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Every GOP presidential candidate wants to get into my pants!

I’m not kidding , left up to them they would take up residence in my “nether regions” because the very idea of my “right to privacy” offends their sensibilities. Or something.

Each and every one of these clowns has publicly stated that not only would they do away with the subject of “free choice” they would also prohibit federal funding for contraception. No exceptions to the rules are allowed.

Personally, I don’t much care what my neighbor does behind closed doors and in the privacy of their own homes. For all I know, half my neighborhood could have at one time or another made a personal decision in their lives for which I was spared the knowledge.  As long as they don’t allow their leaves to blow over into my yard, leaving me to rake them up, I have no problem staying out of issues that don’t involve me.  Got enough on my own plate to deal with and would no more think of imposing them on the people next door then they would impose theirs on mine.

But the GOP contenders have put forth their position that there is nothing wrong with denying women “choice”.  They obviously lose sleep at night worrying themselves into a frenzy when it comes to sexual behavior of any kind.  Homosexuality and women’s sexuality overcome any reasonable solutions to the everyday problems of the average American.  Home foreclosures, job loss, increased healthcare premiums, the environment, and stupid excursions into foreign countries that are costing us zillions are way down at the bottom of their “to do list”.  Overpopulation and diminishing natural resources?  Not so much.

“Freedom” on their terms includes issuing gun permits for “concealed weapons” that can be holstered and taken to Sunday services, Happy Hour, and student study halls.  One must be “protected’ at all times but women facing the possibility of carrying an unwanted pregnancy to full term, regardless of the circumstances involved, are encouraged to look upon this as a “blessing”.  Somehow this is supposed to make sense.  Am I alone in seeing the dichotomy here?

I have no clue why a medical decision made within the confines of an office between patient and doctor is the business of anyone outside those walls.  Don’t approve of abortion, don’t have one.  Simple as that.

I am totally unimpressed with the religious views of others.   Those who stand on a stage and beat their chests about their beliefs are essentially telling the rest of us that we are not as good or as wise if we are not wallowing around in their self righteous pledge to deny women their equal rights.   Bunk!

Leave women alone!  They have enough to deal with besides subjecting themselves to the never ending whine of men who would dictate our place in society.  And shame on those women who profess the same.   Keep your mitts off my values and I promise to keep mine off yours.

Go rake your own leaves and shut the hell up!

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