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Evening Widdershins: The Women of 2012

Posted on: May 11, 2012

Evening, Widdershins! It seems the press is finally starting to figure out that yes, women are going to be extremely important in the 2012 election – and not just the Presidential one.

Democrats, as they aggressively seek to turn women’s concerns into a rallying call of the presidential election, are leaning heavily on female candidates to retain control of the Senate.

From Massachusetts to Hawaii, a record number of Democratic women – six incumbents and at least five challengers – are running for seats this year. That eclipses 1992’s vaunted “Year of the Woman,’’ when 10 women sought entry into the country’s most exclusive political chamber.

The race in Massachusetts pitting Senator Scott Brown, a Republican, against his presumed Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren, has captured the most headlines nationwide, but others could be just as crucial for Democrats.

Now you all know that I am a huge fan of advancing women in politics, but I realized fairly early on in my advocacy that it really does matter WHICH women. Electing Republican women to the Senate and House simply does not work. Look at the way the Paycheck Fairness Act, which was passed by the House but not the Senate in 2009, continues to languish – and with good reason: Not one Republican woman will vote for it, not even the “moderates” Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Imagine the power that would come from real sisterhood amongst these Senators of the female persuasion – but alas, despite the claims of some, “social issues” (aka abortion and same-sex marriage) are NOT the only issues that divide liberal from conservative women. And so it goes.

The fact is that Republicans have been alienating women to an unprecedented degree in the past couple of years, mainly because they have stopped lying about their intentions and just gone for it – let all their inhibitions go, and jumped on the Train to Insane. Yes, they think that women who want abortions deserve to be raped by a medical instrument beforehand! Yes, they think that an unfertilized egg is the same as a person! Yes, they think that a miscarriage should be the same, legally, as an abortion. Hell, YES THEY DO, and they’re proud of it, so you’ll just have to lie back and think of Clooney, women of America!

I continue to be thankful that THE CRAYZEE has been unmasked by Dick Armey’s Army, and that the rise of the Tea Party has begun to show everyone just how fucking awful these evangelical hate zombies are.  Unfortunately, this also means that the hate zombies are uniting to elect more of their kind – and they want to take over the Senate and eat its brains, they really do. (Kinda slim pickings there, but whatevah.) Their rise in the primaries may have the opposite effect in the general, however.

Whether Democrats keep control of the Senate will depend on more than just how well the party’s women do, Walsh said. “It’s not about the gender of the candidate’’ but more about how well the party can position itself to appear more responsive to interests of women voters across the country.

Democratic leaders in the Senate agree. They have been populating the chamber’s calendar with highly choreographed votes on women’s issues, seeking to take advantage of a perceived gender gap and depict Republicans as out of touch.

Okay, I have to laugh because the Boston Globe was a little too politically correct here. I do not think the Democrats are great for women at all – you know I don’t – but factually speaking, there is a HUGE gender gap between the Dems and Repubs in the Senate.  As I wrote last week, the Repubs voted AGAINST the VAWA and now are poised to flail equally spectacularly on equal pay. We know they do not support the ERA or freedom of choice, either. Senate Democrats, especially the women, have all been consistently good on those issues.

The New York Times is hopeful that Mitt Romney will take the opportunity put his money where his mouth is, and support the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Mr. Romney’s commitment to fair pay will soon be tested. In the coming weeks, Senate Democrats are planning to make another attempt to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, a much-needed updating and strengthening of the 1963 Equal Pay Act.

The measure was narrowly defeated two years ago by solid Republican opposition, despite strong support from President Obama. The bill would enhance the remedies available for victims of gender-based discrimination and require employers to show that wage differences are job-related, not sex-based, and driven by business necessity. The measure would also protect employees from retaliation for sharing salary information, which is important for deterring and challenging discriminatory compensation.

By supporting the bill and rallying Republicans to get behind it, Mr. Romney can demonstrate real leadership on equal pay — and perhaps even soften the impression of Republican insensitivity to women’s concerns. At a time when women still earn, on average, only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, there is a clear need for stronger steps to help close the gender gap.

The “impression” of Republican “insensitivity” to women’s concerns? Guffaw! In any case, I predict that our pretzel-like Mittens won’t support anything that his fellow elephants are against. At this point he needs all the support he can from his Party, since getting women to follow the Party of Transvaginal Ultrasounds is going to be an awfully tough row to hoe.

In general, it does my heart good to see that wimminz are finally getting their due. I credit the women of 2008 with giving birth to the women of 2012. At least that horrible election had one silver lining!

Tonight’s drink is the American Woman. Sweet, strong, and with a hell of a kick!

Shake everything with ice, strain  into a cocktail glass.

The bar is open and the drinks are free! Let’s shake it all night long! This is an open thread.

14 Responses to "Evening Widdershins: The Women of 2012"

The Lounge is open!

Thank you very much fuzzy will have a Skyy/Grande Mariner Cosmopolitan with a slice of Florida Citrus for color…

Watching Ghost Adventures…Zach Bagans has cleaned out every Baby Gap Store of its extra small black T-shirts with out pockets.

Then it is time for Dead Files…

Hello Fuzzy! Wow, that sounds deiicious. Consider it poured!

I’m freaking working. Can you believe this? This is the projet d’enfer…

LOL well Madamab it seems its Feast or Famine for you since I’ve known you glad you are so busy because I remember how miserable you were when you were a victim of the War Economy.

Its good that you are so busy and I am sure Mr Madamab misses you when you are gone and all your homecoming are sweet…there is a chance I will be coming to New York in November this year.

OMG Fuzzy!!! If you come you KNOW you have to hang with me and Mr. MadamaB!

Uh-oh! I didn’t realize your post was gonna be a Lounge Mad. I was going to do it tomorrow.

(sigh) I have been between boiling mad and then totally depressed and having to wonder about “humanity” since yesterday.

My neighbor at our house down in LA called a couple of times wanting to see about her husband spraying weedkiller in our (still say that) backyard. I couldn’t figure out why Tracey wanted to do that. She said she’d send pictures. Well she did last night and I have a *fucking* jungle in the back yard! 👿 There are weeds/whatever growing higher than the top of my dad’s shop building.! There are vines growing on the fence that look like they’re gonna pull the fence down. I had emailed the lawn guy to see when he wanted to start cutting services again because I figured maybe starting in April it would probably start growing in. The last thing I sent to them was I’d check with the neighbor because he’s been keeping the front cut with his riding mower.

Well I emailed the lawn guy today withe the pics from my neighbor and said hell no, I didn’t need his services for anything!! The only thing I can do now is to get the neighbor to spray all the shit with weed killer and take it down, then hire someone to come in and chop all of it down with a weed eater or scythe and cart it all off.

I’m so disgusted right now with people. This guy would email his statement and sometimes there were three cuttings on there in a month at $30 a pop. Grrr!

So right now I need comfort food, ordered a large, loaded pizza and then later tonight I may drink heavily

Oh and btw, this guy is a *preacher*. 🙄 God/Goddess only knows what he preaches to his congregation. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Oh Fredster, you poor thing! That is awful. What can I offer you from the bar to help ease your stress and sorrow?

Fredster that is just awful…I cant believe that a yard man would do that but my mom had trouble with one, he insisted on being paid for service in advance only doing half the season then begging off the rest saying he would make it up to her well he never did…

When she called about a refund his wife got on the phone and told her that she would be getting a bill for all the times she called and bothered her husband to complete the work, but that he was not going to fulfill the contract…what a crook she has a good one now thank goodness.

Mad: Thanks but I’ll hold off for now. I’m eating the pizza and just want to seek solace in the food at this point. I may have a couple of Maker’s Marks and club soda later.

Fuzzy, we had a really good lawn guy before Katrina. Always did an excellent job with the grass and edging. I mean, he’d come over in the early spring just to give the grass a quick cut and then put down the weed ‘n feed, no charge. I always made sure I had plenty of ice water available for him, or if we were the last yard of the day, I’d give him a cold beer. 🙂

This guy took over from his uncle who was also a minister of some type and he got a full time position somewhere. We never had a written contract of any type so I can’t do a whole lot about it. But it just really galls me. I’ve been alternating between wanting to meet the guy when I get down there and punch the shit out of him, and, for now, just sitting down and crying. I just don’t get how he could do this.

Sadly, most people think about themselves and not others, Fredster, even some self-styled “preachers.” To let your house go like that is just incredibly wrong, but I’ll bet it barely even crossed his mind that he was ripping you off.

It truly is a disgrace.

If you want an early start on the Maker’s Mark, here you go….

oooh, fuzzy’s cocktail sounds nice!

And great post! Thank you!

socal@12: gurl! You always late!!

Oh, I’m sorry I missed the lounge last night. Fredster, if you don’t want to spend the money to join Angie’s list, I hope at least you can file a complaint with the BBB about your lawn guy. That’s criminal behavior.

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