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So much discussion flying back and forth about those Wall Street occupiers and their counterparts.  The big question seems to be about “what do they want?”

It may be nothing more than an opportunity to be seen and heard.   We have been taken for granted for so long that we only seek comfort from those who share our plight. 

We only become “visible” when election time rolls around but are summarily dismissed after the votes have been counted.  

The people of Wisconsin gave us our first up close snapshot of what it means to let the legislators know of their disenchantment.  They flocked the streets and halls of power by the thousands to protest the cuts and elimination of collective bargaining that would cripple their lives and reduce their ability to compete.  This paved the way for the uprisings known throughout the world as “the Arab Spring”.  People stood together to challenge the status quo which led to the toppling of dictators and the swine who held sway over their lives.

The current “occupiers” reflect much of the same distrust and anxiety. What I see are groups of people gathering together who share the same feeling: hopelessness.  We are up against it and there appears to be no end in sight.  The politicians tell them that their situation “it is their own fault”.  They are told they can “pray” their way out of adversity.  They are told that without “planning ahead” they deserve to die.  They are advised that corporations are “equal” and must be protected.  They are told that the wealthy must be exempt.

That hopeless feeling arises from a sense that there is nothing and no one speaking for us.  Justice is elusive.  The Supreme Court is infested with Right Wingers who have accorded corporations the same rights as the individual.  The Justice Department has done nothing toward seeking justice and retribution against those who broke laws in order to enrich themselves then walked away complaining that their bonuses were too small as many of the rest of us lost homes and jobs as a result.  More peeling away of the rules. 

Healthcare reform was never reform but an opportunity for the insurance industries to beef up their coffers by way of “mandates”.  Unions are in the crosshairs of legislatures out to bust their collective bargaining rights. Teachers, police, firefighters, nurses are watching their livelihoods being assaulted by way of budget cuts thus putting the rest of us at risk.

 The environment is being raped in the service of conglomerates out to beef up the bottom line.  Banks are refusing to rewrite loans while sitting on piles of money that we gave them. Religion is holding sway over the laws and diversity of this nation.  “Freedom” has become a one way street.

Those banding together in these parks and public places all share the same feelings of loss and abandonment to a system that is no longer designed in their favor. The see it, feel it, experience it in their everyday lives. Each has been infected with the same knowledge that this nation is no longer theirs but instead belongs to those who can afford to pay for the privilege of representation.  The American Dream is slowly being smothered to death by the greed and lack of accountability.

What we are engaging in is a “collective wake” that mourns what has been lost.

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