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I haven’t been around the blog much for the past two days.  My attention has been focused on yet another small town in Colorado that it the epicenter of yet another mass murder of helpless individuals by a person armed to the teeth with enough legal firepower to shoot 71 people in just over one minutes’ time, or  with a brutally efficient ratio of 1 gunshot wound per second or so and a kill rate of roughly 1 per five seconds.   This was accomplished by a man who had less difficulty purchasing 6000 rounds of ammunition that you would have had in acquiring six packages of Sudafed. 

I had planned for something light and fun today, but I can’t seem to wrap my brain around anything like that.  So, instead I’d like to dedicate this thread to the people of Aurora – to the dead and injured and to all  those who loved them;  for those who are trying to care for the affected; and for those who are trying to make themselves believe that the unbelievable has occurred again. 

This is an open thread.

(1) Dies Irae:  Catholic Traditional, Gregorian Chant,  There is nothing like a full-on Requiem Mass to give one the impression that Heaven’s gates will open.

(2) Down to the River to Pray:  Appalachian Trad. Gospel – here sung by Allison Krauss

(3) Who You Would Be Today Kenny Chesney

(4) Long As I See the Light:  Creedence Clearwater Revival.

(5) Tears In Heaven:  Eric Clapton

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