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My Lord what a week!

And don’t we seem to be saying that every week?  Let’s do a quick rehash of some of the week’s events.  Sit back and relax.  Please give your order for an adult or soft beverage to our Widdershins bartender who will gladly prepare your beverage for you.  By the way, the bartender was hired by moi.  😉

Governor Bob McDonnell (R-asshole-VA) signed the ultrasound bill, albeit with a change.  Yes ladies, you won’t have to be probed with a transvaginal ultrasound wand.  You only have to have a regular traditional ultrasound of your tummy.  To quote CBS news:

The Virginia House of Delegates passed a revised version last week that allows women to “reject” a transvaginal ultrasound and instead opt for an abdominal ultrasound, which generally yields less information in the early stages of a pregnancy.

In a statement Wednesday, McDonnell reiterated his support for the bill, which he argues will provide additional information that “can help the mother make a fully informed decision” about having an abortion.

“This bill does not legally alter a woman’s ability to make a choice regarding her pregnancy,” the statement said. “It does, however, put Virginia in line with 23 other states that have some type of requirement that a woman be offered a view of an ultrasound before an abortion can be performed.”

Yes wimmenz, you will still be able to have an abortion if needed, however you will have to go through a needless hoop which will yield no significant medical information.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council chimed in with his two cents worth, saying

“This law is a victory for women and their unborn children. We thank Gov. McDonnell and Virginia’s pro-life legislators for their work to ensure that women have all the facts and will no longer be kept in the dark about their pregnancies…

He added: “Ultrasounds are vitally important to doctors when determining the health of an unborn baby. Women considering whether to have an abortion should be just as informed as doctors about the child they are carrying. This law ensures that they are.”

Thanks for those words Tony especially the part about ultrasounds being very important to doctors.  Gee, since you know this, I guess you have some medical experience and background, right?  What’s that?  No?  Oh, I see.  Here are Tony’s credentials.  Oh yeah Tony that ” undergraduate degree from Liberty University” makes you eminently qualified in matters medical.  🙄   Here’s a thought for you Tony.

Advice for Tony

(Sigh)  Has everyone had a drink yet?

Moving right along, let’s go to Texas.   It used to be funny to read about the Texas “Lege” as Molly Ivins called it.  Here’s how she referred to it one time:

They are outta here! The 76th session of the Texas Lege has disbanded, allowing many a village to reclaim its idiot.

Apparently those were the good ole days.  These days not so much.  In their infinite wisdom the Texas Lege cut family planning funds by two-thirds.  Now, half of the state-supported clinics are closed.  The state clinics had served over 200,00 women.  That number is now reduced to serving only 40 to 60 thousand women.  (Remember folks, we’re talking Texas here, not a small place to begin with)  Moreover, there are another 130,000 women who got assistance through Medicaid who may be losing those benefits because of the hubbub over receiving those benefits (contraceptives and other services) through Planned Parenthood.  The People’s Community Clinic in Austin says that except for the poorest of the poor, they will have to start charging for some items that used to be free:  $5 for a dozen condoms; $10 for a month of birth control pills; $225 for an IUD.  As one young woman said:

“I have no clue what I’m going to do,” said Rhetta Pope, 22, of Austin. A stay-at-home mother of two, she lives off disability payments of less than $1,500 a month.

Pope said after paying basic living expenses, she has so little left she scrimps on electricity by keeping the lights off and takes her laundry to an aunt’s house. She can’t imagine how she would pay for birth control.

“I guess I’m going to have to stop using it because I don’t have the money,” Pope said. “I’m pretty shook up. I really am.”

Legislators said the cuts were necessary and many other programs got cut. (Sounds like Lil Bobby in Louisiana)  However a budget board said that rather than saving money, the cuts will cost Texas dollars.

The board projected that women unable to get low-cost birth control would deliver 20,500 additional babies – costing state and federal taxpayers $231 million in prenatal, maternity and infant care. The state’s share would be close to $98 million – significantly more than the family planning cut savings.

There’s a lot more to the story which you can read here.  It kinda makes me ill to read it, but I’ll give you one more quote from the article:

Advocates of defunding Planned Parenthood say they regret any service disruptions for poor women. But they call it a necessary price to pay to take a moral stance on abortion.

“We’re just doing what we think is best,” said Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, which opposes abortion.

A PLUB* if ever I heard one.  (PLUB = Pro-Life Until Birth h/t to, I believe, Minkhoff  Minx from Sky Dancing)

Lastly Widdershins, a note about Peyton Manning.  Peyton was cut from the Indianapolis Colts this week.  He was there for his entire pro career until now.  He’s now out seeing which NFL team wants to sign him, and there are plenty.  But Peyton…please…consider retiring from the game and coaching.  You have fused bones in your neck.  You can’t take a hit anymore.  Peyton was in North Carolina for something and his party went out to eat.  Apparently he was very generous with his tip and an 18% gratuity had already been added, but Peyton still tipped an additional amount.

Peyton's Tip

It’s good to know that Archie and Miss Olivia raised their NOLA boy right!

Unfortunately, the waiter who got the tip tweeted the photo and then got fired.  His tweeting of the photo violated a privacy policy of the restaurant.

Now what’s on YOUR mind this evening.

On paper at least Mitt Romney seems to have it all.

A  pedigreed background with a product of  parents enmeshed in public service.  A father elected governor in a populated state who himself ran for the presidency, Mitt was born into a life of privilege and raised in the principles of the Mormon Church.

He served his church and remained faithful to a wife of over 4 decades and together they have raised 5 sons who have blessed them with numerous offspring.

Mitt made his fortune as a venture capitalist, earning untold millions in the bargain. He ran for and won the governorship of a liberal Northeast state. He introduced a form of health insurance that sought to cover 100% of its inhabitants.

He was successful for chairing the 2002 Winter Olympic Games during his public career and has managed to live his life without suffering the scandals that often plague politicians. In person he even looks the part of a presidential candidate with his youthful good looks that belie his true age of 64.  With a charming and attractive wife by his side, Mitt seems to embody the necessary qualities that should have easily paved his way into an early primary win that has yet to happen.

My mother would have referred to Mitt as a “mealy mouth”.  Once considered a moderate Republican, today his core principles, and what he actually believes, has been obscured. Up against this sorry slate of challengers it should have been “easy peasy”.  Not so.

Eager to say just about anything to appease the radical Right Wing of the current GOP, Mitt has laid aside whatever credibility he may have once had and replaced it with contradictory and confusing statements that have earned him the title of “Flip Flopper”.

Mitt’s basic problem goes deeper than that. He is actually a rather boring and uninspiring individual. Lacking a true sense of humor, he relies on lame attempts to appear otherwise. His speech, which should have become more sharpened over the years in public life, is reduced to stammering. As if he does not trust himself enough to deliver whatever it is he has to say.

His delivery appears to be coming from a man who is less confident than what is expected from a Commander in Chief.  Stiff, and almost robotic, he comes across as a person uncomfortable in his own skin. 

What he lacks in substance is the very core of why he is unable to convince the voters at large to flock to his side. Continually changing positions, denying what is obvious, shape shifting for the benefit of whatever audience stands before him, Mitt becomes more and more unauthentic as time rolls on.

He has poured millions into his efforts and still finds himself running only slightly ahead of an actual nutjob whose beliefs, though repulsive, appear more genuine. In allowing himself to pander to the crowd of fundies and crackpots, Mitt left his soul somewhere in one of the multiple states he calls “home”.

What Mitt is learning is that you cannot have it both ways. You are either who you are or someone else and in that case it is best to “pass” when the real you has yet to be defined. The fault, as it were, lies within Mitt Romney himself.

Who he was then as opposed to who he is now leaves open the question of who he will be when the general election rolls around.  This is what they distrust and why they don’t like him.

They are just not comfortable voting for “Sybil”.

Not this late in the game when you have to keep asking , “who is he?”

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