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We spend lots of time here discussing issues, personalities, and current events.  The blog offers a place to ruminate and fulminate over a lot of the bilge we wade through each day, most of it inspired by total and complete assholes who rule over our lives.

 Much of what we post contains mountains of “snark” that stands as a testament that we are still – at least relatively speaking – sane in the face of obstacles that continue to pile up at our feet.

But I want to be serious here for a minute to lay out my own personal concerns in this present atmosphere of unrest and disappointment. This is how I am reacting and I don’t expect others to embrace the same.

What I fear most of all is the takeover of our government by the Republican Party.  I fear these people and what they stand for because their agenda seems to have found purchase in some quarters and I know in my heart and mind they will inflict the same damage nationwide if given just half the chance.

For the past few decades we have seen some state legislatures overturn measures of protection for women, most resolutely in the area of healthcare and freedom of choice. Little by little some states have managed to override federal law that protects the privacy of women by demonizing, threatening, stalking, and in some cases opening her medical procedures to public view. Women are losing ground in these areas and it is being done through the efforts of both men and women who feel compelled to foist their beliefs upon others through the law.

Sen. Jim Demint has stated openly that he would call for a ban on single couples living together if they are public employees. He would also wish to restrict the rights of gays to hold public paying positions and deny them the right to adopt children.  He is also on record as opposing the overturn of DADT and is supportive of making the banning of gay marriage a constitutional issue.  Jim Demint is considered a leader in the Tea Party.  He is also a very dangerous person.

The GOP platform currently being written in time for the 2012 presidential convention will contain much of that same language.  The overthrow of Roe v Wade, a call for states rights, and  commitment to overturn same sex marriage.  There is a hint that they wish to include “Christian nation” in their platform but should that not happen there will be many speakers throughout who will more than likely refer to that phrase and be greeted with applause.

The Supreme Court at present has several justices whose age and infirmities may require their resignation. Should this fall into the hands of a GOP president the chances are that the next appointments will more than likely reflect the same social conservatism that is rampant among the candidates and party officials.  This would bring to an end any form of liberal leaning justices for at least another generation. Bearing witness to the “legal” mindset of Scalia, Thomas, Alioto, and Roberts, having one or two more like them ruling from the highest court in the land would be a serious error.  This is the same court that has declared corporations as having the same rights as an individual.

We are also in the midst of a “religious revival” of sorts.  Where once one’s brand of faith was a personal issue it has now become something to “wear on one’s sleeve” without fear of raising the argument for the separation of church and state.  Some wish to incorporate biblical law into the laws of government itself by declaring “god’s will” in their decision making. This would mute the separation of church and state and could easily lead to the outright overturning of the entire Constitution itself.

The Republican Party would strip away the safeguards that have been put in place over the decades. They seem to be focused solely on the idea of privatization and the elimination of any safety nets that have served this nation for over 70 years.  This drastic overhaul would guarantee the rise of poverty, death and crime.  But they blindly move on, pushing this theme ever onward.

The GOP has no use for the EPA and would gladly ensure that all regulations placed on every industry be deregulated in favor of special interests.  As these safeguards disappear we will be at the mercy of corporations whose only concern is their bottom line.  The absurdity of these proposals has yet to be clearly defined but the GOP is undettered to put an end to any oversight that would interfere with harmful business ventures.

I see us sinking further under the yoke of Wall Street and the greedy bastards who thrust us into this mess.  Accountability has disappeared along with a sense of integrity in the business community.  Few seem bothered by the extent of the huge division that exists between the 1% and the rest of us 99%’s who are the backbone of this nation as history attests.  But history no longer seems to have a place at the current table setting.  Most of these “future leaders” don’t appear to have ever read a book.

The GOP and those who shill on their behalf scare me.  What I see and hear are people who would have difficulty competing with an average high school student but infused with a sense of religious zealotry that borders on psychotic. A focus that is primarily in favor of protecting the rich while abandoning the poor along the way. It’s become a one way conversation with people who have never faced adversity and are unwilling to listen to yours.

For me who grew up with the idea that America stood for something, the fear that plagues me now is more real than ever.  We are no longer being served by those who pledged to do so.   The loss of liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness could be replaced by authoritarianism, theocracy, and corporatism.  We are in the stranglehold of people who stand for something else. 

That “something else” has become my boogeyman.

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