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Posted on: July 14, 2012

Yes indeedy it’s time for another Widdershins Lounge tonight.  Our bartenders are here to take your order so you can sit back, relax and take a look at some of the lighter and stranger bits of news that have crossed my browser.  Let’s hope I get the time set correctly for this thing to post!  😆

Since this is a Lounge post tonight, did you know that there is a museum dedicated to the American Cocktail?  Indeed there is and it is appropriately located in New Orleans!  From the museum’s website and its “about” page:

The Museum’s Mission: Throughout its two-century-old history, the cocktail has influenced music, theater, art, film, and politics around the world. The Museum of the American Cocktail is a nonprofit organization that celebrates this true American cultural icon. Founded by Dale DeGroff, and several of the world’s most passionate cocktail authorities and historians, the Museum of the American Cocktail seeks to advance the profession and increase consumer knowledge of mixology while stressing the importance of responsible drinking. Our mission is to create a self-sustaining museum and tourist attraction that celebrates and preserves a rich aspect of American culture, while providing educational resources for professionals and the public in the fine art of crafting the cocktail through a series of mixology seminars conducted by the world’s foremost authorities on cocktail history and American cocktails. We also aim to broaden career opportunities in the spirits industry and encourage more participation from women and members of under-represented groups in the field.

Well I’ll certainly drink to that!  Also, for those interested, they have a virtual exhibit page.


“The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties
of this earth will ever be.”
Konrad Lorenz Man Meets Dog

That may well be true.  But then, even knowing the human capacity for taking things to extremes I was terribly saddened and sickened by this.  Metairie man arrested on suspicion of sexually molesting a dog.  I love my Chloe, but not that much.

A Metairie man has been arrested on charges of sexually molesting a dog, according to Louisiana State Police. The Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter has taken custody of the dog.

Blake T. Sanderford posted a video of the act on the Internet, investigators said.

The 21-year-old Jefferson Parish man was arrested Wednesday for “crimes against nature and aggravated cruelty to animals,” according to information from Trooper Melissa Matey.

The investigation is ongoing and additional charges may be forthcoming,  she stated in a news release.

The arrest of Sanderford followed a complaint made to State Police that the suspect was videotaping the act with the dog.

Troopers assigned to the Bureau of Investigations later found “computer evidence of Sanderford engaged in sexual activity with the dog,” according to Matey.


I have to say, in regard to the above, I believe I’m in agreement with the Germans from a recently conducted poll.

More than 152,000 Germans have voted to make cannabis a legal drug in an online poll conducted as part of Merkel’s strategy to bring the German government closer to the people.

Outlawing sex with animals also proved to be an important issue, with more than 93,000 voting to scrap a 1969 law which decriminalized the sexual abuse of animals.

Yep, I agree:  legalize the weed and make it a criminal act to be messing around with the critters.  Perhaps the feelings about that are derived from the increasing number of Muslims in Europe and Germany.  In other words, the Germans want to keep an eye out on their goats.


Speaking of strange sex (am I creating a theme here?) do you remember my first post here at The Widdershins?  It had to do with the god-awful LSU/Alabama BCS game and the actions of one Brian Downing, an Alabama fan who “tea-bagged” a passed out LSU kid at a Krystal.  Well, Mr. Downing has been indicted on sexual battery and obscenity charges in the case.

A state grand jury on Thursday indicted a University of Alabama fan on sexual battery and obscenity charges in the assault of a passed-out LSU fan at a Bourbon Street burger joint after the BCS championship game in January. Judge Keva Landrum-Johnson set a $50,000 bond for Brian Downing. The 32-year-old Alabama football fan drew widespread derision following his arrest in January, after a video of a man rubbing his genitals on the incapacitated LSU fan turned up on the Internet and quickly went viral.

Roll Tide indeed.  🙄


Here’s a little something courtesy of Uppity Woman and SophieCt that’s fun to do to your friends and family.
Send them a text like this:  ˙uʍop ǝpısdn ɥɔʇɐʍ oʇ unɟ s,ʇı  You can go here to create some upside down text.  🙂


I have never been a fan of NASCAR and its races.  I mean, go left, go left, go left, drive straight, go left, go left etc.  What’s it all about Alfie?  I do know the “sport” has its fans…you can see them filling the stands at the raceways.  However, I think this fan just didn’t know when it was time to raise the checkered flag, declare victory and move on.

Many of us like watching races in the company of other NASCAR fans, but Linda Chase of Jackson, Mich., might have taken that just a bit too far.

For the past 10 years, she lived together with Charles Zigler. And when Zigler passed away, they continued to live and watch NASCAR together for approximately 18 months until authorities found Zigler’s body on Friday.


Jackson officials believe that Zigler, who would have been 67 or 68, died around Christmas of 2010.

Said Ms Chase:
“I didn’t want to be alone. He was the only guy who was ever nice to me.”

Well okay!  I can’t say that the conversations would have been very scintillating but…


And lastly…did any of you like to play dress up when you were a kid?  It’s a harmless enough activity.  But what about when it’s your dog and he likes to do drag while wearing his pink wig?  (sigh)  I guess that’s okay too, a canine RuPaul as it seems. 😆

Okay Widdershins and guests, what’s going on with you this evening?  If I’m not here right when this posts I’ll be here shortly after!


33 Responses to "THE LOUNGE IS OPEN!!"

Hooray! The Lounge!

I’ll have my new usual because I still like it and your lounge only stocks Uppity’s scotch, not mine.

Today is Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday. It’s Bastille Day. And yet, Teh Google is honoring Gustav Klimt’s 150th birthday. Geeks.

Sorry ’bout that Sophie. Dozed off naturally and then had to run to grocery and the chinese restaurant.

Here’s a dark and stormy for ya!

dark and stormy

Thanks Fredster.

I absolutely hate going to the grocery on Saturdays…it’s always a mad house However, I was out of Fr. Vanilla coffee mate and a couple of other things so I thought I could wait till later and zip in and out. No. 😦

You’re more than welcome. At first I had a brain fart and couldn’t remember “dark and stormy” and kept looking for cocktails called “stormy weather”. 😆

@5 LOL!! Tiger Lily (my new kitty) stuck her face in my drink to check it out (like she does with everything I eat and drink). I thought the rum smell would be enough to put her off, but she actually took a sip (or lap). Then she looks at the glass like, “What the F are you and why would anyone like that?!” Since then she’s been repeatedly smelling the glass and looking at me like, “Why?”

I’m going to be ready in case Uppity Woman comes by and have her bottle ready for her. I know her, of course, and know she’ll take the bottle and run. 😉

Seriously, you have to get some Cardhu in there (at least when the cold weather comes).

@6 – 😆

My dad did that one time with their little poodle pup. He was painting the side of the house and when he got done, the shade was on that side so he grabbed a beer and sat down with the pupper beside him. He offered her a slurp and then several others. He had a few more and then mom said it got awfully quiet over there so she went out to check and they were both laying there snoozing heavily. Later the pup got the shitz too. Guess who got to clean it up?

(rummaging around the bottles…) That would be this one?


Yes indeed Fresdater. That is the smoothest single malt ever. As Colonel Potter said, there aren’t enough O’s in smooth…

Speaking of low-class and the U. of Alabama, coach Nick Saban’s daughter is in hot water over being…well drunk and rowdy and beating the shit out of a sorority sister.

Sophie@11: I can’t keep track of all the Scotches, there are just sooo many. However I do have a friend who is a scotch drinker so I’m going to make a note of this one.

Well…I thought I had tweeted that the Lounge was open but I see I apparently didn’t. Doh!

here is a little Carly Simonesque music:

since I posted it on the last thread before I knew the lounge is open…

my top shelf Cosmo please feeling very Samantha tonight…

My dudes don’t like Saban. Hubbie says he sucked as an NFL coach and that a lot of his own players can’t stand him.

fredster, I remember your first post about that guy. I’m glad to see he got what was coming to him.

That drink you made for Sophie looks lovely. Whats in it?

(…..checking where I marked the bottle last time…..)

Okay Fredster, who took some?

….folding arms, tapping foot….

Okay Fredster, who took some?

Bill. He comes over here sometimes.

socal said: That drink you made for Sophie looks lovely. Whats in it?

It’s called a Dark and Stormy and has ginger beer and rum, socal. Here’s the recipe:

My dudes don’t like Saban.

I didn’t even like him when he was at LSU. He’s obnoxious as hell and so imho he fits in perfectly with Alabama. You should have seen the comments fromo the U.A. fans on that story about his daughter. They were trashing that other girl something fierce! And clearly, it’s Saban’s girl who has the issues.

Oh my…I was wanting chinese tonight so I ordered and picked up some beef with veggies. Then, I had ordered some tamales from this lady I know and she brought those, including some sweet ones so I had to sample those. Soooo….Fredster got a full belly and nodded off crashed before he realized it! 😆

So this is where everyone is……hmmm….no dirty socks or anything. But looks like you have a nice bar. Gin Mary please.

One Gin Mary for Imust….

Imust said: But looks like you have a nice bar

We try. 😉

YUM! Looks delicious Fredster! Thanks for remembering the celery!

Imust@26: Oh you’re welcome!! 🙂

So nobody has anything to say about any of the topics in my post? Socal did mention Satan uh Saban, but no one has comments on that poor lady that sat and watched Nascar with her dead friend?

Well…need to start getting some things ready for Monday’s post.

G’nite all.

Hey, I woulda been back, but have had internet trouble all nite, verrry slow. We rarely have these problems.

Darn, missed the lounge again! Must note on calendar for future reference.

Eh, no biggie. It got quiet so I decided to call it a night.

HT: I commented on Fri. that there was gonna be a lounge on Saturday. (gives stern look at HT)

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