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While we are busy here at home arguing over the presidential field of mediocrity, the Mideast is once again gearing up for what may be the “war of all wars” that could send the planet into a free fall from which it may never recover.

The Iranians are hinting at closing the Straits of Hormuz.  The Israelis are hinting at bombing their sites.  The U.S. is holding its breath.  And the Religious Right is happier than pigs in sh*t since this could be the commencement of that long awaited “Rapture” they’ve been planning on for years!

The “Rapture” is expected to take place in the Mideast with a promise that God will descend to earth on a golden staircase, replete with an army of avenging angels, all fixated on destroying the non believers in a war to end all wars.

The “faithful” will be delivered to Heaven, shy their clothing, to spend eternity at the right hand of the father while those “sort of Christians” will remain on earth (as a punishment I suppose) preparing for a Kingdom on Earth that will be 100% Christian.  Jews and all other practitioners of other faiths will be stomped to death during the melee.  Best be aware.

The Israelis, quite frankly, are armed to the teeth. The Iranians, on the other hand, have a much larger force in manpower.  The U.S. is by far the larger and better armed. Sitting in the midst of all this bluster is the one thing we cannot reach on our own: oil.

Our lifeblood is over there. The one thing they have that we need to remain the superpower we purport to be and what we have built upon as our “foreign policy” over the last 100 years. And underlying all this geopolitical discourse is religion.  Make no mistake about it, next to oil who you worship matters more than life itself.

The Iraqis are in the beginning stages of bringing their religious differences to a boil.  Sunni v Shiite is creeping back into their streets now that the US presence has been removed.  The Palestinians hate the Jews and vice versa.  The Islamic clerics in Iran are the actual architects of that country’s radical positions.  And the Christians hate them all!

Egypt and Syria are facing secular and non secular opposition and who knows how that will turn out. It appears that ideology is more the driving force behind these uprisings than the outcry for equality and human rights.  But beneath the sand lies the treasure that all factions covet at the cost to human life: the oil.

It is probably safe to assert that tourism in the part of the world has declined. I seriously doubt many are pouring over travel brochures and considering a vacation in the “ancient lands of old” these days.  Better to stay put and pay close attention to the signals pouring out of political candidates who would thrust us into a combat whose aftermath may not be what they expect.

I am hoping that cooler heads will prevail.  That America will not be expected to be dragged into a conflagration that assures no winners.  It may be too late to appeal to reason when factions itching to destroy one another refuse to put down their weapons.

The exhaustion of just trying to get through the day without “dire threats” as a daily feature is overwhelming.

Can’t we all just get along?   The insanity never ends.


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