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Activist Wednesday: Obama and Congress, Fooling No One.

Posted on: October 26, 2011

Obama and Boehner 'Working'

It’s the job creation, stupid! While Republicans run themselves ragged screaming about how teachers and unions are bankrupting our nation, somehow failing to notice the trillions of taxpayer dollars pouring into our MIC and financial services industry, Obama has been promoting a plan that will allegedly create 2 million jobs. (Never mind that we actually need somewhere between 11 million and 13 million jobs created in order to return to the prosperity we enjoyed in the Clinton era. I’m sure somewhere in a universe where Obama is actually the President we needed at this critical time, and the Republicans represent a viable political party instead of a refuge for the sociopathic and the religiously insane, 2 million and 11-13 million are, like, totally the same.)

Unfortunately, Obama has been far from honest about even that woefully inadequate job creation number. According to, like many insecure, self-aggrandizing men, Obama has greatly exaggerated the size…of his package.

As he has on other occasions, Obama suggested in an Oct. 18 speech in North Carolina that there is a general consensus among “independent economists” that his bill — the American Jobs Act — would create 2 million jobs if passed by Congress.

Obama, Oct. 18: Independent economists have said this jobs bill would create nearly 2 million jobs.  That’s not my opinion, that’s not the opinion of people who work for me.  The people who study the economy for a living are telling us that this jobs bill would put people back to work right away, and grow our economy at a time when the recovery has weakened.

When we asked for the names of the independent experts, the White House gave us the names of two economists: Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics and Joel Prakken of Macroeconomics Advisers. But only one of them came close to the “nearly 2 million jobs” figure touted by Obama. Zandi estimated the bill would add 1.9 million jobs. Prakken estimated 1.3 million additional jobs next year. (In an email exchange, Prakken said those 1.3 million new jobs would drop to 800,000 in 2013.)

So, only one of the two economists cited by the White House actually claims that the president’s bill could create “nearly 2 million jobs.”

Actually, when 34 independent economists were surveyed, the median estimate of jobs “saved or created” by this bill was 288,000 over two years. Even those economists say it would reduce the unemployment rate by a mere .02% in 2012. Oh, sure, they also claim it would prevent a recession, but clearly they are referring to a more academic definition of recession than is meaningful to the tens of millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans.

Joe and Jane America have not been fooled by the propaganda from either political Party.

Most Americans believe that neither President Obama nor Republicans in Congress have a clear plan for creating jobs, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll.

According to the survey, only 38 percent of Americans believe Mr. Obama has a concrete jobs plan – despite his recent cross-country tour touting the $445  billion American Jobs Act, which Congress rejected earlier this month.

Even fewer Americans – only 20 percent – believe Republicans in Congress have a clear plan for creating jobs.

Overall, 56 percent say Mr. Obama lacks a strong jobs plan, and 71 percent say the same of congressional Republicans.

Yup, these politicos are surely winning our hearts and minds! Guess the bottom 99% aren’t as dumb as the top 1% think we are.

Meanwhile, although America as a whole still doesn’t quite understand Occupy Wall Street, a plurality of us agree with the protesters’ view that there is far too much wealth concentrated at the top.

While there are different agendas within the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, nearly all of the protesters say that wealth has become too concentrated among a relatively small group of Americans. The poll found that most Americans agree with that assessment: Two in three say that wealth is not distributed as equitably as it should be, while just one in four says wealth is distributed fairly.

Republicans were far more likely than Democrats or independents to say the current distribution of income is fair. Fifty-five percent of Republicans say the current distribution is fair, compared to just seven percent of Democrats; 86 percent of Democrats, 67 percent of independents and 36 percent of Republicans say wealth should be distributed more evenly.

That Independent number is very important. I continue to believe that Occupy Wall Street must be perceived as one of ordinary Americans, not associated with any political Party, in order to reach the largest and most influential number of people. It seems that is what is happening, and America is starting to wake up to the  gross injustices being perpetrated upon her by the top 1% (Austerity=Murder). May this awareness continue to grow and build, and may the top 1% be the ones who are afraid this Halloween!

This is an open thread.

10 Responses to "Activist Wednesday: Obama and Congress, Fooling No One."

Excellent post , Mad. Welcome back.

Thanks, Chat!

You scheduled your birthday post for the same time, so I moved it to tonight. Was it supposed to be for Friday?

Nope. We weren;t certain you’d be back, and as today is her birthday, I just wrote it quickly.

Here’s a reason why so many may be fed up to their eyebrows: someone bid $504,000 for a dress that Marilyn Monroe, dead for the last 50 years, wore in a movie. Think about it: $504,000 for a dress once worn by a dead movie star!

Only someone with gobs and gobs of money and no idea how to better spend that amount, was able to purchase a dress whose value and worthlessness was celebrated while so many others are trying to figure out how to get through the month without resorting to food stamps.

Was this another example of a “job creator” putting his money to good use?

Mitt Romney spending millions renovating a beach home while Newt’s wife spends the day in Tiffany’s while lecturing voters on why it is a “necessity” to undergo budget cuts is the surest way to madness.

“I don’t care!” says Rick Perry when asked to comment about the uneven adjustments to the tax code that would surely favor the rich even more so.

Another example why people are flocking to the streets. A quotable quote from another millionaire career politician whose monthly expenses are paid by crony benefactors. Wish I had me one of those.

And this guy wants to become president of the US so that he may “better serve”!


Better serve – but whom? Only the people who can afford to buy private meetings.

The Occupy Movement is neither Democratic nor Republican we reject Duality of the WIN-LOSE Right “Faux” Left Model…we are committed to preventing Co-opting by either party or the Corporate Elite…

The Consensus decision-making Process is a 110% rejection of the way things have been done that is the reason that neither Party have been able to deal with us on any level…

@7 -which is the way it should be! Don’t let the Dems co-opt you Fuzzy!

Fuzzy! Hadn’t seen you for a day or two. Was hoping you weren’t arrested!!

Excellent piece by Taibbi wherein he gets into a discussion about OWS with a media salesperson, who thought it was funny/ironic that the OWS people were looking for a bank to put their contributed $$$s:

Oh, Christ, I thought. He’s saying the protesters are hypocrites because they’re using banks. I sighed.

“Listen,” I said, “where else are you going to put three hundred thousand dollars? A shopping bag?”

“Well,” he said, “it’s just, they’re protests are all about… You know…”

“Dude,” I said. “These people aren’t protesting money. They’re not protesting banking. They’re protesting corruption on Wall Street.”

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