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I admit to having struggled with mentioning the latest “tabloid” marital break up between two celebrities who live their lives in public. From what we know so far, their divorce is based on one half of this team being concerned over the religious practices of the other and the impact it may have on their child.

My interest lies in what and why this seemingly cultish “religion” is allowed tax exempt status when for all intents and purposes it appears to be a sinister form of brain washing that has less to do with spirituality than it does with mind control.

Scientology was a creation of a man who was considered to be a  weird character who “invented” his life out of whole cloth who made his living writing science fiction books. His history of lying was well known to those who knew him and his “invention” of Scientology was based on a bet that he could “create” a religion that would attract followers.  He succeeded in doing just that.

But why is this considered a religion and why has it been granted tax exempt status?  Has this strange cult been granted a place within the Faith Based Initiative Council as well?  If so, then why?

I have no idea what Katie Holmes was thinking when she signed onto this insanity at the time of her marriage.  Surely she had to be aware of the strangeness that surrounds this cult when she agreed to become a member.  Let’s just assume that she may have had her eyes opened when it came time to prepare her child for total indoctrination and decided to put on the brakes before it became too late.

My issue is with the tax exemption status this cult enjoys.  I also admit to not knowing a whole lot about Scientology outside of their praise for an alien named Xenu who appears to be the mainstay of what they preach.  A being who ruled over 75,000 years ago on some far off planet, or something equally strange, who released “demons” that inhabit our bodies and must be extricated via machines called E-meters which lead to being judged “clear”.  I may have some of these facts wrong but you get the point.  Sheer nuttiness.

We have become accustomed as of late to having “religious beliefs” weigh in on every public issue that stands between us and progress.  People with half baked ideas who claim a “personal relationship” with a spiritual being who appears to change shape with whoever is speaking on his behalf at any given moment.  It would appear that Xenu must also be taken seriously if he too is granted the same tax exempt as Fred Phelps.  This is where I become lost in translation.

If someone wishes to believe that magic underwear and ancient aliens reside in our bodies then be my guest.  My issue is the expectation that I too must tolerate this stuff through tax exemption status as they seek to impose their wild theories by forcing it into the public square.

How this brainwashing, mind control cult was ever granted tax exempt status is beyond my understanding.  Perhaps it is also time to look into the requirements of the tax code that allows “religion” a free pass when craziness like this is allowed a seat at the table where public policy is reviewed.

I’m hoping that I made myself “clear” in this matter without having to resort to an E-meter auditing session.

I prefer to call it thinking for myself.

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