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Here’s Pat Robertson on the subject of homosexuality:

“The world today says ‘OK, so you are gay, you want to have affairs with men — that’s cool. You have an absolute right to do that, why not?’  

That’s not the right attitude. The attitude is that this is sin. It’s wrong. And [this man] realized it was wrong but couldn’t control it. But that type of conduct is wrong… he is obsessed. He has a compulsion. I would think that it is somehow related to demonic possession…”

Pat Robertson is first class horse’s ass!

A bible thumping, close minded, twisted thinking, seriously deranged moron who sits on his ass and spouts mind boggling obscenities to the world at large from the safety of his

If there are any “demons” to be reckoned with they have found already found a home in the head and heart of this twit whose words further inflame the hatred towards his fellow human beings using “god” as a platform.

His is just another example of hate speech shrouded in the First Amendment and used to abuse the sensibilities in offering opinions soaked in discrimination cloaked in religious bias.

Pat Robertson is the epitome of god creating an idiot just to remind the rest of us that he can.

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