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Our Secretary of State turns sixty-four years old today.  Take just a minute to reflect on the accomplishments of this remarkable woman.

The world that Hillary Rodham grew up in was very different from the one that we currently enjoy.  While being female in America is less than optimal, it’s a damn sight better than the “Happy Days” of the fifties and sixties.  Long-term careers were just not the usual option for a woman, particularly not in the political arena.

There were some precedents such as Margaret Chase Smith.  Mrs. Smith was elected to the House of Representatives in 1940 and the US Senate in 1948.  She was nominated for the presidency in 1960.  That said, she was an exception rather than a rule.

Hillary went to Wellsley (where she was the first student commencement speaker),  and then on to law school at Yale.  Women were rarely attorneys back in the day, much less graduates of Yale Law.  Further, female attorneys were rarely taken seriously, and ended up at best in Children’s Services types of jobs.  Not that being a child advocate is in any way demeaning, it’s just that there were few options for women in the legal profession.  Any number of qualified female attorneys found that they were unemployable.

Mrs. Clinton has had a remarkable career and an equally remarkable life.  She served as a Congressional legal counsel.  After her marriage to Bill Clinton, she moved to Arkansas where she would later co-found the Arkansas Advocates for Families and Children.  She then went on to become the first woman to chair the Legal Services Corporation.  Mrs. Clinton was the first female partner at the Rose Law Firm, and was twice named to the list of 100 most influential attorney in America.  As First Lady of Arkansas, she led an initiative to restructure public education.  As America’s First Lady, she failed at her attempt at universal health care, but succeeded in establishing the State Children’s Insurance Program (SCHIP).  She represented New York with credit in the United States Senate.

Hillary Clinton survived personal attacks, a marital scandal, and most everything else that could be done except for the Democratic Party.  The party for which she had worked so hard decided that Senator Barack Obama needed to be President, and despite her clear wins in major primaries, propelled him into the nomination.   She was not even permitted the usual pro forma first ballot vote.  A lesser person would have walked away, but she served with distinction as Secretary of State.   I can only hope that she will give both the Democratic Party and the citizens of the United States another chance.

So, happy birthday, Sister Scorpio.  Although you have assuredly earned a rest, I hope that at least eight more of them are celebrated at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Obama and Boehner 'Working'

It’s the job creation, stupid! While Republicans run themselves ragged screaming about how teachers and unions are bankrupting our nation, somehow failing to notice the trillions of taxpayer dollars pouring into our MIC and financial services industry, Obama has been promoting a plan that will allegedly create 2 million jobs. (Never mind that we actually need somewhere between 11 million and 13 million jobs created in order to return to the prosperity we enjoyed in the Clinton era. I’m sure somewhere in a universe where Obama is actually the President we needed at this critical time, and the Republicans represent a viable political party instead of a refuge for the sociopathic and the religiously insane, 2 million and 11-13 million are, like, totally the same.)

Unfortunately, Obama has been far from honest about even that woefully inadequate job creation number. According to, like many insecure, self-aggrandizing men, Obama has greatly exaggerated the size…of his package.

As he has on other occasions, Obama suggested in an Oct. 18 speech in North Carolina that there is a general consensus among “independent economists” that his bill — the American Jobs Act — would create 2 million jobs if passed by Congress.

Obama, Oct. 18: Independent economists have said this jobs bill would create nearly 2 million jobs.  That’s not my opinion, that’s not the opinion of people who work for me.  The people who study the economy for a living are telling us that this jobs bill would put people back to work right away, and grow our economy at a time when the recovery has weakened.

When we asked for the names of the independent experts, the White House gave us the names of two economists: Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics and Joel Prakken of Macroeconomics Advisers. But only one of them came close to the “nearly 2 million jobs” figure touted by Obama. Zandi estimated the bill would add 1.9 million jobs. Prakken estimated 1.3 million additional jobs next year. (In an email exchange, Prakken said those 1.3 million new jobs would drop to 800,000 in 2013.)

So, only one of the two economists cited by the White House actually claims that the president’s bill could create “nearly 2 million jobs.”

Actually, when 34 independent economists were surveyed, the median estimate of jobs “saved or created” by this bill was 288,000 over two years. Even those economists say it would reduce the unemployment rate by a mere .02% in 2012. Oh, sure, they also claim it would prevent a recession, but clearly they are referring to a more academic definition of recession than is meaningful to the tens of millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans.

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