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Contemplative Wednesday: Deep Pre-Vacation Thoughts

Posted on: June 20, 2012

Rodney Yee

Well Widdershins, it’s that time again. For the next couple of weeks, I will be on my annual vacation, this time with a pre-beach visit to Napa valley to participate in the wedding of my brother to his lovely fiancee.  (Yes, we approve wholeheartedly. I’m gaining a sister – and maybe a niece or nephew soon! Woot woot!) But you know me – I don’t leave without parting gifts! So today, I give you: Deep Pre-Vacation Thoughts.

DPVT #1: Which name is the weirdest?

  1. Barack
  2. Mitt
  3. Willard

DPVT #2: Upon purchasing a 70-minute Yoga workout video for my Kindle, I notice that the first ten minutes are comprised of hot Yogi Rodney Yee posing in spandex shorts, accompanied by soft-porn lighting and pounding music. What should my reaction be?

  1. The perfect warmup!
  2. Great – ten minutes of filler. I’m on the clock here, Rodney.
  3. I prefer sex AFTER exercise, thank you very much!
  4. What was the question again?

DPVT #3:  Who is the most annoying person on teevee?

  1. Faux victim Bristol Palin
  2. Faux victim Sarah Palin
  3. The people the Discovery Channel finds rotting in swamps, grabbing catfish with their hands and makin’ moonshine
  4. Donald Trump
  5. The Bridezillas

DPVT #4:  How awesome is Widdershin Janicen (and her daughter!) for helping stop the pro-deathers in Virginia last week?

  1. Totally
  2. Psychedelically
  3. Hyperbolically
  4. Fantasmagorically

DPVT #5: A new show, entitled “Elementary,” is coming out this fall. Based on the deathless characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the series stars Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as “Joan” Watson. Are we excited?

  1. Sorry, my favorite Sherlocks are all British actors with weird names and high cheekbones.
  2. Lucy Liu? Srsly?
  3. Stamp “Holmes” on a cereal box and I’ll eat whatever’s inside!
  4. It’s about time Watson was a woman!

DPVT #6: On this trip, I will be trying scuba diving for the first time. What is the most likely outcome of my outing?

  1. Accidentally sticking my hand in a catfish mouth and getting filmed for the Discovery Channel
  2. Ruining my pedicure
  3. Wishing for the 800,000th time that I decided to pursue marine biology
  4. Taking some crappy underwater pictures and inflicting them on TW

Enjoy! This is an open thread.


31 Responses to "Contemplative Wednesday: Deep Pre-Vacation Thoughts"

I’m surprised that you did not include my all time favorite “Most Annoying People on TV”, the entire Kardashian clan! Idiots!

Enjoy your well earned “time off”! You have been running ragged for the past 6 months and Napa Valley and the coast of California sounds like a wonderful retreat from the mish mash of life.

Hubby’s brother was married in Napa a few years ago. Wedding/reception was at a winery and it was fantastic. Word of advice MB, take a bottle of water wherever you go. It’s very very dry and you get dehydrated quickly.

I wanted to go through your little quiz because I’ve never met a quiz I didn’t love and I jump at surveys since, if somebody actually wants my opinion, they’re going to get it and then some, and then I came to question #4. Oh my! What am I doing there? As I said over at Uppity’s the other day, all I did was show up with my daughter and we held signs. We stood outside for about an hour and a half and then we went in and attended the meeting for as long as we could until we had to leave so my daughter wouldn’t miss her taekwondo class. The amazing organizers did the real work. As well, kudos to the healthcare professionals who spoke out at the meeting. I’m convinced it was their arguments that swayed the board members.

Attending the protest was exhilarating for me. There was no sacrifice on my part. It was great to search through my things to find my old “Keep Abortion Legal and Safe” button that I’ve had since the seventies. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to attend a protest if they can. I was a little nervous about how my severely arthritic ankle would behave, but I think the adrenaline must have helped because I had no pain at all.

Have a great trip, MB. Thank you for your kind words.

Have a great trip. Aruba again?

All – yes, I’m going to Aruba after the wedding. I cannot wait!!!

Pat, I apologize for excluding the Kardashians – I so rarely think of them! 😀

@2 – Janicen – you deserve the kudos for getting your butt over there and bringing your daughter. Most people, even people who do not have to work and/or can afford to get to the protests, do not bother to go. You rock girl!

MB — have a GREAT time.

A word of caution to be smarter than me — of course, that isn’t too difficult — while communing with the fishes be extra careful to keep one’s hands away from crevices in the coral. Those pesky eels are most definitely equal opportunity munchers. Given that I’m typing this message with both hands, I survived quite nicely, but I did contribute to the defiling of our oceans cause it scared the crap out of me.

@5 – Thanks for the advice, Prolix! I am just the type to be overly curious and underly cautious. 🙂

BTW – for those of you who think RalphB is a good guy, please see his response to Uppity’s comment on Fredster’s post yesterday.

Anytime anyone equates any Republican with a Democrat on this blog, RalphB is there to have a fact-free aneurysm. I notice his response is especially strong when a woman dares to speak her mind on this topic.

I do not appreciate that kind of nonsense on this blog. A reasoned disagreement would be fine, but you’ll notice there is no reasoning in Ralph’s response, just a nasty insult.

I am making the decision now to ban RalphB from the blog for trolling. I see no other alternative, since he contributes nothing else to this space.

It is very rare that I ban anyone, and I am sorry to do so, but I won’t have my regular commenters treated that way. This is a friendly blog and I don’t want it degenerating into a war zone, like other blogs I’ve seen out there.

I’m still chewing my pencil, trying to figure out the answers for most of the questions, but #6 I can tell you. That’s c) for sure. You’ll be wishing you could spend all your time there!

(Re RalphB, well, of course, I had to go off and see the gory details. But they didn’t seem to be there. Was his comment taken down? I’m not at all suggesting you put it back up just for the curious. Judging by his commentary on other blogs, he pretty consistently uses insults when he has no actual answer on the merits.)

(Argh, wp seems to be throwing me into spam.)

@8 Quixote — I just pried Spammy’s mouth open, made him stick out his tongue and cough — didn’t see anything.

Thanks quixote and Prolix!

Yes, “C” would be my answer for #6. I was always good at biology and fascinated by the sea in particular. I think in a past life I was either a marine biologist, or a dolphin. 😀

My guilty pleasure is “River Monsters” with Jeremy Wade. I believe it’s on Animal Planet.

#8 – Quixote, I located your comment and got it out of Spam.

I did leave the comment up – he insulted Uppity Woman on Fredster’s Santorum post. Take a look if you’d like. He basicaly said she was giving Palin-level analysis and called her full of sh*t. No facts, just nastiness.

No one treats my blog wife that way! 😉

Holder cited for contempt of Congress Guess that puts him par with 91% of Americans……..

I’m here, albeit late. I’ve got to go check out Ralph’s comment and then I’ll be back.

Oh my Ralphie boy, you screwed the pooch. I just tweeted Upps about this (fastest way to contact her) and I’m afraid Ralphie will be bleeding out his ears soon and actually he commented on Pat’s post from yesterday, no biggie.

To answer the questions in order:

#1. Willard. Reminds me of movie and Willard Scott
#2. 1 and 4
#3. 1 and 2 and anything Kardashian related although not listed
#4. any and all. Janice you did it so be proud!!!
#5. 2. Love Lucy, but how they gonna ‘splain a girl Watson?
#6. All 😆

Note to MB: Be careful in Aruba. You know what happened to Natalie Holloway; stay away from young attractive Dutchmen.

MB said: I was either a marine biologist, or a dolphin

Oh I’d take dolphin any day of the week.

Obama has decided to invoke executive privilege over the Fast/Furious thing.

@18: Unsurprising, That was pro forma for his mentor, Bush the Younger,

DPVT #4: All of the above!

Dear Blog Wife,
Don’t ban someone on my account. It was just a bulshit remark, scuse the pun.

I am always amazed at watching the same people who were horrified at how people fell for the vapid Obama doing the same thing with the vapid Palin and not recognizing themselves for it.. That is all.

But that’s no reason not to serve Glenfiddich!

As always, hugs and slobbers to you. I would stand right with you in a bar room brawl.

A round of Glenfiddich for the house. Put it on my tab.

Prolix said: but I did contribute to the defiling of our oceans cause it scared the crap out of me

Eh, no biggie. What do you think the fish do in the ocean all day? LOL

Okay you two, here ya go: For MB and Upps:

Lucky Madamab! That sounds like an amazing vacation! Scuba diving is wonderful btw; although I haven’t gone myself in about 20 years! We were very ocean-oriented when we were young, surfing, scuba diving, boating weekends, more than I can remember, to the Channel Islands and Catalina and also the San Juan Island in the Puget Sound. Ah, the good ol days! btw, one of my nieces got a full scholarship for marine biology.

btw, one of my nieces got a full scholarship for marine biology.


I think a lot of kids go for MB, so it will probably be hard to get a job in the field, but its that way with a lot of professions nowadays, so she may as well study what she wants. I’m told its fairly easy for girls nowadays to get scholarships for math and science. A teen girl that graduated last year from our homeschool group got a full scholarship to the Univ of Cal at Santa Barbara which has one of the best marine biology depts. We went on a field trip there a couple of months ago and she was our docent, which was really cool, since laker practically grew up with her.

socal@27: Possibly not difficult. If she adds in a few geology courses too then with the biology part she could perhaps be looking at jobs with an oil company.

My Lord…it’s midnight and I haven’t even eaten anything for “dinner”. Guess I better dig around to see what I can come up with.

@21 – Don’t worry Uppity, I was considering banning him before that. First he attacked Fredster for saying “a pox on both their houses,” then he attacked you. Not okay!

Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone. I completed a huge deliverable yesterday, so I am actually thinking I might be able to relax a little bit before I leave on Saturday. 🙂

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