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I took this from my comment on the previous thread to a separate, new post.

Everybody, when you can, you *must* go check out this post by Ani, Anita Finlay over at Uppity’s place. The book is available from Amazon and will also be available on Kindle. Sounds like it will be a GREAT read!!

In 2008, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama waged an epic battle for the presidential nomination that captured the imagination and hopes of millions, but the joy of watching a qualified woman vie for the presidency was marred by newsmen and pundits calling Hillary Clinton a hellish housewife, Nurse Ratched, she-devil and bitch. What I witnessed made the bile rise in my throat from such a deep place, I had to get off the sidelines and take action. I transformed from actor and fearful news junkie to determined campaign grunt and citizen journalist.

DIRTY WORDS ON CLEAN SKIN is my shocking exposé about the real war on women…who’s buying, who’s selling, and why they get away with it.

As I said above, it’s available at Amazon and will be available on Kindle also.

Has everybody had a chance to weigh in now?  Have we managed to capture the outrage of every voice willing to be heard on the topic? 

 Have we spent enough time analyzing and judging the depth of each response surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin?

You would think so after two whole weeks of devoted time spent going over and over the events of this tragedy but I could be wrong.  With a Florida Grand Jury set to meet on April 3rd this story has what news producers describe as “having legs”.

It is impossible to turn on the t.v.and not find hours of time spent examining the events of this case.  All we know for sure is that what appears to be a miscarriage of justice took place on February 26th when a young teen was gunned down by a man claiming “self defense” under a Florida statute that allowed him to act as judge, jury, and executioner while law enforcement failed to investigate what led up to this tragedy.

Granted, it took the press to instill pressure on the authorities to convene a grand jury.  And granted that this case has many questions left unanswered.  But in all fairness this sorry episode has overridden anything else of importance that has been marching alongside the constant coverage of a singular event leading one to believe that this is about all we care about in a world beset by other important issues that have been taking place at the same time.

As usual the MSM has found a subject that has dominated the news cycle above all else.  Only a few weeks ago it was the death of Whitney Houston.  Hour upon hour was spent on the Penn State debacle and Joe Paterno.  How many news lead ins were set aside concerning Rush Limbaugh, Casey Anthony, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, the Kardashians, Michael Jackson, and the latest Royal Wedding?

Judging from the coverage nothing much else was taking place outside of these events when entire broadcasts on a variety of shows saw talking heads chiming in with one opinion after another.  Just prior to this sorry happening in Florida was an unending debate where the subject of “religious freedom” was being dissected ad nauseum from every cable enterprise available.  It’s as if our minds and brains are unable to function beyond one topic at any given time.

The coverage of events in Syria, Darfur, the Sudan, become secondary to one event time and time again. The mess in Afghanistan only becomes an issue when another atrocity rears its ugly head.  The assault on women’s rights in various controlled GOP legislatures is barely mentioned.  Secularization is giving way to theocracy.  Our civil rights are in danger of being lost.

The press and the networks continue to “pick and choose” its “flavor of the day” while saturating the airwaves with one subject before another rises up and announces it that it “is time to move on”.  We know more about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman than we do about the policies that shape or threaten our daily lives here and abroad.  Does anyone do “outrage” as well as Al Sharpton?  Or Nancy Grace?

What happened in Florida is indeed an outrage.  A Grand Jury has been convened and chances are we may or may not see justice served for reasons that have more to do with that state’s liberal gun laws than it will have on the culpability for those involved.

What we have “learned” here is that a lazy press, with the prodding of the parents of this young victim, has seized upon an opportunity that was there all along.  It would have at least been a guarantee that those on the local level would have been forced to produce the facts sooner rather than face the national circus this has since turned out to be.

Paddy Chayefsky through his movie “Network” laid the groundwork for what appears as “news” in today’s race for ratings.  Grab a headline and run with it until it has been beaten into the ground.

The Trayvon Martin case is important but the overwhelming coverage is burying other important events that need as much attention.  Or perhaps I’m way off base?

Snooki is near to giving birth.  John Edwards has been exposed for soliciting prostitutes.  Jennifer Aniston may or may not have found “true love”.  Was Rosie fired?  Should Obama apologize to Bristol Palin?   Are Kate and Wills pregnant yet?   Inquiring minds need to know.

Erase the tape and start over!  

Howard Beale lives on.

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