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Seriously, is this the best we can do?

Is this the best and the brightest that America has to offer when choosing the next leader of the free world?  What must the rest of the globe be thinking when this group is put on display considering that one of them will be chosen as the “winner” in this contest?  Mind boggling!

The Democrats, like it or not, are “stuck” with Barack Obama.  The GOP, like it or not, are “stuck” with them.   But having said that, it is best to consider that current GOP Party and its leadership is no longer the party of your grandparents.  Nor is it actually the party of conservatives that once included names like Nelson Rockefeller or Ed Brooke.  No, this is a different “beast” altogether.  A party consisting of anti government and religious zealots who have risen to the top rungs of the national dialogue that arrived fully sprung from the machinations of the Moral Majority.

I felt compelled to sit through yet another “debate” showcasing these “stalwarts” knowing full well I will hear the same drivel repeated from one event to another.  The same stock pieces of response calling for an end to regulations, murky job creations, tax breaks for the corporations, and an end to any social agencies put in place as safeguards to protect the weakest amongst us from slipping further into poverty.  Throw in the name Ronald Reagan every 5 minutes and you’ve hit a homerun!

Listening again tonight I waited for one person to step forward and offer a resolution to rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.  Or address the issue of “fairness” by calling for an end to the Bush tax cuts that are strangling us in a mountain of debt.  Perhaps a call for Universal Healthcare when discussing the one topic that is sorely needed by way of “reform”?  How about calling for huge cuts in the defense budget ? You would think that one of them would be able to stand up on behalf of the American public by insisting that banks begin to “loosen” up a little and work to rewrite some of those mortgages that many find themselves struggling with from month to month. You would be wrong.

No one on that stage has ever, or will ever, call for a break up of the monopolies that skillfully obliterate the competition they so eagerly refer to with their repeated references to “free markets”.  Ron Paul wants to do away with every federal agency.  Rick Perry is all about “drilling” on every square inch of land as his option to keep us “energy independent”.  No mention of seeking alternative means as many other countries have come to rely upon.  Just “strip and drill” away until the national landscape resembles that of Kentucky and West Virginia!   This is how one goes about “creating jobs” in Rick’s worldview.   Did he mention that he was a “Christian”?   He did.

Mitt just stood there and lied.  Lied about his own MA healthcare plan that was first included in his book but was then removed, an action he had difficulty challenging with a fruitless back and forth with Rick Santorum.  “Yes, you did!” followed by an enemic “no, I didn’t” as they shouted over one another marking another illuminating evening of “someone here is lying”. Mitt just can’t keep his “flips” straight which leads straightaway to his “flops”.  His desperation to get out in first place from those pesky primaries loaded up with Tea Party voters allows him to do and say anything to win them over.  Even if he risks comparisons to Pinocchio.

Michele interrupts by mentioning Reagan once again which appears to be the one card in her repertoire that will invite applause.  Since nothing much else she offers has any traction left, this appears all that remains.  Newt has taken on the role of “hall monitor”, scolding his opponents and offering another lecture by way of validating  his “gravitas”.   In in so many words “he’s got nothing”.   Did she mention that she and her husband were job creators?    She did.

Herman Cain is still pushing the 9-9-9 meme and refusing to walk  back “you have only yourself to blame”.  This has to go over big in Nevada, a state that is up to 14% in unemployment with 1 out 4 homes in foreclosure.  But that’s Herman’s take on the travesty that has found its way into so many households and he’s sticking with it.  By “standing his ground” he earned himself another round of applause from the basically white, middle aged, self satisfied members of the audience.

Anderson Cooper asked Rick Santorum to explain why he is still in the race with an approval rating hovering around 1%.  Rick believes that the field is still open and that people are beginning to take another look at him.   They have and this may explain the 1%.   He is all about “values” is Rick and I guess when you consider that abortions are the leading cause of the lack of revenues, or that the military is against sex, you may want to dial it back a bit but not Rick.  He sees himself as the “voice of morality” in this race and will continue to “speak out” on these issues for as long as it takes.  And did he mention that he is a practicing Catholic with 7 kids?   He did.

Ron Paul wants “freedom” for everyone. Freedom from taxes, freedom from regulations, freedom from government interference in every aspect of life. Yet Ron would deny a woman’s right to choose.  That “freedom” doesn’t count. And it is about here that they really begin to lose me.

I look at these people and can’t quite picture any one of them as a leader of the free world.  They have had almost 4 years to carry out the threat of making Obama a “one term president” and they have failed to produce one candidate who even remotely rises to the level of that office.  In a nation this vast and as populated, you would think that there must be someone out there with a touch of commonsense and critical thinking skills who would be able to step to the plate and seize the moment.  Someone who has studied history, reads a publication, is familiar with the US Constitution, has a basic knowledge of economics, and actually stands for something that would benefit the nation by thinking ahead.  You would be wrong.

These are not actual Republicans from days of old. This is a new coalition of anti government, anti intellectual, anti diversity, and anti science devoted to wealth, corporations, and religious leanings dictated by a separate ideology offering itself as the obstructionist Tea Party.  Compromise is not part of their structure.

So this is as good as it gets.  Between now and November 2012 one of these, along with Barack Obama, will be offering a choice between “no” and “not now”.

This is it, folks.   Pretty depressing wouldn’t you agree?

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