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Look, a Gun-Shaped Breakfast!

Morning, Widdershins! I’ll be overwhelmed until Labor Day, at which point I hope to move on to the next Big Thing (in New York! please, o Goddess!)…so I beg ye, forgive me if I don’t comment. I am catching up when I can, and enjoying everything I read!

First, today’s activist news. Last night, the Coffee Party delivered almost 2,000,000 signatures to Congress for review by the Senate….these were all signatures calling for the overturn of Citizens United via Constitutional Amendment. Many, many liberal groups have joined in this effort to bring the severity of this corrupt Supreme Court decision to the attention of our fellow Americans. I know that the Coffee Party is taking a while to start itself up, but let me tell you, I think it’s really on the right track. Surely there is nothing so threatening to our democracy as the corruption of all three branches of government by the infusion of megatons of corporate cashola?

As the National Field Organization Director  of Move To Amend stated:

“In community after community citizens are making clear through ballot initiatives and resolutions that they want their elected representatives to pass an amendment to overrule the Court by abolishing corporate personhood and the doctrine of money as free speech. These hearings are one step toward achieving that amendment, and we won’t stop our efforts until the majority of the members of Congress are behind us and show that they understand that their job is to serve the people, not corporations or the privileged few.”

Word, sister!

I can’t help but think that with Move To Amend and at least 10 other groups joining this effort, plus the 2 million signatures, the citizen outrage against the “corporations are people” ruling will be very difficult to ignore. May the movement continue to grow and flourish!

Now, as Pat did yesterday, I feel compelled to weigh in about the shooting in Aurora. I find myself completely unable to comprehend the American obsession with guns. I know, I know, I am a commie pinko leftist hippie pacifist type, but d*mn! How f*cking infantile are we in America? Will we ever connect our insistence on our “rights” to blow up a bunch of sh*t to Kingdom Come, with our extremely high incidence of domestic terrorism?

For that’s what the Dark Knight shooting was: domestic terrorism. Unfortunately for those who continue to insist that all terrorism is committed by people with brown skin and Muslim names, the reality is that we have plenty of white terrorists here too. We are a uni-racial (if not unisex) breeder of people who are really, really, REALLY pissed off about something. And thanks to all of our precious “freedoms,” we allow these nutjobs to express their anger with bullets and bombs.

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