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Happy Sunday, Widdershins!

I had planned to feature brass instruments today, but Friday night’s post and the featured youtube got me thinking.  Why not talk about tenors?  Furthermore, I’ll be at the local St. Patrick’s Day parade today, and what is Ireland noted for if not her tenors?  (I know what you’re thinking. That’s not very nice!) I have taken the liberty of including both Irish and a Scottish tenors in this post.

I will, as usual, require considerable assistance from those Widdershins more versed in classical music than I am, which is just about everyone.  The few that I mention crossed over into more generalized music a time or two, and allowed me to make their acquaintance.

Bring out your tenors!  Otherwise, this is an open thread.

(1) Placido Domingo (1941 – ):  Okay, so I cheated.  I listed “The Three Tenors”.  However, even I can appreciate the strong, versatile, ringing tones of this Spanish tenor’s voice.   In this youtube, he sings for a mass celebrated by Pope John Paul:

(2) Andrea Bocelli (1958 – ):  Tenor number two of “Three” fame is an Italian artist who became blind as a young man.  He crossed into pop music often enough to let me get to know and appreciate his gift. Here he sings Elmo to sleep:

(3) Luciano Pavarotti  (1935-2007):  The third of “The Three” was a gifted Italian known as much for his charitable endeavors as for his soaring tones. Here he sings with James Brown:

(4) Ronan Tynan ((1960 – ):  Ronan sings with the  The Irish Tenors, a group of (you guessed it) three.  Ronan (the gentleman with the glasses) is from County Kilkenny and was born with significant birth defects compounded by an accident, which lead to the amputation of both lower legs.  Undaunted, he was a ParaOlympian, became a physician, and joined a trio that brings us music like this tribute to Ellis Island:

(5) Caledon:  This group of (yep!) three tenors consists of Alan Beck, Ivan Sharpe, and Jamie MacDougall.  They decided not to join the legions of “threes” and took their name from the Roman name for Scotland, “Caledonia”.  I leave you to appreciate their music.

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