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“Frankly, my dears, we just don’t give a damn!”

The Republican leadership and its Tea Party nutjobs are throwing temper tantrums and hissy fits against the Affordable Care Act and referring to it as a “threat” to democracy or some such bullshit.  As far as they are concerned, if you can’t afford the premiums tough toenails to you!

The issue right from the outset was the rising costs that cripple the average person who finds themselves uncovered by an employer.  The cost of carrying the Cobra policy alone is prohibitive as this out of pocket expense is based on more of a “roll of the dice” should you find yourself between jobs and officially uncovered until you are enrolled in your next job.

There is no argument that Universal Healthcare is the best solution to this ever growing problem.  Just as with the current payroll tax that is set aside for Social Security, the same measures can be enacted to ensure every citizen by the same means.  In other words, each person pays as he/she goes along and relieves the burden of possibly filing for bankruptcy in the future to cover the costs of a catastrophic event.  But commonsense is itself at a premium here when special interests in the form of the current healthcare community prevails over the needs of the citizens and lobbyists rule in the halls of congress.

The Affordable Healthcare Act is far from perfect.  But one thing it does guarantee is that no one can be denied coverage due to pre existing conditions, or face being denied coverage when they have “exhausted” their present coverage claims.  These fears are real and each person faces the same restrictions under the current system.

However, with all their pissing and moaning the GOP has no alternative plan to address the issue of healthcare.  Have any of these people paid a visit to a nursing home?  How about an hour or two in the Emergency Dept of any hospital?  Have they bothered to sit in on a consultation between a physician and patient when told that their coverage – or lack thereof – is financially out of reach for their needs?

Have they ever spent one day in the home of a family dealing with an autistic child?  Or one where the care of a disabled or chronically ill person is exhausting for those who must deal with this on a daily basis?  Have they ever looked into the eyes of a senior citizen whose monthly prescription drug bills are driving them further into poverty?

Some moronic present day governors are threatening to refuse aid from the federal government on some invented grounds.  No one bothers to interject that by doing so they are putting the lives and care of their constituents on the line, those same constituents who are in need of government assistance in order to survive.  Tell me how this makes sense?

It may make headlines but it calls into question the motivations of those who would stand in the way of reducing some of the suffering and the ease of a burden that puts others at risk.

The truth is that politics continues to trump common decency. Their message is loud and clear: we just don’t give a damn!

Can’t afford the cost of healthcare?  Too bad!  Rather than sit down as a deliberative body and carve out a program that would insure each of its citizens, they prefer to turn your particular situation into a political game of “one-upmanship”.

Laws are being made for us by a handful of congressional millionaires who will never need worry about their future healthcare needs.  The rest of us will have to live with the possibility that we could lose our homes and credit based on an unexpected event.  How easy that we could spiral downwards faced with medical bills that far exceed our ability to pay.

In the 21st century this is who we have become.  A nation of blowhards and simpletons without a conscience when it comes to how we treat one another.

Scarlett may have earned that admonition but we sure as hell have not.


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