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Poor Mitt, everybody is after him to reveal his net worth and he is doing his best to comply.

And just like the rest of us “common people” he has no idea of where it is!  Not his fault.  He has been too busy as of late running for president to give much thought to the gazillions he has stashed away here, there and everywhere.  What’s a candidate to do?

You can easily put yourself in Mitt’s shoes what with all those Swiss bank accounts and offshore vaults guarding his money: it is not difficult to lose track after awhile.   What’s a “blind trust” for anyway”

And I can identify with Mitt’s plight.  Imagine my own delight and surprise one day when I hauled out a jacket and discovered $10.00 and some lose change from the previous winter tucked in a pocket and realizing I had forgotten all about it.  Like hitting the jackpot!

It isn’t the fact that Mitt is rolling in money.  The issue is that Mitt has found ways to hold onto that money by any means possible and it isn’t here in the U.S.  His tax rate of 16% is far below mine.  And it is all legal even if it smacks of something else.

It goes far beyond his personal wealth.  In Mitt’s world your healthcare access should be limited by how much you can pay before you go bankrupt.  Or die in the meantime.  Your choice.

Mitt can’t understand why you might need some assistance when it comes to paying for higher education.  “Go ask your parents” is his solution.  This from a man who never had to worry about where his next meal was coming from since his father had earned millions himself in the auto industry.  Doesn’t everybody?

His own kids enjoy the benefit of living off an annual 6 million dollar trust fund.  No one in Mitt’s family could possibly relate to those who must struggle to make ends meet, who worry about losing their jobs and health insurance, who never face the possibility that perhaps a catastrophic event will lead to losing all they own to bankruptcy, or have ever stood in line at the unemployment office hoping to get through another day.  These aren’t people who don’t quite know where their money is stashed: they don’t have any.

The obscenity of having as much money as does Mitt is that he is focused on taking whatever safety net you have and destroying it in the process.  None of these so called “austerity measures” or “budget balancing” proposals will ever effect Mitt and his family.  Their deep pockets will always assure them of never facing the same problems that will be visited on the rest of us as they meander through life from a seat of privilege denied to most people who do not live in their rarified world.

I’d be embarrassed too if I had to admit that the policies I propose would cause many to fall below the poverty line as I build myself another home as some poor soul loses their place in a nursing home due to “cuts” that will never touch me.

That’s the bottom line when listening to Mitt mangle and garble his way through another sorry explanation of what it means to be “filthy rich”.

Just “trust me” says Mitt.   I do.  About as far as I can throw him.


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