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By now you have probably heard of Paul Babeu.  He is the Arizona sheriff who was Mitten’s Arizona campaign co-chair before quitting.  He is also the sheriff who threatened his former gay partner if he dared to out him.  I can understand why the sheriff might be concerned about that because he is also trying to run for Congress in an extremely conservative state and on the Republican ticket, which is never a good idea when you are gay and in the closet…until now.  What’s worse for Sheriff Paul is he threatened his Mexican former lover with having him deported if he dared to say a word.  That would seem to mean that “Jose” is in the country illegally, an idea he disputes.

CNN’s Miguel Marquez sat down with José, the ex-boyfriend of Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu in an interview:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sheriff Paul Babeu’s Ex-Boyfriend Speaks to CN…, posted with vodpod

“Jose” states he has a visa to be in the United States and I doubt (as one person said) that he would say he does have that visa if he didn’t have one.  However, listening to him speak in the video above it seems he does not have a great command of English and probably all he knew was that his former boyfriend was a powerful person.

I have no idea whether Sheriff Paul was in the closet, or out to certain friends or what have you, nor do I particularly care.  I doubt this is going to be helpful to the sheriff’s congressional run given the current state of things in Republican politics.  However, one writer seems to think that the Libertarian streak in Arizona politics may give Babeu a chance.

No, what bothers me is another example of the patriarchy in action.  A powerful man becomes threatened (he thinks) by another (less powerful) person and begins to utter the threats and exercise his power:

You won’t work again

This will be bad for you and your brother

I will get you thrown out of the country.

How many women have been in the same situation, i.e. in a relationship with a man, and the woman suspects him of cheating.  She then tries to find out for certain and when the man discovers this, he threatens her from his “loftier” position?

Yep, it’s the same ole shit involving the same ole games.

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