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Since its original inception in 2008, the so called “grassroots” movement of the Tea Party has been expressing their demands for smaller government and a prohibition on taxes as their fundamental opposition. As it progressed much of their underlying bias began to manifest itself as hints of “racism” was openly displayed through the use of a variety of signs depicting and denigrating Barack Obama in an unflattering image.

Demanding proof of his legitimacy as a foreign born secret agent out to destroy “our freedoms”, they found traction amongst those who felt “cheated” by the advent of a man of color holding the highest office in the land. In other words, the Tea Party managed to bring out the worst in us as its appeal appeared to be an open invitation to allow these biases to flourish. Some factions of the GOP stood behind this quasi movement, capitalizing on the discontent and offering both financial and political support.

A combination of a radical religious fervor, coupled with a business oriented corporate mentality, fused together to topple an administration that seemed incapable of fighting back. A daily onslaught of condemnation was heard through the ramblings of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck who sought to instill the idea of “conspiracy” that strengthened the rank and file of those who declared their allegiance to the movement. Politicians seized the opportunity and floated candidates whose “war cry” for less government and budget balancing led the day.

What do they want?  They want an end to government as we know it.  A government that passed programs over the last 70 years that they find “unconstitutional”.  The message if correctly interpreted is that “we’ve got ours, to hell with the rest of you!”  By eliminating any program that benefits those unlike themselves they are convinced of the righteousness of their position since it has been drilled into them over and over by the likes of Rush, Beck and those GOP water carriers from Fox News. “One nation under god and the Republican Party” would be the motto going forward if they have their way.

The hatred toward gays is profound. Denying women their right to privacy is intrusive. Eliminating medical treatment for those who are unable to afford the cost is criminal. Removing policies that would assist those in need of heating their homes during brutal winters is disgusting. Allowing children to suffer is painful. Defunding agencies put in place to assist and protect the neediest among us is beyond sinful. Yet this is where the Tea Partiers reside. A “slash and burn” effort to loosen the protections that have provided some form of compassion that is sorely lacking when judging this crowd.

How does the deregulation of industries going to benefit anyone beyond the “captains” of those industries?  The relaxation of laws to protect us will bring more harm to its citizens and an environment that is already facing major atmospheric harm.  Clean water, air, and a safe food supply?   Forget about it!   We need more money funneling into the hands of those imaginary “job creators”.

Educational improvement does not seem to be an item on their agenda. They applaud those who brag about laying off thousands of teachers across the nation as they beat their chests about“cutting budgets” at the cost to their own kids. They don’t seem to care.   Their focus is on “punishing government” that overlooks the consequences of these drastic measures.   

The same holds true with other public employees: police, firefighters, nurses who have felt the blow of these cuts thus increasing the danger due to the lack of personnel who train to keep us safe.  Cutting budgets to this degree only manages to increase crime and medical mishaps and further burdens an already “stretched to the limit” society.  But they refuse to consider the  damage that will occur if this keeps up.

Billions are being spent keeping two wars active. And for what purpose?  Nothing is being achieved beyond increasing the coffers of the military industrial complex and the harm our presence is doing overseas.  We have basically accomplished nothing in the overall concept of bringing “democracy” to those nations who have fought against this from the beginning. But none of these “patriots” address this issue beyond their feeble attempts to explain why.

The Tea Partiers, the Republican Party, and the current contenders to unseat the present occupant of the Oval Office, are a collaboration of empty headed, non visionary, a singled minded group of people who want to yoke us into a nation of serfs. Propelling us back into a time when opportunities were at a minimum and being poor was our lot in life.

What do they want?  The chance to inflict this narrow minded agenda on the rest of us and a return to an era that we struggled to override.   “Ignorance” must never be equated with “freedom” since ignorance is what is driving this movement that will forever change the face of freedom as we know it.

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