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I tried adding the “more” thingie in here to break the pages but it didn’t work right.  The rest of the post is visible now!  Sorreee!

Thanks to the Virginia General Assembly, soon, if you are a woman in Virginia who has decided to have an abortion, your vagina will be the property of the state.

I say that because a piece of legislation has been passed and will most assuredly be signed by the governor, Bob McDonnell.  Both houses of the Assembly have passed a law stating that if you as a woman have decided to have an abortion, you have to go through a little song and dance with some new state requirements first.  What are those requirements?

Well first you have to have an ultrasound.  Now, not just an ultrasound mind you, but a transvaginal ultrasound.  To do this type of ultrasound a probe must be inserted into the vagina.  The purported reason for this violation is it “would determine the gestation age of the fetus and [the woman would] be given an opportunity to view the pictures”.  I’m not a doctor, nurse or anything of the sort but I don’t see any reason for determining the gestation age of the fetus.  But wait there’s more!  If you do not want to see the pictures, you would be required to to sign a statement to that effect and it would be placed in your medical file at that facility!  Lovely that.

You’d think that a piece of shit legislation like this would have been drafted and sponsored by a fat, balding, probably not-to-attractive male wouldn’t you?  Nope, not in this case.  Meet Virginia State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel.  Yes, a woman has come up with this lovely idea.  Senator Vogel has stated there are some very good reasons for this legislation:

Supporters of the ultrasound measure say it would provide crucial medical information to women seeking abortions, while opponents say it would subject women to unnecessary tests and invade their privacy.

“It’s a legitimate health issue,” said Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel (R-Winchester), who sponsored the legislation.

Vogel also said the measure “does not infringe on a woman’s decision, her autonomy.” She added: “It is not invasive. It does not attempt to infringe in any way on the doctor-patient relationship, and it absolutely does not infringe on her right to have an abortion.”

But there’s more to this wonder piece of legislative work.  From WaPo:

The bill also would require women who live within 100 miles of their provider to wait at least 24 hours before having an abortion, except in emergencies. Those who live farther than 100 miles would have to wait two hours.

Yep, after you are invasively probed, you have to wait 24 hours before you can have the procedure done unless you:

(a)  Live more than 100 miles away from the provider

or (b)  It is an emergency

In those two circumstances you only have to wait two hours.  Again, lovely that.

There were at least a few sane folks in the Virginia State Senate.  Said Ralph Northam, a Democrat from Norfolk and a pediatric neurologist:

“I really don’t want to be in the position — as a clinician — where I say you need to have this diagnostic test done and the patient asks me, ‘Doctor, why? Why do I need that done?’ ” said Sen. Ralph Northam (D-Norfolk), a pediatric neurologist.“And I would say, ‘Sir or ma’am, the reason is a group of politicians in Richmond are telling you, you have to have it done.’ That is not our place as a government.’’

But wait!  Like those late night infomercials, there’s more!

The companion legislation to the Senate bill was created by Kathy J. Byron.  So in the Virginia legislature we have two women who have decided to declare war on other women.  Again, lovely that.

Some of the real fun in the House of Delegates began when Del. Todd Gilbert had this to say about the bill:

No comment provoked more surprise than that of Del. Todd Gilbert in diminishing the gravity of the decision to have an abortion.

“We hear the same song over there. The very tragic human notes that are often touched upon involve extreme examples,” said Gilbert, R-Shenandoah. “But in the vast majority of these cases, these are matters of lifestyle convenience.”

Now if this isn’t enough, the Republican legislature in Virginia has also passed a “personhood” bill.  You know the one…it says life begins at conception.  This is the one where the idea was soooo far-fetched that even the voters of Mississippi rejected it at the polls.

You may wonder why this has gotten me so irate.  After all, I’m a male, a gay male, and will never have a need to go through an abortion.  But if the Virginia lege can do this to women, involving a procedure that is legal in this country, what do they have in mind for gays and lesbians?  I have no idea if adoption by gays is permitted in Virginia, but if it is I’m sure they’ll work on changing that.  And what about gay or lesbian teachers?  Will the Republican lege think they should not be allowed to teach children?  If the Republican legislature has their eyes on one group of us, they’ll be out for all of us.

Meh. I doubt it.


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