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Feminist Friday: What’s the Holdup, Andrew?

Posted on: June 1, 2012

As many of you know, my home state of Noo Yawk has a Democratic Governor, Andrew Cuomo. This is the same Governor who made New York history by finally getting the Marriage Equality Act to pass the State Legislature, thus garnering much-deserved praise for his support of the LGBT community. Yet, for some reason, Mr. Cuomo doesn’t seem to be pursuing the Reproductive Health Act with quite the same fervor.

This is rather a disappointing turn of events for a Governor whose campaign included this video:

What IS it about Democrats who think they can ignore women’s rights?

The Reproductive Health Act is a pre-emptive strike against all the crayzee legislation that has been proposed, and in some cases, passed, in other states we have documented. Its main points are as follows:

  • Guarantees a woman can make her own personal, private health care decisions, especially when her health is endangered.
  • Treats the regulation of abortion as an issue of public health and medical practice rather than as a potential crime.
  • Affirms New Yorkers’ right to use (or refuse) contraception, regardless of what politicians in Congress decide.

We need this Act not just because we want to prevent bad laws from being passed, but also because we want to fix the current New York law. According to the NYCLU, the lack of clarity in the current statute could make it possible for another Governor – one not quite as friendly to women – to prosecute doctors for performing late-term abortions, even when it’s to save a woman’s life.

No doctor should fear being thrown in jail for helping a woman whose health is threatened by pregnancy.

  • Because New York law is unclear, many doctors fear that they risk criminal prosecution if they provide abortion care to a woman whose health is endangered later in a pregnancy. As a result, many health care providers are deterred from providing the best care to their patients, and some women are forced to leave the state to get the health care they need.
  • The Reproductive Health Act will make it crystal clear that women may obtain – and doctors may provide – abortion care when a pregnancy puts a woman’s health in danger. The Reproductive Health Act would also move abortion regulation out of the criminal laws and into the public health laws where medical practice is generally regulated. Doctors who provide reproductive health care will still be regulated to ensure they are providing safe, effective and legal care, but doctors will no longer have to fear criminal prosecution for treating a woman whose pregnancy is harming her health.

Planned Parenthood, the Family Planning Advocates of New York, and other pro-choice organizations have been pushing for months for get the Act even presented in the State Legislature. It has not been put forward for a vote, and now, time is running out. We’ve only got 13 days left before no further bills can be proposed.

Won’t you please do your part for the women of New York? Sign the petition and add your voice to the thousands who support a woman’s right to choose, and a doctor’s right to provide the necessary health care to his/her patients.

This is an open thread.

10 Responses to "Feminist Friday: What’s the Holdup, Andrew?"

Perhaps Andrew could take the time to investigate the charges made against Timothy Cardinal Dolan who apparently gave money to the pedophiles in order to make them go away.

Oh wait, no women were involved here so why bother.

Priorities first.

Amen sister Pat! It seems like women are always last in line for equality. We can’t seem to get past the religiously insane.

That Dolan is a piece of work.

Took back the “apology” issued on behalf of victims when he was made cardinal (a new “dress” allowance came with the title) thus ensuring that as far as the hierarchy is concnerned no harm was done.

Am having a hard time trying to differentiate this position with that of the hatred Fred Phelps.

Beginning ot think there is none.

O/T but this has me laughing out loud.

Last week I had a Tru Green salesperson in my living room and he asked me if he could have a few candies from the dish on the coffee table. I said sure. He then grabbed about 3 chocolates and stuffed them into his mouth. Upon leaving, he took 2 more!

Just now I had an electrician checking out my thermostat and while doing so told me he “would love a cup of coffee”. Suprised, I obliged.

I am beginning to think that customer service is dependent upon what I serve.

I have an appointment next week with a guy who is going to check out my dishwasher. Do you think a ham dinner will suffice?


What’s terrible is that 70% of New Yorkers support the RHA. It’s not even remotely controversial, yet for some reason we can’t get it in front of the state legislature.

The Big Dawg campaigns with Tom Barrett today, and the polls are dead even. Walker Recall is on, baybee.

Pat said: Do you think a ham dinner will suffice?

Depends. What type of glaze will you use on the ham? 😉
Replace the candy bowl with some fruit…maybe some bananas that are really bruised or something and dig out (if you have one) a jar of instant for the coffee. That ought to discourge them.

MB: If we sign the petition and we’re out of state does it count?

Thanks for pointing this out MB.

I had the occasion of being sentenced to an eternity in Albany although those who sent me said it was only two weeks. Calendars are so confusing. If my experience was representative, for the Guv to get the legislators’ attention he is going to have to get his gulping goggles on and move down the street to the watering holes. Without a doubt, Sodom and Gomorrah would have to pull up their big boy pants to compete with Albany.

Pat, here’s an idea. I read years ago about this recipe where you tightly wrapped up fish in aluminum foil and put it through a dishwasher cycle and viola you had clean dishes and fish to eat. Tell the Maytag repairman, fix the dishwasher and he can have fish for dinner.

@7 – Yes, absolutely! Anyone can sign the petition.

@8 – I do not envy anyone who has to deal with Albany, but so far, Cuomo has been extremely good at it. I want him to continue in that very effective tradition!

MB@9: Signed the petition.

Oh, and there will be a Lounge posting tomorrow evening. Everyone try to stop by, have a drink (or two) and check out the odd, weird and other such news items.

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