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Chomsky was right…

Posted on: July 20, 2012

Good Friday morning Widdershin friends — may the first smile you see this morning be your own.

In writing about the wonderfully infinite thing that is the English language, Noam Chomsky mused that there is no end to what you might find yourself saying or writing.  

This is one of those times.

And here it is — Mitt Romney is good for America.

And while I’m at it, let me add:  There is nothing wrong with being rich, legally using the tax code, protecting one’s privacy, “evolving” one’s positions, and there is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with being successful.

Now you’re wondering, has old Prolix gone and gotten hold of some of the “blue ice” from Breaking Bad, has he again been in his vat-o-Glenfiddich, has he finally gone round the bend?  No, yes, maybe, but stick with me whilst I, like Lucy, do some ‘splainin‘.

A mere three and a half years after the largest banks in this country were brought to their ankle spats by craven speculation, we have a presidential candidate who exemplifies the very things that brought this country to the brink — some say within 24 hours — of a total meltdown of our society, bank runs, National Guard in the streets, and a worldwide economic cataclysm dwarfing the Great Depression.

In terms of job creation, we have someone who was a venture capitalist making a fortune by outsourcing, offshoring, and the offensive use of bankruptcy courts.  (When I use “offensive” I mean proactively buying companies, paying obscene management fees for burying companies in unserviceable loans, and then using bankruptcy courts and the tax code to dismantle the companies, layoff workers, abandon pension plans, and discharge the debts.  In six words:  Privatizing profit and socializing the losses.)

In terms of healthcare, we have someone who champions a do-nothing, pandering House of Representatives that has voted 33 times to dismantle the Affordable Care Act modeled after his own Massachusetts healthcare plan while solemnly vowing to kill it on his first day in the Oval Office, and with it, killing healthcare for 30 million Americans.  (Another estimated 27 million would be cut from the healthcare rolls under the block-granting of Medicaid.)

In terms of tax policy, we have someone who pays a marginal tax rate of less than 15% courtesy of a sweetheart sop loophole for investment fund managers known as “carried interest” while advocating a 500% tax increase for the poorest tax paying Americans — from ten to fifteen percent.

In terms of bank regulation, we have someone who has declared war against the flaccid provisions of Dodd-Frank while stumping for the repeal of the very regulations designed to curtail the speculation that led to the collapse of the financial industry in the first place.

In terms of regulators, we have someone who wants to dismantle and banish regulators of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission who are now charged with riding herd over $380,000,000,000,000 (Three Hundred Eighty Trillion Dollars) in the “derivative swaps market” with 690 people on the payroll which is just 10% more than they had twenty years ago when they oversaw a paltry $8.0 Trillion in commodities.

In terms of budget, we have an advocate for a trillion-dollar reduction (one out of every four dollars the federal government spends) in order to not only bring permanency to the Bush tax cuts, but to offer an additional trillion-dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

In terms of personal responsibility, we have someone who has “parked” funds in offshore accounts in order to delay or avoid taxes and then tells the children of the middle class to shop around or borrow money from their parents to go to college.

We have someone who is the beneficiary of the largesse of what are, in essence, tax-free loans by “parking” his money offshore while he sermonizes about corporations being people.

We have someone who has played by the rules written by the 1% crowd and then accuses the bottom 50% of working Americans of not paying their fair share.

Yes, Mitt Romney is good for America — where could you have a better example of what has happened to this country in the last thirty years?  Can there be a better road sign to the greatest chasm of wealth since the Gilded Age?  How could you better explain the different set of rules permitting the gentrified to flourish as they declare, “We are VIPs!

Yes, Mitt Romney is good for America — he is the poster boy of what the failed experiment in trickle down economics has done for those doing the trickling and what it has done to those who have anxiously awaited getting wet.

This bright-line delineation could not be brighter if it was sitting atop the Luxor Sky Beam.  If there were only someone other than an enfeebled, self-promoting narcissist to draw the ironic and iconic distinction, this could be the election to put an end to the thirty year erosion of the middle class.

Yes, Mitt Romney is good for America — we can only hope he is such a good example of what has happened in the last thirty years that a tragically flawed messenger like Obama won’t get in the way of America taking notice.

Noam Chomsky was right — there is no end to the wonders of what you might find yourself saying.

This is an “all skate” open thread.


13 Responses to "Chomsky was right…"

Gee, prolix, for a minute there…….never mind.

Your analysis was spot on regarding this empty vessel who never met adversity in his own life but is more than willing to offer it up to others as a means to an end.

Which leads me to question why any person in their right might would consider this man in the role of POTUS.

Pat I am with you on that for sure for a minute I thought so also…

I wonder how many of us will realize this sad truth…

That “Romney smirk” is also working on my last nerve.

I am working on my own “You lost bugger, you lost” smirk to wear on the day after the election.

Read this early this am but was waiting for Pat’s comment. Having Fuzzy comment as well is double plus good.
Good for America – like cavities are good for the dentist but not so good for the host who has them. Corporatocracy at it’s finest.

Sorry, didn’t mean to send everyone looking for their butterfly nets and me in just one post — usually it takes people longer than that to begin to worry about my mental processes.

Pat, that is his actual book jacket — his smirk, his choice, and “No Apology.”

Prolix we all recognized after the first two paragraphs were you were coming from, so no butterfly nets.
Romneys smirk reminds me of those horrible toys of bygone years. I think they were called Trolls. My kids wanted them until beanie babies became the latest/greatest thing.

Thanks HT — you are so indefatigably nice, if you can bottle that Canadian niceness and ship it south, there is a huge market. Of course, the Charles Krauthammers of this world would most certainly try and enact some type of embargo since it would affect his readership.

I’ll join the chorus and say I was wondering where this one was going!!

I haven’t caught a bit of the news today except to see that some nut killed a bunch of people outside of Denver..studiously trying to avoid politics for the weekend. Perhaps there will be a marathon of something on the tube this weekend; anythig to avoid politics for a few days. Maybe a marathon of zombie movies?

I believe that folks like Mitt and Ann Romney are really Atheist as they could not sleep at night living like they do while billions go to bed hungry at night and even having all they have its not enough its never enough they must have more more more money and stuff….

Yes these people have no fear of judgement at all…its their followers that are the suckers

Michael@10: Oh they’re not bothered by any of that. Ann said they give their 10% to the church so that takes care of any worries. Besides he’s got to worry about getting that planet of his once he’s gone.,11199931

Fuzzy, as an atheist I firmly believe in everyone taking care of everyone else. I was raised to believe that people owed the planet good stewardship, which includes taking care of all things. My point is that atheists are good people too – they just do not believe in an omnipotent entity which directs all things.

Fredster, aren’t all mormons, particularly Bishops directed that they must thithe, which is 10% of their income? Ergo, it’s not charity as they have no input into how that money is spent. Some mighty fine churches get built that way, and some mighty fine lifestyles it supports.

HT- yes, all members are expected to tithe, regardless of their station in the church. I believe Romney has given double in the past. All of it is considered charity as per the IRS. One advantage (my son converted to mormonism briefly, he is no longer a member) is that members can attend BYU for practically nothing. It really was helpful after my husband died and I lost the money I had saved for college. And after he graduated, he left the church (he actually contributes to the alumni association now, I think out of guilt)! In addition, my son was involved in a lot of relief and food bank programs when he was in the church (and still is), similar to the Catholic relief agencies, but yes, many of the churches are nice, but a bit plain. As a Jewish/Lutheran agnostic, I prefer the ornateness of Catholic architecture.

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