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It doesn’t take much these days to be considered as a potential candidate for the highest office in the land.

 There was a time that we looked to our leaders as people who may be somewhat smarter than the rest of us but that no longer holds true.  All that seems to be required is that you have the ability to stand on stage without falling face forward into the audience.

The bar has been lowered to meet the lowest expectations and many from the Tea Party side have demonstrated as much.

In a year that has almost brought the nation to a standstill you would think that there was a least a voice or two who comes equipped with a modicum of commonsense but you would be wrong.  I challenge you to name one of the current contenders who even comes close.

The GOP candidates thus far have proven so lackluster that even their base is scrounging for more.  Consider the begging and pleading for Chris Christie to enter the race no matter how many ways to Sunday he keeps saying “no”.  What makes him so “attractive”?  You got me there but I would assume it is his style of “in your face” responses to anyone posing a question.  Chris appears to me like the schoolyard bully who offered to beat you senseless if you did not turn over your lunch money.

The Palin addicts have been encouraged to “send more money” in the hopes of convincing the half term governor to run.  Apparently this is supposed to convince her that “they mean business” when it comes to their belief in her ability to “save the nation”.  Aside from the fact that she resigned midway into a 4 year term as governor during of economic crisis, I cannot imagine what it is in her that would convince those folks of her capabilities.  A true example of “lowering the bar of expectations”.

No pretense is expected any longer when our list of candidates display a lack of historical knowledge. Just throw out anything to the waiting public and let the pundits spin, twist, and explain that what you “really meant to say” got lost in the translation. Throw out a few tried and true references to god, the flag, freedom and Ronald Reagan and you have hit a home run!

Who cares any longer if the candidate can barely pronounce words and has no idea of how the system is supposed to work, all it takes is a ready smile and an expensive haircut and you are on your way!   Who cares that you are fact free and have no idea of what you are talking about as long as you can weave a few overworked phrases into your stump speech and wait for the crowd to erupt into cheers.

The Dems handed us a candidate in 2008 whose inexperience was pushed aside.  Didn’t matter very much that he had spent little time preparing for the office beyond the fact that he was capable of delivering a “great speech”.  The bar was lowered on behalf of “historical” renderings and had little to do with his ability “to lead on day one”. Rather than uphold the principles that were founded in the Democratic Party he preferred to “kiss up” to the same opponents who guaranteed to block any form of progress or assist those in need.  The bar was lowered to accommodate a man who brought little to the table at a time when experience should have mattered most.

What we have come to accept in our leaders is a brand of mediocrity or just plain incompetence.  The election of Tea Party candidates has given new meaning “lowering the bar”.  Some of these people fall far from the expectations of leadership and it appears that there are many more out there more than willing to assume the role.  Does the name Christine O’Donnell ring a bell?  

How much further can the bar be lowered?  Stay tuned because I have a feeling we “ain’t seen nothing yet!”

An almost guarantee that “our race to the bottom” may be in sight.

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