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Feminist Friday: Yo, What’s With All the B*tches?

Posted on: March 16, 2012

Traveling really broadens one’s mind, I’ll tell you. In the past few weeks, I’ve been sitting in airports, edifying myself with the wonders of mass-produced news-o-tainment. Look, Whitney Houston died! How many cycles can we get out of her?! (R.I.P., Whitney. You were a titanic talent.) Guess what, women who can’t have kids? There are zillions of alternatives to conceiving naturally, if you’re having trouble! Just don’t dare to admit you use birth control, or Rush Limbaugh may call you a “slut!” (Dear Rush, I am a married woman who uses birth control pills for medical purposes. I can very sincerely say, Go Fuck Yourself.)

But I digress. In wading through all this trash, I started noticing something I never do when I’m at home: The commercials. And I have to say, I was quite perplexed by the fact that not one, but TWO upcoming sitcoms have the word “B*tch” in them. Yo, what’s up with that?

The first show is called “GCB.” This is because it’s actually based on a book called “Good Christian B*tches,” so ABC’s publicity bobbleheads cleverly decided to abbreviate the name of the show so as not to offend, well, everyone. So far, their efforts have not succeeded.

The ladies (let’s call them) of ABC’s new show are as hypocritical as the discordance of the kitschy jewel-bedecked cross festooning the cleavage prominently displayed on the front cover of Gatlin’s book. They stab each other in the back, obsess over their social standing and subsist in personal disarray.

Pointing out Christian hypocrisy is a sport enjoyed by the types of marksmen who also like to shoot fish in a barrel. Hypocrisy is not limited to professing Christians. Those who are wary of the institutional church “because it is full of hypocrites” might consider Tony Campolo’s response. These people, he says, fail to understand that they will be right at home precisely because the church is filled with hypocrites.

Don’t bother reading the rest of the post; it’s so incoherent that it makes Charlie Sheen sound like a Rhodes scholar. You can find much more well-written rants from shocked and horrified Christians all over the InterWebz.

But you know what I’m going to say, right? They’re not shocked over GCB’s sexist, shallow and nasty portrayal of women. Heavens, no! They’re shocked because someone dared use the word “b*tch” next to the word “Christian.”  Okay, I’ll quote one more piece from that article. I apologize in advance.

The disparate elements combined in GCB’s original title (which ABC has now bowdlerized as “Good Christian Belles”) recalls Voltaire’s sardonic observation that the Holy Roman Empire “was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire.” In the same way, the subjects of “Good Christian Bitches” are neither good, nor Christian, nor – well, two out of three’s not bad.

Oh no she di-uh!  Again, this allegedly Christian womon sees no issue with calling women b*tches. Just don’t ever intimate that a Christian could be one, or the Christian Victim Attack Squads will go into full flying-monkey mode! Can I get an A-Men?* (*capitalization intentional)

Believe it or not, there’s another one. It’s called, “Don’t Trust the B___ in Apartment 23.” Guess which channel it’s on? ABC again. Do any women work there at all, I wonder? If so, they must be b*tches. Ha ha! See? The word b*tches is FUNNY. Here’s the plot synopsis. Try not to split your sides, people.

A wide-eyed Midwestern girl moves to New York City to pursue her dream job only to find herself living with an outlandish girl with the morals of a pirate. June’s (Dreama Walker) well-planned well-organized life takes a drastic turn when she arrives in New York to find that the corporate finance job she moved there for no longer exists. As she tries to navigate her newly single life in the big city, her Midwestern scruples are constantly put to the test by her wild and sophisticated party-girl roommate Chloe (Krysten Ritter) and Chloe’s best friend, the actor James Van Der Beek (James Van Der Beek). The two girls form an unlikely friendship that leads them both to unexpected places and often-illegal experiences.

Oooh, James van Der Beek plays…James Van der Beek. You shouldn’t know from such creativity!

But seriously, folks…I have to wonder what the alleged brainiacs at ABC were smoking when they decided to greenlight TWO shows for mid-season with the word “B*tch” (implied) in the title. Maybe they’re just “Desperately” trying to replace another show that’s finally being cancellad. Whatever the reason, I have to say I am EXTREMELY tired of seeing show after show portraying women in such a negative light. Here’s hoping the wimminz of America watch “The Closer” instead.

This is an open thread.

16 Responses to "Feminist Friday: Yo, What’s With All the B*tches?"

Welcome back, Mad. You have been sorely missed.

Obviously you have not watched the “Real Housewives” shows that have some ” Christian” women on display wearing crucifixes dangling between cantaloupe sized breasts referring to one another as “bitch”.

These women are beyond stupid as they scream, fight, threaten, and insult one another for the benefit of the audience ratings and are called “stars”.

These women are hired to debase themselves, the louder the better, and leave the impression that women are greedy, grasping, hateful, brainless bullies. One even goes so far as to make the sign of the cross when she “disses” her castmates and talks sex with her husband.

They image is destructive and the message is repulsive but shout outs to “the baby Jesus” while clad in a costume borrowed from the Pussy Cat Dolls is considered “talent”.

Go figure.

Yay! Nice to see you back and in fighting form, MB. I try to avoid ABC whenever possible. If you spend any time watching the news shows, in particular, Nightline, you’ll find it laced with pro-right wing messages. I’m not surprised to see show titles with words disparaging to women. After all demeaning women is the new black this year!

Welcome back MB!

It is weird, these shows. From these b*tches to Housewives, to “The A-List” on Logo – a very homophobic show, that reinforces numerous stereotypes, airing on a “gay” network. I’m puzzled.

Hi Chat and all! Slowly working my way back into my own life…

Pat – I agree. I have a female colleague who watches all the “Real Housewives” shows. Why on earth would that be entertaining to women, or even men? Women acting like animals with no dignity or self-respect – that is not “entertainment” to me.

Janicen & DYB – What puzzles me too, is that this is the network that shows “Modern Family” and “The Middle.” It truly has some great shows with well-rounded characters…and then they go and do this. Yuck!

Mommie!! Uh Madamab, sorry for that but you *are* the blog momma. Welcome home!! We have definitely missed your voice.

How have your allergies and sinuses been in this early spring? Also, I hope you were enrolled in some type of miles program with all the traveling you’ve been doing. 😉

janicen: Oddly, I found that ABC evening news is the one that I can actually stand to watch. Now that could be because David Muir is on frequently and is the anchor on the weekend segments. 😆

Wanted to add that we will have the Lounge open tonight so everyone try to stop back by.

Hey madamab, welcome back girl. We missed you over at my pad.

Did you catch the comments women are leaving on Republican facebook pages, questions on “women’s health”? Hilarious!

@7 Fredster, Check out Nightline some night when you’re having trouble sleeping. It’s nauseating.

Are you really back? Have you taken time to rest, wind down and spend time with MonsieurMab? If so, Yay, so good to see your writing again. Chat, Pat and Fredster were terrific. Wish Fuzzy would do some more writing, and that La would come back.
B*tch is a word for a female dog and is appropriate only in dog breeding and showing circles. As a reference to women – it’s disgusting right up there with the other words like C@nt (where the hell did that one originate) Slut, Whore, Ho yadda yadda. All those terms are used to denigrate human beings – to reduce them to trash status. Personally I would never watch any program where these were considered acceptable. It’s not the sexual connotation that bothers me, it’s the denigration and the throwaway concept that bothers me. Just me, of course, but there is no one in my life that would ever use any of these words in my presence – wonder why.

Fredster, of course I’ll drop into the lounge. Now that I have both hands typing, I’m making up for lost time. Now if I could only get both shoulders working, I’d be in heaven. What’s that song that Joni Mitchell wrote – You never know what you’ve lost till it’s gone – so true.

Just back from getting my hair cut. It is *so* damned hot out for mid-March so I decided to go this way:

Just kidding.
janicen I will be consuming adult beverages so maybe I can check it out. 😉

Oh and I went by Winn-Dixie and one of the butchers was putting out meat so I asked him about the pink slime. He said to his knowledge W.D. did not use beef with that in it and he said certainly at this store they didn’t.

HT glad you at least have the hands working.

Upps I think you’ll like one piece of info I found out which I have in the post tonight. It deals with probes and probing! 😆

Hey all, it’s great to be back! Fredster, my sinuses are just getting bad today. And yes, my company gives us status with airlines, and I’m signed up for all the hotel programs.

Up, hilarious link!

HT, you are a sweetheart. I’m getting there, but this project is quite horrific. Just trying to survive till things get better!

MB@13: What has worked best for me *this* time is OTC Allegra and flonase (I use the generic). I think mine is more allergies this time.


I rarely watched Desperate Housewives, but I won’t watch these 2 shows. At least, Desperate Housewives didn’t have the sexist gall to just proclaim Desperate House B-s in the title. I never liked shows and reality shows showing women as so desperate to get ahead in a patriarchy (subconsciously or otherwise), by degrading one another (just as the patriarchy wants), even though, said patriarchy will never allow women to be equals, in the first place.

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