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Katniss faces her moment of truth

Seen any good movies lately, all? Now that I live in the semi-suburbs, I am actually able to go to movies on their opening weekend without standing in line overnight. 😆 Last weekend, I went to see “The Hunger Games.”

I did read all three books in the series by Suzanne Collins, and found them imaginative, wonderfully written, and rather feminist in orientation. The story of a young girl who holds on to her humanity in the face of a brutal, unfeeling dystopia that is trying to kill her (literally in this case)…well, what could be more evocative of the modern War On Women? The books could be interpreted in many ways, but I did think that at the core, it was about the idea of the traditionally “feminine” values of nesting, community and peace, combating with the traditionally “masculine” values of travel, self-promotion and conflict. (I also saw some hommages to Ray Bradbury in the series, which made me appreciate it even more.)

All this is to say that the movie more than did justice to the books. The female protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, is played by the young actress Jennifer Lawrence (best known for the well-beloved indie “Winter’s Bone,”) who truly seems to fathom the depth of the character she is playing. Memorable appearance are made by Donald Sutherland, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Smart and Wes Bentley (of “American Beauty”). The boys warring for Katniss’ heart are played by young hunks I am far too old to appreciate. 😉

In any case, in honor of the triumphant screen arrival of a new young feminist character, let’s serve some drinks and munch some popcorn and other movie snacks. Don’t be mad, Widdershins, but hubby and I are going on a date tonight, so I won’t be around much. You have my permission to play nicely without “Mommie,” as Fredster called me. Just don’t stain the carpets too much, especially if Uppity stops by with her famous chicken marsala! 😆

This is an open thread…and may the odds be ever in your favor.

So that the Health Care Bill you create won’t be in the hands of f*cktards like this guy.

It appears from this week’s discussions at the Supremely Conservative Court, that Obama’s Health Whatever Bill is soon to be either overturned, or eviscerated to the point that it can’t pay for the few enhancements it actually offers. The Huffington Post reports:

“Shock and awe” best describes the reaction of legislators and commentators upon hearing the Supreme Court’s closing day of arguments on the constitutionality of Obama’s health care legislation. Democrats as well as the beltway media had assumed the bill was safe, thinking that the legislation fit firmly under the Congressional power of the Interstate Commerce Clause and that justices would be wary of repercussions of single-handedly dismantling the most expansive social legislation since the creation of Medicare.

How wrong they were. From the same justices that brought you Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (the decision that ruled that corporations, like individuals, are protected by the first amendment, which resulted in the unleashing of a wave of super PACS in this year’s elections) and Bush v. Gore, now comes the very real possibility of the end of health care reform.


Reporters, commentators and Democratic legislators were stunned by the Court’s turn. CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin called today “a train wreck for the Obama administration.” Toobin said, “this morning was unbelievable. It was like a given that they’re throwing out the mandate. Anthony Kennedy was like, ‘Well, when we throw out the mandate…’ — Do you know what a huge deal that is?” Although shaken, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid warned that we couldn’t draw any conclusions yet, saying that justices ask lots of questions in many different directions, but that doesn’t mean they’ve made up their minds.

The logistical problem is that if the Court strikes down the mandate, the rest of the law may unravel for financial reasons. Obama’s new citizen protections, such a requirement that insurance companies cover people with pre-existing conditions, a ban on charging more for those with complicated health problems and the removal of insurance payout caps on medical services, are all supported by the insurance premiums of new people entering the market through the mandate.

You have to wonder if these Beltway Bozos ever read anything they don’t already agree with, or listen to their Republican colleagues during those long, LONG sessions in the House and Senate. “Obamacare” has been in their sights since 2010 (the Tea Party won many seats because of its promise to overturn the hated “socialist” bill), and they all seemed pretty confident that their friends on the Supreme Court would grant their desires. Were the Democrats truly so naive that they thought people like Scalia would actually consider the bill on its merits? Or are they just mugging for the cameras? Either way, it’s a truly pitiful sight to see the way both Parties have made a horrible joke out of such an incredibly important issue.

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Next Democratic Debate **NEW**


What: Yet *another* Democratic Debate

When: February 25th 2020

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Time:  8 pm EST

Who qualified: Same bunch as last time PLUS Tom Steyer so seven for this debate.  Oy!

How to watch: CBS channels and CBSN streaming

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