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Feminist Friday: Can We Start Talking About a National Women’s Party NOW?

Posted on: June 8, 2012

The outcome of the effort to recall Scott Walker was disappointing, to say the least, but what really upsets me is that by failing to oust him, the Democrats missed yet another opportunity to improve the lives of women.

I am not psychic, so I can’t predict what might have been. But let me ask you this: Why didn’t the Democrats focus their efforts on mobilizing the women of Wisconsin to vote out the man who overturned the Equal Pay Enforcement Act of 2009, which was proven to have helped women increase their average wages since its passage?

To bring a suit under the law, a plaintiff first had to go through a state-level administrative process to prove discrimination. It was rigorous enough that in the two years the law was in effect, not a single equal-pay lawsuit was filed. Still, the law’s supporters believe it has been effective in spurring businesses to pay women more fairly. Thus by 2010, the state had climbed to 24th in the national gender-parity rankings, with women making 78 percent as much as men, compared to 77 percent nationally. “Since the law was put into place, employers actually took notice and were very conscious of the fact that they had to follow this law or they were at risk of a lawsuit,” Sinicki argues.

For the law’s critics, though, even the threat of lawsuits put an intolerable burden on business. “If tomorrow you woke up and some policeman is at your door giving you a summons for something, the fact that you’re innocent wouldn’t make you happy, because you have to show you’re innocent at some considerable time and expense,” says Republican state senator Glenn Grothman, a major driver of the repeal.

But expecting the Democrats to have a focus on women is like expecting a person with ADD to sit through a Mitt Romney speech. According to various members of the Party (including the sainted Obama himself), women are special interest groups (or on one memorable occasion, “pet rocks”). It would never occur to today’s new and NOT improved Democrats to make an election solely about women and their rights. Even the much touted “war on women” is just a sideshow. The Democrats will be focusing on how wonderful Obama has been against terrorism and how he has been good for the economy. Oh, and that he is not completely batsh*t insane like the Republican base. You mark my words….as the election approaches, the “war on women” rhetoric will decrease, only being mentioned by a few chosen high-profile wimminz like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi. Obama himself will have perhaps one line in his stump speeches dedicated to women.

As for the Republicans, they are far too focused on women – and NOT in a good way. They seem to take it as their mission in life to take women’s rights back to the 1800’s, before those uppity ladies of Seneca Falls made it their mission to get women the vote and formulated the text of the ERA. Am I exaggerating? Sadly, no.

Fox News guest and Sean Hannity bud Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has figured out the root of our problems, he claimed in a “sermon” delivered to the congregation of YouTube. He knows where we went wrong.

Giving women the right to vote.

Did I make that up? No I did not. I couldn’t have I tried. Lucky for us wrongful voters with woman-brains, the kind Peterson claims can’t deal with anything without, as Raw Story quoted, “freaking out,” those crafty “evil-minded” suffragettes tricked men into turning women’s right to vote into a constitutional amendment. Number 19, to be exact.

Passed nearly 100 years ago, in 1919; ratified in 1920.

So let’s review. The Democrats make appropriate noises about women, but don’t follow through when push comes to shove. The Republicans are so backwards as to be laughable.

Isn’t it time we had our own Party, ladies?

I am tired of hearing that the interests of 51% of the population are not important enough to focus on. I am tired of hearing that we should shut up and vote Democrat because they are the lesser of two evils. I am tired of seeing *ssh0les like Obama get away with breaking his promise to pass FOCA first thing and sell out our reproductive rights to pass a bill the Supreme Court will most likely overturn. I am tired of seeing mindless monsters like Jesse Lee Peterson being given airtime by Defenders of the Hateful, Faux News. I am tired of the religiously insane trying to pass laws that will humiliate and kill our sisters.

It will f*cking kill me to vote D on Election Day, even though I won’t be voting for Obama at the top of the ticket. I am frankly weary of the crapulence of the PFKAD. I want a Party that represents women and puts our equality FIRST, that won’t be distracted by the latest shiny object. One Party, one goal: Pass the ERA! Fight for women’s equality in every aspect of our lives. That is what we women need now.

This is an open thread.

37 Responses to "Feminist Friday: Can We Start Talking About a National Women’s Party NOW?"

Okay everyone, the morning post is up. Sorry for the delay!

But it was well worth waiting for!

Here is how I see it from my vantage point as someone who worked for women’s rights “way back when” shall we say.

The issues were vocalized by a movement that included women who refused to back down. We were represented by “voices” who articulated the role of women and were fearless in doing so. The fight was waged on behalf of our daughters and granddaughters and we won small victories in the process. The ERA may have gone down in defeat but the role of women, essentially their right to choose, was established.

Fast forward a few decades and that settled law was taken for granted. Just as those members of union families chose to ignore the fact that the efforts to take away the benefits of collective bargaining had nothing to do with their present status, the same applies to women of the last two generations who blithely believed that settled law was settled law.

These people were never asked to “sacrifice”. They benefited from the “wars” that came before them. We know this because over the past 30 years or so a concerted effort was being made in a state by state control and dilution of women’s rights which has just recently come to the attention of the nation at large with the advance of the Tea Party members of congress who are bringing these issue of reproductive rights onto the floor of congress and turning them into the law of the land. Where were these women during this massacre? Absent.

Just as unionization and collective bargaining advanced the middle class and afforded the children of these members into a better life, the same applies to the women who also benefited from laws that earned them a valued place in society. Everybody chose to look the other way and the ball was dropped. It is possible to tie these two issues together because the assault against them is a generational shift in outlook.

Where are the Bella Abzug’s and Betty Friedan’s today? It would be difficult to name one outstanding voice in the Feminist Movement because they actually do not exist. It’s as if their work and efforts have been long forgotten and the voices of women have all but disappeared into the haze of history.

I’m not sure what it will take to arouse the hearts and minds of women into action but I believe that this train has left the track. Who we see voted into congress working against the women’s issues got there as well with votes from those same women who apparently agree with these assaults.

I’ve said before that there is a definite need for an active Women’s Party to emerge from this rape of human rights since neither party is willing to stand up on our behalf.

Thank you, Madame Johnson, and hear hear! What a fine rant this Friday morning.

My problem is that I was born an “idealist” and never outgrew it.

But looking around today the only “idealists” I see are those who are focused on stripping away the rights of others for some twisted, convoluted reasons that defy commonsense.

When the Feminist Movement believed they had make inroads into the culture wars, they put down their arms and receded into the background.

That vacuum was filled by the self righteous unable to live with the idea that human beings are capable of making decisions on their own and joined forces with the patrirarchy to subvert those rights.

They succeeded.

We suffer from the same “problem,” Pat!

Yes, so far they have been remarkably successful. All it takes for evil men to succeed, is for good men (and women!) to do nothing, as the saying goes.

Historically, women have been most successful when they did not count on a political party to do all their work for them. It would be great if we mobilized without one, but I think a political party might be the answer instead. I don’t know – we could do both, really.

Actually, madamab, most “idealists” are first to have their hearts broken when what they hold dear is smashed to smithereens.

I believed that men of the cloth protected children. That athletic coaches could be trusted to keep their hands to themselves. That institutions of learning sought truth. That politicians served the common good. That liars would be exposed and held accountable. That the courts provided justice. That talent and skill were to be rewarded. That nations would work together to create a better planet.

Imagine how deeply those ideals were effected when each and every pillar of my idealism has been smashed to bits. When I discovered that it was much better to cover up the abuses than to be held accountable and stand for something good.

All I see and hear now is a plethora of excuses, cover ups, lies, manipulation and rewards offered to those who break every tenet of those things we were taught to honor.

I see what passes for reality these days and I can’t quite make the leap of approval into that swampland without casting my ideals aside.

I just can’t do it.

I idealistically hope for a future in which all those ideals (which I share with you) can come true, Pat. That is why I call myself an idealist too.

Maybe we disagree on that definition.

I think we are pretty much aligned. Our shared outrage says it all.

I’m just a little older than you. Notice I said “little”.

Agreed, Pat. What’s a year or two between friends? 😉

God. Wouldn’t some actual awareness that women are people be nice? At least, just to take an example at random, among women?

That’s what makes me go spare. We have come some way since a few decades ago. It’s not acceptable to put down blacks, gays, Poles, transgenders, you name it. But somehow women got pushed off the truck. Sexism doesn’t even exist. If it exists, everything else is more important. And that’s among too many women.

I have no idea how we got here. It happened while I wasn’t looking. A Women’s Party could be a start, but it sure does seem hopeless. We’ve been going backward. At this point, we need the Civil Rights Movement.

Excellent post and comments Mad and Pat. I have a feeling that for the election in Nov. I will be doing the same as you Mad or perhaps voting for the Green Party candidate. Can’t vote for Mittens and won’t vote the Dem. nom.

Here’s KIrsten Powers and that idiot just in a youtube of the Hannity Show. I love it when she warns Hannity that she’s gonna hijack the show!

@10 – Well-said as always, quixote. Pushing for the ERA is basically an admission that the Civil Rights Movement for women has been a failure. We need our equal rights enshrined into law, because clearly we aren’t going to get to equality without it.

@12 – Fredster, that may be the first time I enjoyed watching anything on Fox News. LOL!

The National Organization Against Men! This guy is in-SANE…

mb@13: Oh I know!! 😆

Completely off topic but it’s worth a laugh.

The good news.


I was ready to do one of those Uppity Woman type cockroach of the week comments or posts but then I read the entire article.

Probably never a good idea to go out drinking with your mother. 🙄

I agree, amen, I’ll join the party. The Ds have too long taken women and any number of other groups for granted. When you fail to pay attention to your foundation — your house will inevitably crumble. Obama is a prime example of how flash and charisma can spell disaster to an organization.

@12 — where do they find these people — are there Fox producers stationed outside the mental wards of psychiatric hospitals with big egg timers awaiting for the 72-hour holds to end? I don’t know what writer said it the other week, but I have to agree, “Sean Hannity is (not may) is the dumbest man to have ever been paid to talk on television or radio.”

Prolix said:

are there Fox producers stationed outside the mental wards of psychiatric hospitals with big egg timers awaiting for the 72-hour holds to end?

That’s the best explanation I’ve heard!

OMFG!! Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson! I can’t believe I never heard of this guy. That he feels it’s appropriate to say these things out loud and call it “speaking the truth” is reprehensible. That he feels it’s ok to call some women Hos because that’s what they call themselves is, in principle, a different argument that he would never win if the shoe was on the other foot. What a disgusting, sorry excuse of a man (and Hannity too for having him on his show).

By the way, great post and great comments to go with it!

Prolix, what an image! I can just see O’Reilly tapping his foot impatiently…

SophieCT@20: Don’t feel alone; I had never heard of him until this thing with Hannity and Kirsten Power.

I guess we’re the lucky ones, Fredster. And I hope we never hear of him again.

This is really nothing 50,000 women descending upon DC with torches and pitchforks can’t fix. Unfortunately, if my memory serves me right, when so many rights for women were fought for, some fingernails were broken. This rules out the Third Wave.

Here is what is wrong with how women are addressing their rapidly disappearing rights today.They get their asses noticed, literally, not figuratively. Last year they spent some time in DC on “Equal Pay DaY’ and this is what they did with their time. As with National NOW, this is what comprises “feminism” today. No wonder they are losing.

We’re being screwed. Happy! Happy! Happy!!!!

Upps@26: Oh my. I don’t think A Chorus Line is gonna cut it.

Insert a bunch of women here and it might work.

Or this one: (needs women mob)

Now these are flash-mobs that would work! That’s it! Fredster is in charge of all feminist choreography from now on.

Upps@30: LOL!!

I can only imagine the looks on the Repubs’ faces as mob of women like that approached the Hill. 🙂

I’m in. Frau Blücher!!!

Well I’m not playing eyegor!

Ou, ah, icky-poo! Checked the mail I have a letter from Mittens! 😯

I knew that damned $15.00 contribution to McCain would come back to bite me in the ass.

Fredster, remember that old adage, what you sow, so shall you reap? McCain then Romney – makes sense that Romney’s organization would come after you.
Pat – ditto everything you wrote. I’m with you – with the exception that I’m tired, dispirited and am now wondering why, when we put so much effort into fighting for the freedom of women, that now young women are so quick to ignore the consequences of the laws being intorduced and have developed that “I’ll allright Jack” attitude. I’m hoping that it’s a momentary lapse in judgement. I have no goot in the race, yet watching all those year of struggle going for naught

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