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My sinuses “kicked in” this week accompanied by a cold that left me with a feeling of “the blahs” and sent me to spend a day or two on the couch nursing my head and aching bones.

Unable to read or carry out my chores, I turned to the t.v. for some diversion which did not help.

The networks seem to carry the same oversaturated coverage from one event to another. There is no escape.  Hour after hour is devoted to one event at a time sprinkled with as many commercials as possible that can be fitted in between segments. Blah, blah, blah!

Let’s review this week’s coverage as an example:

STEVE JOBS:  An innovator perhaps but I was never able to afford his products.   But “wall to wall” coverage accompanied by comments of what a “great guy” he was by friends who would not be expected to say otherwise?   Enough already!

AMANDA KNOX: Freed from an Italian prison, the little footage available following her release was looped over and over and over of her being hustled from the courthouse and back to the jail.  A possible 2 minutes of film followed by an assortment of talking heads repeating much the same blather and spending untold hours doing so.  Give it a rest.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Would he or won’t he? Big question. Hours spent analyizing his prospects, what it would mean should he enter the race, what impact on the rest of the field, parsing every eye movement and reading between the lines of the possibility – or not – of his chances in 2012. For one whole hour we were stuck with a press conference that allowed him to answer the same question over and over again but failed to elicit anything beyond “I am not running”. Yet this response allowed the cable networks to interrupt regularly scheduled programming for no other purpose than to rehash the statement ad infinitum.

MICHAEL JACKSON/CONRAD MURRAY TRIAL: This event is available on several different channels if you have any interest in following this tawdry event from dawn to dusk. The trial of a greedy doctor who broke his Hippocratic oath to “do no harm” with a self indulgent, emotionally disabled entertainer who acted in concert has turned into a drama of “martyrdom” for the star and the punishment of his doctor. You would think that the coverage afforded to this event merited attention. You would be wrong.

OCCUPY WALL STREET PROTESTERS: Now that the media has “discovered” these groups the never ending speculation of “what do they want?” has now gripped their attention. Big names have now made the trek down to the barricades and the talking heads are assured of at least a segment or two each night to either support or take potshots at these people who are basically asking for someone to “do the right thing”.

HERMAN CAIN: He has made his obligatory pilgrimage to the offices of Donald Trump. Why these GOP candidates feel the need to genuflect before “The Donald” is beyond my comprehension unless they are all requesting free tickets to his next beauty pageant.  Because this man is the most irrelevant of people on the planet to go seeking a benediction.

SARAH PALIN NOT RUNNING: Seriously, who cares?  Now if the press will just stop covering this non entity there are many who will be forever grateful.   If I never have to be exposed to anymore of this empty headed rhetoric masquerading as political dialogue I would consider it a blessing.   Starting now.

THE U.S. CONGRESS: On another hiatus. Having just returned from a month long sabbatical in August, the exhaustion must be unbearable!  Thankfully there is little on their plates for discussion as we are all doing just fine out here.

RICK PERRY: His prospects just took a blow when it was revealed that his hunting lodge in Texas came replete with a large stone painted with the word “ni**erhead”. The big news about this is though that hateful message has been painted over, when exactly did this occur?  Is Rick a racist?  Was he fully aware of the existence of this stone?  What does this mean for his chances?  Rick Perry meet George Allen.

WORLD SERIES PLAYOFFS: To be perfectly honest, with the meltdown of the Red Sox I could not care less.

BARACK OBAMA: Ditto. As an aside, he is speaking now and I am occupied with writing this post.  He lost me at “hello”.

HOME SHOPPING CHANNELS:  Christmas is coming!   Buy now!

One would never know that the tragedies of Darfur continue. That our excursion into Afghanistan has produced another death of a soldier.  That the European markets are at risk. That the Artic continues to melt.  That the cost of food is rising.  That the all important things that will affect our lives is muted by the Demi/Ashton break up and who has the best chance of winning on “Dancing With the Stars”.

Autumn has come to Western MA and the urge to get up off the couch and take in the beauty of this season is beckoning.  Enough to get me off the couch and turn off the meaningless babble of the 24 hour “news coverage” that assaults our senses.   The stupidity of what is presented as meaningful is turning our brains into mush.

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