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A young boy went out to buy a package of Skittles and never came home.

He was shot down in cold blood by a disturbed and trigger happy man who apparently fashioned himself as a one man judge, jury, and executioner.

Apparently his story of being “threatened” by the youth was enough to satisfy the local law enforcement officials as they failed to obtain a blood sample, interview witnesses, and held the body without informing the parents even though his cellphone was found amongst his belongings.

The Chief of Police, either intentionally, or not depending upon your point of view, neglected to look further into this tragedy even though the shooter was instructed to remain in his vehicle and chose to do otherwise.

The parents of the victim have had to seek help from the press by begging someone to please take their loss seriously.  Their child was labeled as “suspicious” by a man carrying a gun and eager to use it by all accounts judging by the outcome.

The gun laws in Florida have assisted in making this travesty possible.  The suspect himself has a questionable history of calling the police over 46 times in a 3 month timeframe which should have raised some suspicion before he was appointed to the Neighborhood Crime Watch itself.

Citizens of this nation are armed to the teeth.  Laws have been passed that allow churchgoers and bar patrons the right to carry concealed weapons.  Almost anyone can buy a gun without much effort in most states.  We are beginning to revert to the days of the “wild west” with every citizen carrying weapons while the NRA points to the Second Amendment as a guarantee of that right.

How many deaths may have been prevented over the last 30 years if guns were not as available as they are today?  In my city alone, the weekend “fun and games” of drive by shootings and gang related death and injuries come about from young men having access to illegal guns.    It doesn’t matter how they obtained them but it illustrates the ease and the number that swell within the community. 

Trayvon Martin is dead because of George Zimmerman.  Race certainly played a major role in his demise. The boy was called a “coon” shortly before his assailant pulled the trigger.  A red flag that was dismissed by law enforcement as a young boy lay dead at their feet.

Along with the proliferation of guns that are easily obtained and seem to mark the transition of a “boy to man” culture, guns have become the “must have” toy in the hands of the immature and the mentally unstable.

Ask Gabby Gifford.  Or the multiple families throughout this nation who have had to bury their dead as a result of some trigger happy fool who demands “respect”.

Guns are openly displayed at political rallies. The NRA spends millions each year lobbying for the right to own  semi automatic weapons usually reserved for the military. These weapons fall into the hands of those who mean to use them.  George Zimmerman was one of those men.

Had this been a young white man I question if we would be discussing this event. Zimmerman would more than likely have been questioned at length, his words on the recording dissected, and the clear meaning of his offense would have been solved by his arrest.  But because Trayvon Martin was a black boy his parents were left to plead for justice since no one in authority cared to do so.

No parent should have to be left with that task.  No child should be shot to death because of the color of his skin. No person has the right to take the law into his own hands based on “a hunch”. 

Once again the NRA and its specious calls for “freedom” has left another series of bloodstains in its wake and another family in mourning its loss.

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