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Rush Limbaugh could not be more disgusting.

Well, I suppose he could be this week he showed just how perverted and disgusting he is judging from his comments aimed at Sandra Fluke, a young female law student from Georgetown University.

Ms. Fluke had the audacity to sit before a panel of our most esteemed congress critters and related a story about a fellow student who was unable to access contraceptives that would have saved the ovary she eventually lost.

This exchange apparently enraged this pervert who referred to her as a “slut” and a “prostitute” but went further the following day on his odious radio broadcast to invite her and her fellow “feminazis” to film their sexual encounters for the benefit of an audience that would include this filthy man.  His position is that if the government was being asked to pay for their sex lives their “payback” would be to produce these liaisons for public consumption. 

This man is a pig.  And I say this without reservation.

This slob has been married 4 times,caught smuggling Viagra in his luggage, and has been treated for substance abuse through his dependency on Oxycontin delivered to him personally by his maid.  A dependency so abusive that he it cost him his hearing as a result.

None of us should be that shocked at what Rush manages to flush out daily from his rancid mind.  He’s been doing it for years and has yet to face the consequences of his egregious behavior.  The last I heard he had signed a 40 million dollar contract over a period of years to spew his insanity, bigotry, misogynism, and homophobia to a waiting audience of likeminded rubes who are proud to call themselves “dittoheads”.  Crank up the “moron factor” with this group!

But better yet, where are those sterling members of the Republican Party? Has anyone heard one word from that empty headed crowd requesting that perhaps this once Rush should perhaps put a lid on it?  Not a one.

Not one of these ass kissing idiots who feel compelled to genuflect at this man’s feet has come forward to suggest, even slightly, that he may have gone too far. The power that this fat slob holds over their heads is amazing to behold.

He has been openly hateful in his remarks towards both Obama’s.  His racism is on full display, not hidden in some double meaning remarks that could be brushed aside due to some “misinterpretation”.  He has been quite transparent in admitting how much he wants to see Obama fail.  Like we all don’t live in the same nation.  Rush hates blacks.

He has mocked gay soldiers.  Made fun of Michael J. Fox, suffering from Parkinson’s disease.  Trashed women with such a vitriolic spiel that it is difficult to understand why and how his sponsors continue to support him.

This is a man who is truly the heart and soul of the Republican Party.  No one dares go up against him.

A man so lacking a moral compass that it takes your breath away at the depth of the support he garners from both his listeners and members of his own party.

The man is a slimy pig.  A filthy perverted voyeur who has pushed the boundaries of decency to the limit.

He needs to go. Take the millions he has earned for peddling the hatred he wallows in and disappear from public view.

There is not a woman on the face of this earth who deserves the disrespect and ridicule this fathead vomits on a daily basis.

But also keep in mind, Rush is the true face of the GOP.   That in itself speaks volumes as to who they really are. 


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