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Posted on: July 10, 2012

I’m betting that there are plenty of voters in New Jersey who never thought that they would be electing this overweight, bloviating blowhard bully as governor of their fine state.  I mean, frankly who would?

This is a man many in the GOP look to as a “leader”.  A man they believe would have stood “toe to toe” with Barack Obama in debates had he sought the nomination for president way back when.  But alas it was not to be.  Gov. Christie declared that he “was just not ready” at this time to pursue the role of POTUS.  This left many GOP operatives bereft and none more so than the female Bully in Chief, Ann Coulter who rode the Christie bandwagon while vomiting up the idea of a Mitt Romney who today she must defend.

So typical of all the playground bullies most of us experienced growing up; the guy who caused many a sleepless night knowing he was just waiting to lay another sucker punch on you when no one was looking.  A big mouth asshole who made fun of you while he was at it and got away with it because he outweighed you by a ton!

And he is still at it.  If he is not shouting down women and veterans, he is calling people “stupid” for daring to question or seek clarification on the enactment of his policies.  No rational dialogue here, just another mouthful of insults aimed at the person who deigns to question Gov. Fatso.  Referring to people as “idiots” is another shutdown to the challenger who dares introduce a subject considered “off topic”.  He is a complete “charmer” in his role as the elected head of state of New Jersey.

Yet this is a man who for awhile at least was on the Romney “short list” for V.P. candidate.  Word is that he no longer enjoys that status (I wonder why?) and rumor suggests that Chris Christie is himself holding out for 2016 as the next GOP nominee for POTUS.  Whoop dee doo!

A darling of the Tea Party set, and a favorite among Republican political pundits (did I mention that Ann Coulter “loves her some Chris Christie”?), this vulgarian seems poised to not only take on the establishment but women, children, teachers, nurses, the press, and any and all who would appear less than supportive of his drastic policies.

Where some chuckleheads see Chris as a “bulldog” others like me see him as a fool.  An overindulged big mouth replete with the bullying tactics that are best reserved for the schoolyard and should never be present on the national or global stage.  Shouting down your opponents, or those who seek to understand your motives, is as far from diplomacy as it gets. It’s the same stupidity that Chris uses to silence his critics.  Chris means it when he suggests you “kiss his butt”.

There is an investigation underfoot in the state of NJ now that may put an end to Chris Christie and his future endeavors for POTUS. And investigation that presently surrounds his former law partner and a business they share. Let’s hope it does not get buried because of threats made against the press who have dug up some of it so far. Chris has been known to do just that.

Chris Christie is a nasty piece of work and should never be considered for higher office under any circumstances as his temperment so far has shown.

If Chris Christie is the GOP embodiment of a “leader” than I’m next in line as the next Mrs. Tom Cruise.



He’s so obnoxious. NJ really stepped in it by voting him in. And he’s cost them a lot of jobs and money by shutting down another tunnel into Manhattan. But then Tea Partiers are known for supporting people who do not represent their best interests. Makes them feel all special and patriotic. Christie is a loose canon. I can’t imagine him going far in the Presidential race. He would put his foot in it too much.

Okay, let me be the first to coin your Hollywood couple name after they hook you and Mr. Cruise up to the Scientology matrimonial making machine — Pom or Johnruise or maybe just Juise — I kinda like Juise because you could do Orange Juice commercials along with Agent Orange Boehner.

I was quite surprised to find out that Chris Christie was at one point washed up in NJ politics — he was a failed county executive and on the skids until a top NJ Dubya fundraiser, also a Christie acolyte, got him appointed U.S. Attorney. Of course, the rest is history and but one more gift of Dubya that keeps on giving.

Hey Prolix! Missed ya yesterday.

Of course the rotund guv has nixed the idea of gastric by-pass (too risky!). Huh? It’s done every day and people are fine with it. However, it does literally change your lifestyle: can’t eat as much – no calzone for you pal!, timed-release meds won’t work for you and some others. On the bright side, the weight does come off, if your b.p. is high it will come down, so will cholesterol numbers, and if you are borderline or diabetic, sometimes that goes away too along with the weight. Here’s Christie with his “logic”.

Okay HT…I know you’ve been around, I was checking the site stats. I expect you to say something shortly here.

Hey, I’m here, Fredster. I’m about to go to sleep though.

The right-wing trolls are starting to come out in force at places like Sky Dancing. I really don’t know if I have the stomach for this anymore. Posting YouTubes is about all I can handle these days.

Hey Beata! Sorry I’m late geting back. I’m surprised at that about Sky Dancing. I would have thought dk, bb and the others would have nipped that in the bud.

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