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Okay, I know this story is old news, but it keeps going, and I haven’t weighed in on it yet, so if you don’t like it, neener neener!

Once again that bastion of morality, Rush “I’m a drug-addicted hypocrite” Limbaugh has weighed in on a topic in which he is truly the world’s greatest expert: Birth control for women.

What, you think I’m kidding? This guy knows everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about women’s health. Why shouldn’t he? He’s a board-certified gynecologist! Look, I even found his medical credentials:

But seriously, folks, there is something truly SNAFUed about this man’s brain. It’s like the cartoon in which you’re talking to your dog, Fluffy, and you think they understand you; but all they hear is “blah blah blah FLUFFY blah blah FLUFFY blah blah.” With Limbaugh, anytime a woman talks, all he hears is: “I’m a slut. I’m a whore. I’m lower than dog sh*t. Please spit on me and denigrate me just because I have scary lady parts.”

In our latest example of Rush’s disgusting obsession with hatin’ on wimminz, I give you Sandra Fluke, a lovely young woman who attempted to explain to the lizard brains in the Congressional pro-death crowd that access to birth control is, in fact, a health issue for us female-type people. Of course, they claimed that she, an actual woman who actually uses birth control and actually knows many other women who need it for medical reasons, was not nearly as qualified as they were to testify on such matters. After all, they have penii, which pretty much means they know everything about, well, everything! Who needs an M.D. when you have a PeePee! Am I right, people?

Ms. Fluke did testify later, at an “unofficial” Democratic hearing in which women were actually allowed to speak their minds. I think we all know what Rush said about said testimony, but in case you haven’t seen him working himself into a lather with his wild gesticulations (are both hands ABOVE the console, Rushbo dear?), I do think it’s worth taking a quick gander at this ABC synopsis of the story.

What a pig! What a slimy, disgusting oinker of a man he is!

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