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It’s Sunday again, and we are still plowing through the grief process.  Today we tackle step four, which is depression.  This week has actually had a few bright spots, such as the AHA individual mandate, but we will indulge in a day of depression-oriented music nonetheless.

Everyone has fits of depression.  If you don’t, you either have a perfect life, an ongoing burst of mania, or a total lack of understanding of your surroundings.  In general, we work our way through it and move on.  That said, one cannot leave  depression behind until one recognizes its existence, so today let’s wallow in it. 

Music about depression – as well as utterly depressing music – is absolutely easy to find.  I’ll take the oldies, as these are the songs that I listened to while marinating in misery, and will list them chronologically.  I’ll leave the latter-day weepers for those younger than myself, and the masterworks for DYB.

This is an otherwise open thread.

(1) Rhythm of the Rain – The Cascades, 1962.  Damned if I know what the purpose of this song may have been, but I wore out a number of copies during those awkward high school days.

(2) Paint It, Black – The Rolling Stones, 1966.   This song is said to have been written by the Stones as a group.  I can only imagine what sort of week they had to prompt this classic tune.

(3)  Don’t Cry, Daddy – Elvis Presley, 1969.  Elvis had what might well be described as a difficult childhood.  To say the least, they were hard-pressed.  Further, his mother died young and many believe that Elvis wrote this song to console his father.

(4) Fire and Rain – James Taylor, 1970.  This beautiful song was written about Taylor’s stay in a psychiatric institution during his senior year in high school.  The “fire” is electroconvulsive therapy, and the “rain” is the cold showers given after the ECT.

(5) Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me – Linda Ronstadt, 1976.  A failed suicide attempt, domestic violence, with a soupcon of sadomasochism for good measure are rolled into this little ditty.  While the song was originally done by Warren Zevon, I prefer Linda Ronstadt’s vocals.

Bonus pick –From Heehaw, a song that says it all:


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