer said. “It’s like a guy in the 100-meter dash. All he has to do is to finish, he doesn’t have to win. And instead, he tackles the guy in the lane next to him and ends up disqualified. I don’t get it.”

Funny Mitt the Twit… (as the British lovingly call him) has managed to upset an ally we have not had a quarrel with for 198 years. What is he trying to do start the war of 2012?

I can’t help but think that when the Republicans get to Tampa they are going to say Surprise! Mitt is not it! here is our real Nominee….

Then I remember what thin gruel the rank and file Republicans were offered during Primary season and Mitt was the most “normal” (well as normal as a man worth more the $ 500 million call look in post industrial America) of all their candidates.

I don’t have a horse in this race (will probably vote Obama out of self preservation.) so pass the popcorn Pat and we can watch the fun and warm ourselves by a fire made from old VHS tapes of “The English Patient”.


I can’t help but think that when the Republicans get to Tampa they are going to say Surprise! Mitt is not it! here is our real Nominee….

Now there’s optimism for you! Thanks for that. Let’s help them out. Let’s start sending them names of viable candidates that we can stomach. Off the top of my head, I don’t have any but I’m sure if we work at this we can come up with something better.

I am also getting ready for the November 7th 2012 that is when the tough work begins we have to convince “The Lady” she must run. It was funny On Morning Joe you have Howard “the Doctor is in” Dean saying if Hillary Decides to run in 2012 she will probably not face any Primary challenge at all not even the esteemed NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo would run against her.

I wonder if that meeting in Senator Dianne Feinstein home between Hillary and Obama didn’t already settle that one back in 2008. If it did that is good with me I get Hillary and she can fix this mess of a land before I retire and collect my social security.

Fuzzy@5: I can freely vote 3rd party since it’s a given that Romney will carry Louisiana. I don’t want either one to be honest but since it won’t matter for LA, I can vote for Jill Stein

@5 rewrite:
I can’t help but think that when the Democrats get to Charlotte they are going to say Surprise! Obama is not it! here is our real Nominee….

SophieCT@9: Now that would indeed be a surprise!

That would change everything and she would win. Big. Even the Republicans would vote for her over Romney! Well, a lot of them would.

Well in 2016 The Republicans will Nominate Santorum to appease their base and Hillary may well be the first Candidate to carry all 50 states. I am predicting congress will flip back to Democratic control in the House and Senate. If Hillary and Bill are allowed to campaign for congressmen then the Democrats will surely take back the house.

Fuzzy, is today the Big 5-0 for you? If so, Happy Birthday!!! It’s all uphill from now on. Trust me. 😉

Hey, Widdershins, I’m in the process of moving out-of-state so I’m going to be really busy in the near future. It’s something that has been in the works for a while. It’s a good thing! Mike Pence won’t ever be my governor! So if I’m not around the blog very much, don’t be concerned. I’m not dead or anything. At least I hope not.

Beata@14: Wow!! is your mom going to go with you? You said it’s a good thing so best wishes with it!!

@15: Yes, my mother is moving too. G-d willing, everything will go according to plan. Thank you for the good wishes!

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