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As Mittens embarks on a European tour of “goodwill” he seems to be – (to be kind) – a little out of his element.  I mean, when some members of the British press refer to him as “worse than Palin” you have to believe that some of his gears may not be working to full advantage.

We have watched him struggle through GOP candidate debates with some of the nuttiest people on the planet and the best that can be offered in his defense is that he “did not seem quite as crazy” as some of the other challengers gracing the stage alongside him.  But that is merely “faint praise” when you shake out that description as a desperate attempt to choose somebody who isn’t harboring mice in their brainpans.

This trip to England has been fascinating to watch.  I don’t care how much one loathes Obama, this guy is pathetic.

Unable to even give a rational explanation regarding his position on gun control, he manages to slip in the fact that the Aurora shooter obtained his armory of weapons “illegally”.  NOT SO and that is the entire point of the tragedy: each and every weapon, right down to the bullets used to murder and maim, were legally purchased by law!  WTF?

Next up he managed to outrage the host country of the Olympics by suggesting that perhaps things were not under control.  In diplomatic circles this would be considered a huge gaffe.

No matter what problems may surround the organizational efforts, a visiting “potentate” does not comment on the lumps in the potatoes being served.  It’s just not done!

But none of this should be taken as unexpected.  It was not too long ago that he was meeting with a group of teachers in PA and served a plate of cookies.  He went on to question their origin and refused to eat one thus forgetting that “politeness” is a sign of maturity. Especially when trolling for votes.

This man is an idiot. His off the cuff comments are as cringe worthy as anything ever uttered by George W. Bush.  As a presidential candidate in a position of world leader, he is a pathetic figure overall.  How many times must we listen to him backtrack or contort himself into bendable shapes while pushing the idea that we should “trust” him in a role he is not fit to hold?

God only knows what “gems” he has saved up for his visit to Poland.  Think about it: when you have been compared to Sarah Palin – and come away wanting! – perhaps you need to sit yourself down and reconsider what it is you think you have achieved so far on the global stage.

Particularly when you appear to not have a clue in what you are talking about nor the self awareness that you may be considered a joke.


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