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Michele is imploding.

If it isn’t apparent now it will be by the time the first primary rolls around as her campaign itself seems to be in shambles. She may be holding out for a “win” in Iowa but the chances are pretty slim at this point that she will be able to capture the nomination beyond her Tea Party appeal.  It is pretty much a given that for her “the party is over”.

I am never quite sure about Michele.  Is she crazy or does she actually believe in the bilge she throws out there?  Is she just another calculating politician or a true believer?  It’s puzzling that she has been able to win a third term in congress with the empty headed rhetoric she delivers that somehow appeals to enough voters in her district who repeatedly send her back to DC.

Michele is just another voice in this long line of GOP hopefuls who wear their prejudices well.  She fears gays, that much is certain.  She loathes government and worships Ronald Reagan. No longer one of the working class, she is a millionaire today due in large part to government subsidies enjoyed by her own family connections but would have you believe that she is a dues paying member of the “job creator” class.   Gag me with a spoon!

Standing alongside the dour Paul, stuttering Mitt, parsimonious Santorum, and a lecturing Newt, Michele differs in that she always appears good humored.  No matter how absurd or fact challenged she may be, Michele never seems to waver from the “sunny personality” that hides her dark side.  Yet the more she speaks, the more that dark side emerges despite the smiles that precede it.

The irony is that most people see it as well.  Few have as yet dredged up any hint of “sexism” that accompanies Sarah Palin when she “screeches out” the same message that Michele maintains.  Though both are of the same mind surrounding their political philosophies, it is Palin who enjoys the support of her ultraconservative Right Wing cheerleaders while Michele does not.   Her same simplistic statements pertaining to complex issues are exactly what Palin implies yet Michele has yet to be considered a “victim of the lamestream press”.   Michele lacks the support of women voters unlike her counterpart who defend her every action.    Apparently the luxury of decrying “sexism” is solely for the benefit of Palin supporters when the truth lies in the ignorance that inhabits both these women.  Go figure.

I am not sure if Michele honestly believed that repeating “Obamacare, Ronald Reagan, anti government” would be all she needed to propel her into the nomination but it failed  in her favor.  The GOP is much too focused on winning in 2012 to stand behind a candidate who “made it up as she went along”.  As challenged as each candidate may be, Michele “stood out” in this sea of stupidity.  But I will concede I found her rather “entertaining”.  Up to the point when I considered her holding the reins of power as the leader of the free world.  “Reality” kind of raised its head about then and it ceased to be amusing.

Have we seen the last of Michele?  I doubt it for as long as her constituents keep sending her back to DC we will be hearing her tortured logic from time to time.  Or perhaps a slot on Fox News where she can offer more “brilliant analysis” for public consumption.

From a distance she is able to provide an outlet of amusement.   Up close, she is too dangerous to be taken seriously.

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