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Let me first say that Chris Matthews has often shown a degree of brilliance in his writing.

A talented wordsmith, he has often sorted through some of the trash that passes for politics and puts a fine point on the meaningless apparatus commonly known as congress.

But having said that, it might be a good idea to examine Chris Matthews who has been awarded a daily forum to put forth his message that possibly influences those out there who rely on his take on things.

Having been raised Catholic in an Irish family, I can spot the chinks in his armor better than most.

Chris Matthews may never have been the schoolyard “bully” but he was likely the kid who held his books during a skirmish.  Never one to dirty his own hands or school uniform, Chris admired the “macho” of those who did.

You can see and hear it in the way he presents his arguments.  Chris was the type of Catholic school kid who “obeyed” the nuns who trained and molded young boys before passing them onto the Jesuits for further indoctrination.  Chris comes from that era.

Women were regarded as “homemakers”, expected to have those shirts and ties ironed in time for Sunday Mass where the whole family took their seats and attuned their ears for whatever “edicts” were being passed down from Rome via the parish priest.  The priest was a “god like” figure in those homes and women were the handmaidens, cast in the role of caregiver, relegated to a corner in the room where her interruptions went unheard.

This was evident when Chris battled against the campaign of Hillary Clinton suggestng that the only way she had risen to this level was due in large part to her husband’s infidelity. Saying aloud that she had only been elected to the Senate “out of pity”, Hillary was not to be taken seriously.

Instead Chris saved his praise for the likes of Obama, a man who had yet to prove one way or the other that he had the ability to lead.  It sent “tingles down the leg” of Chris Matthews that even found Keith Olbermann cringing in embarrassment.

Chris was pretty much in the camp of George W. Bush during the 2000 election recount.  Judging him to be more “macho” than “wonky” Gore, he had difficulty hiding his support of a dolt who could barely string an articulate sentence together which was ironic since this was his own area of expertise .

When Rudy Giuliani threw his hat into the ring Chris was beside himself with pleasure.  As Chris saw it, Giuliani with his 3 marriages and ties to corruption was a “real man”.  The fact that he was also raised Roman Catholic allowed Chris to offer another “pass” to an otherwise hideous human being who dated his third wife while still married to the second.

Chris’s ideology has no more been evident than the recent faux flap concerning the issue of contraception, abortion, and the Catholic Church.  Surrounding himself with liked minded Catholics like E.J. Dionne and Joan Walsh, Chris is more than happy to overlook the egregious behavior of the Catholic hierarchy when it came to charges of widespread pedophilia, and confer upon this body the “right to moral authority”.   In other words, in the world of Chris Matthews the Church and its administration can do no wrong.  Women should expect nothing more than to be “put in their proper place” by adhering to these men who regard them with contempt.

Chris may declare his “liberalism” using his time spent working for Tip O’Neil.  But it goes deeper than that.  Tip himself was the ultimate Irish Catholic politician from Boston, raised in the same church with the same rules and the same background that produced Chris Matthews.  “Liberal” to a point but beholden to the likes of Cardinal Cushing and Cardinal Law.

Congenial, but a tough cookie, Tip was for Chris all that he himself had ever dreamed of being.  A political success, powerful, and attached to the same ideology that resides within all Catholic raised men from a certain generation.  The “infallability” of Rome is what guides their thinking.

Chris has even managed to find something palatable in the efforts of Rick Santorum by crediting him with “holding true to his principles” without suggesting that this man is severely warped.  Because Rick is a Catholic, Chris is all too offer him a “pass” ignoring the fact that the man is a danger to women, their rights, and their healthcare.

I grew up surrounded by these men imbued with the belief that the clergy was to be revered, nuns to be obeyed, women nothing more than servants, equality to be sacrificed in the face of dogma.

“Real men” are the defenders of women.  Men who prefer equality to subservience.  Men who regard women as full partners.  This belief is far from the viewpoint of Chris Matthews who does – unfortunately – carry influence through a prism of misogyny that touches his audience.

Scratch his surface and you will discover a believer in that women must be “protected” from themselves.  That it is duty sanctioned by the Church and honored by men like him who cling to those teachings.  It is the “June Cleaver” approach to a woman’s place in society.   Deference.

Chris Matthews is indeed a “throwback” to an era when the Church held sway and dissent was restricted. It’s power lies within those who dare not question.  The Church will continue to flourish as long as they have apologists like Chris Matthews to plead the case.

All I ask is to be spared the thinking of Chris Matthews and those like him who agree.   It is neither “liberal” nor is it “fair”.

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