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Another week, another witch hunt.

The most current guest of honor is Ellen DeGeneres.  Ellen became the spokesperson for JCPenney, and has actually been doing a really effective job.  She’s attractive, sweet, cheerful, and has been a daily addition to millions of American living rooms,  My parents, not the world’s most liberal pair, would not have missed Ellen for anything short of a house fire.  They love her to death, and yes, they are aware of her sexual preference.  She’s Ellen, they enjoy the show, and they simply don’t care.  They’ve watched her religiously for years.  Apparently, they’ve giot a lot of company, as Ellen carted home The People’s Choice Award for “Favorite Daytime Show” this year.

An organization dubbed “One Million Moms” raised a loud objection with Penney’s, and demanded that they remove Ellen and find a more wholesome spokesperson.  To their everlasting credit, JCPenney’s told the Million Moms to take a hike.  Ellen will continue in her present role, and well she should.   Even Bill O’Reilley rose to her defense on his show and pointed out correctly that there are many heterosexuals (I think he means you, Lindsay and Kim) who would be much less wholesome representatives of the brand.   Needless to say, I didn’t watch the show, but Ellen has thanked him profusely for the apparently full-throated defense that he gave. 

Ellen is not a criminal, she is a taxpayer.  She appears to be a solid citizen. Her life is neither in the tabloids nor the subject of a reality show.   She follows a lifestyle that differers from the Moms.  So what?  My lifestyle as a deep-fried Southerner differs from Pat’s  flash-frozen Yankee experience.  (Did I mention that it’s 60 degrees down here and I’ miserable?  It’s supposed to get back into the 70’s  today.)   We both live very differently from Mad’s New York State of mind. 

Now, the Moms are not without options.  Indeed, they are completely free to voice their objection with their checkbooks, and take their business on the road.  There are plenty of other places to shop, and withholding funds is a surefire method of garnering corporate attention. Heaven knows,the Susan G. Komen executive board will certainly back me up on that particular theory.  Declining revenues most certainly make an indelible point.  Of course, they may be vastly outnumbered by people rushing to Penney’s who do not usually shop there – people like myself, for example.

Frankly, all of this smacks of McCarthyism.  Just substitute the word of your choice – gay, liberal, Democrat, agnostic, Moslem,woman-who-uses-birth-control, 99 percenter –  for Communist and you have the reconstitution of the infamous Black Lists of the era.  That was a truly shameful era in American history, and I would hate to ever more of a reprise than we currently “enjoy”.

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