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Posted on: March 9, 2012

On paper at least Mitt Romney seems to have it all.

A  pedigreed background with a product of  parents enmeshed in public service.  A father elected governor in a populated state who himself ran for the presidency, Mitt was born into a life of privilege and raised in the principles of the Mormon Church.

He served his church and remained faithful to a wife of over 4 decades and together they have raised 5 sons who have blessed them with numerous offspring.

Mitt made his fortune as a venture capitalist, earning untold millions in the bargain. He ran for and won the governorship of a liberal Northeast state. He introduced a form of health insurance that sought to cover 100% of its inhabitants.

He was successful for chairing the 2002 Winter Olympic Games during his public career and has managed to live his life without suffering the scandals that often plague politicians. In person he even looks the part of a presidential candidate with his youthful good looks that belie his true age of 64.  With a charming and attractive wife by his side, Mitt seems to embody the necessary qualities that should have easily paved his way into an early primary win that has yet to happen.

My mother would have referred to Mitt as a “mealy mouth”.  Once considered a moderate Republican, today his core principles, and what he actually believes, has been obscured. Up against this sorry slate of challengers it should have been “easy peasy”.  Not so.

Eager to say just about anything to appease the radical Right Wing of the current GOP, Mitt has laid aside whatever credibility he may have once had and replaced it with contradictory and confusing statements that have earned him the title of “Flip Flopper”.

Mitt’s basic problem goes deeper than that. He is actually a rather boring and uninspiring individual. Lacking a true sense of humor, he relies on lame attempts to appear otherwise. His speech, which should have become more sharpened over the years in public life, is reduced to stammering. As if he does not trust himself enough to deliver whatever it is he has to say.

His delivery appears to be coming from a man who is less confident than what is expected from a Commander in Chief.  Stiff, and almost robotic, he comes across as a person uncomfortable in his own skin. 

What he lacks in substance is the very core of why he is unable to convince the voters at large to flock to his side. Continually changing positions, denying what is obvious, shape shifting for the benefit of whatever audience stands before him, Mitt becomes more and more unauthentic as time rolls on.

He has poured millions into his efforts and still finds himself running only slightly ahead of an actual nutjob whose beliefs, though repulsive, appear more genuine. In allowing himself to pander to the crowd of fundies and crackpots, Mitt left his soul somewhere in one of the multiple states he calls “home”.

What Mitt is learning is that you cannot have it both ways. You are either who you are or someone else and in that case it is best to “pass” when the real you has yet to be defined. The fault, as it were, lies within Mitt Romney himself.

Who he was then as opposed to who he is now leaves open the question of who he will be when the general election rolls around.  This is what they distrust and why they don’t like him.

They are just not comfortable voting for “Sybil”.

Not this late in the game when you have to keep asking , “who is he?”


He’s the political version of a middle-aged Ken. Last election brought us Caribou Barbie, now we have Venture Capitalist Ken.

You look at him as he is now, on the stump and addressing people and you have to believe he was *not* like that when he was working for Bain Capital. How could he have been like that. No one would have trusted what he said…just like now.

Remember Fredster that when he was a businessman he spent time with people just like himself. As he presents himself to crowds of people who have never lived a life of privilege, and whose pathway has not made them richer beyond their wildest dreams, he is unable to connect with them.

This in itself is not a complete “detriment” to a person seeking higher office but is more illustrative of a man who never had to get down and personal with them in the past.

JFK was wealthy but he knew how to turn on the charm. The same can be said of FDR. Mitt lacks charm. He has never had to rely on it to get ahead. Obama has charm whether you like him or not. So does Palin in her own way. Reagan himself was oozing with it which allowed him to win over the public. It is a necessary tool in the arsenal.

Mitt just has not been comfortable in the charm department. Which is one reason why he us unable to seal the deal.

It has been absolutely painful watching Mitt campaign in the South. Learning to say “y’all” and acquiring a taste for grits will just not butter the biscuit.

Poor Mitt. He sure is somebody no one would want to have a beer with.

The simple fact is that I doubt he would ever say “sh*t” even if he had a mouthful. Or the “F” word come to think of it. Hey, this is a guy who does’t drink coffee but chooses chocolate milk instead.

What you see is a rigid man, disciplined to always be on his best behavior, dressed in expensive suits without a hair out of place. When he resorts to dressing like the locals it plays out as false.

Nixon wore wingtips while walking along the beach. A vision as simple as that captures a picture of the rigidity of these men too fearful of ever letting their guard down.

Mitt seems to be playing a game with himself. Unable to be who he really is – a moderate Republican with some liberal ideas sprinkled in – he has resorted to a caricuture of the “common folk” which does not play in Peoria.

This is what happens when you sell your soul to the Devil in order to appeal to Tea Party fanatics and the fundies. He can’t have it both ways.

@1, Venture Capitalist Ken! LOL!

@5, I’ll take Nixon and his wingtips along with the Clean Air Act, Establishment of the EPA, Endangered Species Act, even the 55 mph speed limit which was a pain in the butt, but it saved some fuel!

Tricky Dick did leave behind something.

Perhaps VC Ken could have optional Small Varmit Hunter Ken and Friends of Nascar Owners Ken accessory kits.


The Widdershin Lounge will be open at 6:30 under new management.

I groaned when I heard he made this comment:

Deep South Is ‘A Bit Of An Away Game

Mittens, you mean in that world of high finance you were in, you never had to go to Atlanta? How about Charlotte or Miami? Geez 🙄

Let’s get the banjo kid from Deliverance to serenade him as he makes his way through the south.

Pat said: It is a necessary tool in the arsenal.

Don’t forget that the Big Dawg too thrived on that interaction with people and apparently he still does.

janicen@6: Good point.

From the HuffPo piece about the south being his “away” game.

Mitt Romney faces a tough sell in the Deep South. With Mississippi and Alabama primaries coming up next Tuesday, there’s concern that he’s too slick, not really a conservative. In a region where the evangelical vote is important, some are skeptical about his Mormon faith.

But if Romney wins the Republican nomination and it’s a November choice between him and Democratic President Barack Obama, the former Massachusetts governor may be just good enough for some Southerners.

“If push comes to shove and he gets the nomination, I’ll go in the voting booth like this and vote for him,” says Mississippi retiree David Wilke, holding his nose.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who represented Georgia for 20 years and now lives in Virginia, needs to win every state from South Carolina to Texas to get to the convention this summer, spokesman R.C. Hammond says.

Off topic, but not quite. When I was a late teen, I dated a man with more money than brains. It wasn’t deliberate, I didn’t realize he was a stunted human until I dated him, and he did pester me for months on end, so I gave in despite my misgivings. Anyway I was invited to his aunts place (except they pronounced it as Ahhnt) for a get together, at which time they decided we should play bridge. I had played previously and quite well, however said upfront that I was not an expert. Didn’t matter, so they said, then they proceeded to deal. I was not allowed to bid, nor to play a card during the whole debacle. The “elders” stood over my shoulder, leaned down, bid for me and pointed to the card I should play. After two rounds, I pushed my chair back and indicated I was not feeling well and should leave. I just wasn’t “their kind of people” so I needed to be taught a lesson. Funny thing, that young man pestered me for years. He had been protected for years by monied interests and although he wanted out, he had no idea of how to get out. Bottom line, he had no idea of how to relate to anyone without that kind of money and attitude.
I can’t quite figure Willard out. If his Dad was a great guy, why did Willard end up so stultified? Was it the relatives who insisted on playing his cards for him when Dad wasn’t looking? Or is it an offshoot of his religious upbringing? Regardless, he’s an accident looking for a place to happen.

And the opposite of Mittens is this idiot:

Imagine this montster as POTUS?

fredster, As a hrdcore conservative, I am so tired of getting stuck with bought and paid for GOPers.These CINOS piss me off. Conservatives in name only. OK, where’s the bar dude?:)

Hill Billy, you need to come back at around 6:30 Eastern and the Lounge will be open.

HT: That had to be a miserable experience.

New post up! The Lounge is open.

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