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The braying jackasses of the GOP are spreading the word that this is a “Christian nation” decreed by god and sanctioned by the Founding Fathers if we would just look close enough at their words and simply read between the lines.

We are supposed to accept that “god”blessed the USA, making us his “favorite” nation (under him) and in doing do apparently sat back and approved of some of the things that made it so.

For instance, the slaughter and abuse of the Native Americans that more or less is continued today what with the policies and treaties that were signed and carried out by those early “Christians” lawmakers who looked upon them as “savages”.  And let’s not forget that each and every time another vein of natural resources were discovered on land set aside for them they were summarily evicted and moved to another reservation “for their own good”.

Four hundred years of slavery coincided with the mistreatment of the Indians as many white clergymen of the Christian Faith condoned this misadventure from the pulpit as white legislators introduced laws that upheld the right for one man to “own” another. It would take an act of Civil War to bring an end to this practice which is some areas of this nation has yet to be accepted.

The KKK rose up, led by Christian men who burned, beat, and lynched at will while carrying a Christian flag in the process.  Blacks, Jews, Catholics, and anyone deemed “unChristian” were targeted by this group for decades.  Remember those 4 little girls who died in a church on a Sunday morning as a time in our recent history when white Christian men wanted to “send a message”?   Are we to believe that they were they acting on  behalf of “god’s will”?

Robber barons of the early 20th century became richer than Croesus while their laborers were paid wages that barely kept them alive.  Union busters murdered, maimed and terrorized anyone who sought to form a union in an effort to secure rights.  Children as young as 8 years of age were enlisted into the workforce and it took an act of congress to issue laws to prevent that exploitation. Many of these robber barons were found in church on a Sunday morning and praised for their “Christian ways”

Jews were excluded from holding country club membership and found resistance from communities for owning a home

When women sought the right to vote they too were met with strong armed resistance.  Many women were beaten and jailed simply because of a desire for equality. Again, Christian pastors blasted their activities and stood in silence as many were dragged off to jail and mishandled by the opposition.

Prohibition was an effort to ban alcohol from the population. This too was led by Christian organizations focused on outlawing a legal substance that led to underground activity and an increase in crime.  The “righteous” disapproved so everyone was denied their drink at the end of the day!

The civil rights movement was another bloody and divisive time in the formation of our government. The South in particular refused to serve blacks, kept separate water fountains, refused to allow them to sit in front of a bus,and fought against white children sharing a classroom with black students. No need to question the “Christianity” coming from these segregationists who found passages in the bible to support their beliefs.

Is this the history we wish to revive?  Are we to actually believe that a deity has sent down word that this is “his will” that embraces bloodshed, displacement, discrimination, and criminality in his name that will mark us as a “Christian Nation”?  What kind of a Supreme Being would superimpose this thinking on his creations?  What are these fools talking about?

Women are being beaten back into submission by some of these proposed laws that are being voted upon with a Christian meaning of “god’s will”. Many of these measures are Draconian and much of this push has been brought about by so called “Christians” who don’t give a damn about their fellow man.

America with all its bounties has a bloody past. It has a history of treating some of its citizens in a most unChristian way.  We cannot overlook the efforts to overcome this lack of Christianity that existed in this nation when men, women, and children were sold, abused, exploited in a fashion that laws were put in place over time to right the wrongs.

Best to think back to those times when Christians themselves were the sole lawmakers and held the most influence in creating the conditions those people were forced to live under before we refer to ourselves as something we never were in the first place.

I can’t speak for the rest of you, but for myself, I am pretty sick of listening to this breast beating bullsh*t and delusionary rhetoric without wanting to throw a shoe at the next moron who suggests it!

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