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Posted on: May 8, 2012

For once, could one of you presidential nominees please say exactly what you mean and exactly where you stand? I’m begging here!

There is more “tap dancing” around issues than all the Fred Astaire movies put together.

“I may have said this but I really meant that” is about the only statement these people claim when addressing whatever audience they may stand before because –goddammit! – we must always keep in mind that some moron with a closed minded point of view may feel offended or insulted. Better to appear “friendly” to some intolerant yahoo than ever appear “intolerant of the intolerance”.  Give me a break!

Obama is still “evolving” after 50 years on earth about his position on gay marriage. Romney is reluctant to be pinned down on ANY statements that might offend the Religious Right.  Lurking behind this overall reluctance to actually say what they mean is an element of discrimination against segments of the population begging for equality.

Sexual orientation is determined at the moment of conception.  It is not a lifestyle “choice”.  You are what you are and no one can change that any more than you can change the color of your skin.

But you would never know that from the statements issued by these idiots running for office.  Still “pondering” the data, these fools would have you believe that they are “considering” the efficacy of science as if the jury were still out.  Unbelievable.

Sorry folks, but it is impossible to turn back the clock.  Science has identified the “mystery” of our DNA in separating genes that determine so much of who we are.  Evolution has traced our ancestry as having evolved from animal life forms.  It is a myth that the world was created in 7 days.  Noah never built an arc.  Impossible that Jonah lived in the belly of a whale. Adam and Eve did not resemble Brad and Angelina.

Every couple of years a new scientific “breakthrough” is announced and a handful of naysayers arise in dispute. Specious arguments are made in the face of fact. Climate change deniers refuse to accept that deregulation of industries are producing dirty air and polluted waters that leads to global warming.

But it would be refreshing for once to hear one viable candidate for office actually stand up and defend scientific and biological conclusions instead of worrying about the intentionally ill informed who prefer to embrace ignorance.  Bowing to the whims of the minority is an exercise in stupidity.  It makes about as much sense are an argument surrounding gravity.

Equal rights is just that.  The right to be treated just like everybody else.   It is a guarantee under our Constitution but for those running to “uphold and defend” that document it becomes an arguable point when there is no argument to be made.

As these politicians continue to “dance around” the issue the world keeps moving on.  There is nothing more shameful than watching intelligence walking hand in hand with sheer ignorance out of a shallow need to seduce votes. 

For Christ’s sake stand up and defend the rights of all for once and let the chips fall where they may!   Who cares what extremists think since there is a reason why they have earned that label.   

Only leave the “dancing” to Fred Astaire.   Her did it with such grace.


26 Responses to "PUT ON MY DANCING SHOES!"

All I can say Pat is…Yeah!

I wonder if Joe Biden got in trouble for saying he supports gay marriage. Or Obama’s peeps used Biden to see how the public would react – a trial run for Obama’s own announcement. I wonder if he’d dare do it before the election. I mean, to be on the right of Dick Cheney on the issue is embarrassing.

The “pundits” claim that Obama’s “reluctance” is based on the election states like NC and VA.

Just once I would like to see one of them actually declare the courage of their convictions and say what they really believe: that equal rights is human rights and under the Constitution as president I will defend and protect.

Instead of “Maybe, could be, I don’t know” statements that are designed to appeal to the lunatic fringe.


Fredster I am working on it….

Sophie’s clip from last night says it all. It’s a matter of equal rights – period. Either you are for equal rights or you are against it. I wish they would stop framing this and get to the basics. Are you for equal rights, or against.

fuzzy: Sounds good! 🙂

They’re even making Carney put on his dancing shoes. I liked the comment about the veep’s position has “evolved” while Obama’s is still evolving. Yeah, rite.

Sorry, I gotta post a post about nothing because on my previous post I accidentally selected the “send me e-mails” button and now I’m getting all these e-mails! Carry on, pretend like I didn’t say anything.

Here’s a commercial on voting against Amendment One in North Carolina. The election is today and it seems like it will pass.

Minx@1: For whatever reason, your comment got caught by spammy. I let you out.

Like so many others, when you boil this issue down, it is about framing a debate around where you see us, as a collective society, going. Is this a society where immutable characteristics are not the basis for illogical and irrational fear and prejudice?

Like John Lennon said, “I don’t want to be a loud-mouthed poet, musician, but I can’t be what I’m not.” In this instance, both Obama and Romney are trying their damnedest to be what their not — leaders.

In lots of ways it is similar to an epiphany I had as a little leaguer, I never could see the sense in running to first before I ran to second once I hit the ball — I just ran straight from home over the pitcher’s mound to second, it was easier, took less energy, was much faster, and it took everyone by surprise. Obama and Romney should take heed from a not-too-smart none-too-athletic little leaguer, it would sure take everyone by surprise.

Prolix – your comment – just brilliant and is so emblematic of what is wrong in the world today. Not one person wants to run the bases in order – skip a few and your home free. You must have been one heckuva hellraiser in your day – made me laugh because your little league rationale made perfect sense to me. As for Romney and Obama taking heed – I doubt that their handlers ever played little league – World of War or polo perhaps.

I’m still getting e-mails even though I unsubscribed! Ugh!

D: mark ’em as spam and let your spam filter catch them..or not. They may be particularly funny to read. 😉

Prolix said: In this instance, both Obama and Romney are trying their damnedest to be what their not — leaders.

You hit it right on the money. As the saying goes “Spot on”. 🙂

I always maintain a glimmer of hope each time the Red Sox come up to bat.

But my instincts tell me that waiting for a viable reaction from political candidates to actually come right out and express themselves is more like Waiting for Godot.

Or expecting Marcel Marceau to speak. Ain’t going to happen.

Pat@16: LOL!

Uh-oh. John Travolta being sued for wanting to do naughty things with two male masseurs. Bad John, bad!!

Fredster most discerning people have known that Travolta is closeted, however with his money and the power of Scientology behind him, this will go away.

Fredster You ‘ve got mail….

why am I not fuzzybeargville?

@21: Did you log in with facebook?

Guess I’m not going to visit Research Triangle Park anytime soon:

Yes 1,229,403 61.30%
No 776,090 38.70%

@23 – That really sucks about NC and the same-sex marriage ban. Just proves Pat’s and Prolix’s points that our politicos should stand up for equal rights for all on a national level.

Allowing states to decide whether people have equal rights is against our Constitution.

MB@24: There may be come challenges coming to this amendment, or at least we can hope.

Sophie: It’s a shame this was done because the area around the Triangle *is* one of the more liberal in the state. You can bet this thing got a big NO in that area.

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