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Posted on: March 17, 2012

The reason that the study of history is so important is that it offers us the opportunity to understand and judge the accuracy of who we are and what we have achieved through the generations.

Each succeeding civilization was able to build upon the advancements of the one that came before.  Women throughout history have contributed as much for its progression as its men.

The pioneer women who agreed to accompany their men into the wilderness have long been forgotten.  Few monuments stand praising their efforts and sacrifice.  They ventured out into the unknown where small comforts awaited them.  They worked alongside their men, building, planting, and birthing their babies against odds that today would leave most of us in awe. Where would we be had they not?

These women had little value outside of what their blood, sweat, and tears could produce.  Unable to own much beyond what their spouse deemed appropriate, it would take several generations before they were allowed the right to vote, own property, hold public office.  A woman desiring further education had to fight for a place in the classroom.  Her marriage vows replete with the word “obey” was solely written for the benefit of her spouse.  Divorce was almost unheard of and she risked losing her children and reputation should she seek to end her marriage.  A divorced woman was considered a “blight” on her community.  She faced expulsion from her church.  A woman’s “place” up until only a few decades ago was completely in the hands of her spouse.

But things began to change when women were granted the right to vote.  Family planning clinics began to emerge and women doctors became less than a “novelty”.  Women went to war. They began to seek the higher education that had once been closed to them. They went out into the workplace, utilized their earning power, displayed their intelligence with a sense of confidence that was its own reward.

The Pill brought more freedom to explore the outside world.  Women were no longer chained to being just homemakers.  They were able to plan the number of children they would bear – or not if that was their choice – and their longevity increased as a result. They embraced their sexuality and replaced repression with pleasure.

What was once decided law has now become a political and religious football in a century that has seen the conquering of space, the innovation of life saving drugs, the advance in technology that promises cures for once deadly diagnoses, and saw the elevation of women into positions of power that a mere 100 years ago was just a fantasy.

But that freedom is very much in jeopardy.  Laws are being passed across this nation that would send women back into the “domestic slavery” that had once been their lot in life.  Laws that would place their healthcare needs at the hands of men focused on that word “obey”. 

 Her sexuality has been deemed “sinful, dirty, irresponsible” unless it is accomplished through procreation and only through the confines of marriage.  The very same laws that place the women in Afghanistan under Sharia Law has now found its way to the shores of the United States of America in the year 2012.

There is very little difference when you peel the intent down to its core. Aside from the stoning and beheadings that await a women from that culture should she “step out of line”, the same harsh treatment awaits an American woman who does the same.  Punishment by force if necessary to “keep her in her place”.  Denying a woman medical treatment is the surest example of these horrific laws that sweep across the nation that was built with the assistance of women who sacrificed so much.

Why now?  After decades of settled law, the strides that were made to equalize women and their rightful place in society is slowly being stripped by forces led by hatred and ignorance and the fear of a gender that has been the helpmate, the giver of life, the heart and soul of most families who would agree with that representation.

What is wrong with these people? I wish I knew. How long can this scourge be maintained is another question for it will take women – and men themselves – to overcome this bias and discrimination that need not be.  It’s hateful, unreasonable, and offers a taste of fascism that is invading the very marrow of our society.

I question if we will be able to exert the strength to overcome the lack of reason behind these laws.  The task appears overwhelming.  The exhaustion of having to “live to fight another day” is daunting in the face of this onslaught.

My instinct tells me that the right to privacy and self determination will be taken away by the SC.   It is not so much a stretch any longer to see dark days looming for women which will be another date when history will be describing who we really were in the first half of the 21st century when progress came to a grinding halt.


32 Responses to "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING NOW?"

Good morning had trouble getting in forgot my password again that is why I logged in under face book I am back!

This new login process is a pain in the ass.

Pat I see a back lash in November 2012 Women will take to the polls in record numbers and make their voices heard…

I hope we send a record number of Democratic Women to Washington DC the time is now…

yes it is pat @2 it is most painful to the technologically impaired

I don’t have a facebook account, so I had better remember.
You’re right, Pat. We are watching a generation’s work go down the drain.
I’m off to MaGuire’s – any later and there won’t be a table to be had

Well said Pat!

Regarding login…I haven’t had any problems so far…knock wood, but I think one thing is for you all to check your gravatar accounts. I just stay logged in over there and I *think* that might be one problem. From WP support: associates an Avatar with your email address.

Once you configure your avatar, you’ll see it when you post to the forums, when you comment on blogs, and with any post displayed in’s community features.

You might want to check that because that could be part of the problem.

dowe have to log in every time we come to the site? really?

Fuzzy, you shouldn’t have to. Try going to,!/fresh/ and check to see if there’s a sign-in field up on the upper-left. If there is, sign in there and I think it will “hold” the info for whenever you go to a wordpress blog.

Try that.

I think Syfy is the all Leprechaun channel today, running all of those movies. I hope they run “Leprechaun in the Hood”, that one just cracked me up. 😆

Our rights are being sold down the river by a bunch of men who cannot ever understand what it means to be outsiders, because they’ve never been one – although there are some that were, who joined up enthusiastically to participate and were useful pawns who will be discarded as soon as they are deemed no longer useful.
We are being victimized by old white men and as I’m an old white lady, I know exactly where this will lead unless people en masse and that must mean an orchestrated effort by women to stop this insanity. Right now, Women are in their sights, but if they win this one, there won’t be one group outside of their own significantly small group of controllers who will be safe – that includes anyone not the “right” caucasian bloodline (hispanics, romanesque people), gays, hippies, union members etc. This is the canary in the coal mine. If they can subjugate 52% of the country’s population, then there is no telling what there next target will be – all to cover up the amoral raping of the country – nay not just the country, the world. I’m not sure who they think they will lord it over after they get trough raping it, however while they would never say that rape was their intent, it certainly is their legacy. Sorry, I’m in a bad mood tonight and have nothing good to say, no pablum to offset what I see happening. Back in the sixties and seventies I had hope. Today, nada. Who raised these monsters?

Darn that new sign in process – what a terrible way to get people to sign on to their obviously inferior product. It’s HT here. I’m not sure where holmes01 came from. Worse, I misspelled through in my comment. I hate misspelling. Ah, I should not be so sensitive, right.

Oh dear…had to log in under FB. I’ve been having problems with wordpress for a long time now…changed my email address and cannot get it changed on Wpress no matter what I do. There site is a mess and the “help” is non-existent. Oh well.

Pat, “where we were in the 21st century when progress stopped” sums it up. I cannot believe my granddaughter is growing up in a country where birth control may be as inaccessible as when I was in college by the time she needs it.

The only thing I can say is at least the rethug/fundie real agenda is out in the open now for all to see. I think MB had it right when she said it’s the last gasp of a dying patriarchy. A long slow death which may take many of us with them…and they don’t care it they do take us with them as long as they “win”.

Mary Luck, from your mouth to the last few intelligent legislators in the North American continent – please. Funny, I’m an old mother and I relate intimately with your concerns about your grandkids – same as I have for my kids, and I’ll bet you we are of an age, however – I am the dreaded single unmarried parent. Either way, we both did something right.

Mary@12: Did you try going to and editing your profile there for the email addy? Then are you signed in on gravatar? I don’t know *what* is going on with it but I know people are complaining across the WP blogs. So far, I haven’t had any issues. If you do sign in over at and then come back, your info/profile and such should follow with you.

It’s not doing anything to me, *as of now*, but who knows?

Maybe the title of Pat’s post could also be said about WP right now!

HT: did any of the suggestions I put up help you any?

Fredster, of course your suggestions helped – ergo I’m posting, but quite frankly those bleeping busibodies trying to capture the future paying customers are really ignorant. I sign on with my usual – then I get another name alongside my avatar? Hasn’t happened since I started comment, which is when this blog first surfaced.Anyway, this too shall pass and I will get used to it, I suppose. Take care Fredster and hug and kiss Chloe for me. – Milly’s po’d with me today and Ryguy took Zeke, so I’m feeling kinda lonely.

Great post. These right wingnuts have to be defeated or everyone will be further under their thumbs eventually.

WP seems screwed. I had to login again for some reason.

Fredster, of course your suggestions helped – ergo I’m posting, but quite frankly those bleeping busibodies trying to capture the future paying customers are really ignorant. I sign on with my usual – then I get another name alongside my avatar?

Are you staying logged in at gravatar?

ralph, I know you visit a number of blogs…everyone with WP is having issues right?

Hi Fredster, I believe it’s a general WP issue since a lot of blogs have the same problem anyway. Maybe there was some update?

For a great roundup about “The Global War on Women”, Peter Daos has a post here …

Regarding Pat’s post: I really cannot figure out what the hell the Republicans are doing when it comes to these issues. They have surely been told that their actions are going to alienate anyone other than the extreme right. It’s like they are on a suicide mission for the 2012 elections.

Damned if I know! I would be willing to bet they have polling that tells them they can get all their “rubes” all fired up and out to vote with this junk. Although, the DC wingnuts seem to have backed off some and are letting the real tools in the states do their worst now.

The hell of it is that if they get enough garbage into law, it could take decades to undo all of it. Maybe they consider that a win. We can’t forget the Supreme Court may invalidate the Voting Rights Act thanks to a lawsuit filed by TX AG Greg Abbott. Think what will do the the composition of the electorate. Old white men will be the only people who vote without some challenge.

ralph@18: Thanks ralph. I have no idea about an update or anything. I guess the blog owners could contact WP and find out but from what Upps has said that hasn’t been very helpful either.

I’ll read the Daou piece and I’ll throw this one out by Peggy Noonan. Naturally she says the pig-men of the left are worse than the ones on the right and perhaps she has a point.

We can’t forget the Supreme Court may invalidate the Voting Rights Act thanks to a lawsuit filed by TX AG Greg Abbott. Think what will do the the composition of the electorate. Old white men will be the only people who vote without some challenge.

Oh shit! 😯 Have you got a link for that?

Ralph that was an excellent piece by Daou.

Not handy but the Justice Dept won’t let the TX Voter ID law go into effect because it could disenfranchise up to 30% of TX hispanics. Abbott filed suit and added the challenge to the Voting Rights Act to it earlier this week.

The TX Voter ID law is a real winner. It’s extremely obvious that it’s purpose is to negate hispanic population growth. In addition, a colleget photo id is not identification but a concealed carry permit is for voting purposes. Talk about a piece of wingnut crap.

Noonan wasn’t half bad either. But I wonder if she will notice that since Rush isn’t doing Fluke commentary now, RightBlogistan has doubled down and is still going strong.

ralph@25: I doubt it. No matter what else, she’s still a Republican.

I remember seeing something about that concealed carry permit being a photo id. Good Lord! I’m checking out the tpm piece now.

Just got done reading both pieces. (sigh) With your A.G. in TX and the current Supremes, I can see the possibility of the Supremes knocking down the V.R.A. I imagine Lyndon is rolling in his grave by the Pedernales.

Fredster, Thinking about all this crazy wingnut legislation in the states, it may be that what they really want is for that crazy stuff to go before the current SC, where all kinds of mischief could be made what with legislating from the bench. If they’ve given up on doing it through electing wingnuts, the courts are the only course left open.

If they’ve given up on doing it through electing wingnuts, the courts are the only course left open.

Ah! Good point ralph.

I was over at uppity’s. It seems Springtime in the Park has started in NYC.

@12 Thank you Fredster. I do need to edit my sign in at WordPress. i have tried several times but am having trouble even getting into their system. I didn’t know about going to Gravatar too so I will try that once I get WP straightend out.

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