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Manic Monday: The Sponge Bob Manifesto

Posted on: August 15, 2011

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    And I thought that I was having a bad week!  Fox and Friends put me right to shame with a recent show during which they fussed for a considerable period of time about an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants.  It would appear that the show discussed climate change without bothering to explain to the audience (of toddlers!) that “climate change is an untested theory”.  One of the hosts actually admitted that they have difficulty following the story line.  Having watched more episodes of SBSP than I care to admit while entertaining Number Two Grandson, I can state unequivocally that I would probably die before making such an admission.  SpongeBob lives in a pineapple under the sea, works at the Crusty Crab (a small business) and has a friend named Patrick.  What could be more Republican that an underwater homeowner who is gainfully employed at a small business (probably for a few clams a week) and has a friend?  So, what’s your problem, Fox?  Do you suspect that SpongeBob is a secret subversive that wished to organize the Crusty Crab?  Are you fearful of a “bromance” between SpongeBob and Patrick, who may after all be a card-carrying liberal if not a Communist because he’s pink?  Please tell me why you think that the scenario of an underwater homeowner fearing rising seas is so damned implausible.

Here’s Cenk Uygar’s take on it:

Remember back a few years ago when the Right-Wing Whackos were protesting the Teletubbies, because they were dead certain that the lavender one was gay?  If that wasn’t bad enough, one of the pro-gay marriage groups wrote to Sesame Street and requested that Bert and Ernie marry.  (Here’s their online petition.)   Sesame Street wrote back, and stated that puppets are by definition asexual.  (I suppose that they could secretly be Alberta and Ernestine – who knows?)  Furthermore, who the hell cares?  They’re puppets, already.  Leave them alone.  What’s next – the revelation that Dora the Explorer is the love child of Che Guevara?

When I was a kid, nobody wondered if Howdy Doody was messing around with Princess Summerfallwinterspring.  If any of the Mousekeeteers were indulging in sexual experimentation, it went right over my head. ( I did notice that Barbie had quite a bustline, however.)  Come to think of it, I don’t recall my parents musing about any of those things, either.  They were apparently grateful that I was quiet, amused, and out of their hair for thirty minutes or so.  (My father, however, was pretty well convinced that flouridated water was a Communist plot, and I have the bridgework to prove it.)

Honestly, there’s a lot to worry about in the world, and I concur with parents who monitor their children’s television. I’m also a huge conspiracy theorist.   However, I’m just not all that certain that I can really believe that there is an abundance of subversive children’s programming  in progress.  Just because Arthur the Aardvark is on PBS does not mean that he is personally  responsible for the deficit.  There’s enough going on right now to keep everyone pretty well hysterical, so please butt out of the precious few minutes that many parents tearfully call  “peace and quiet”.

This is an open thread.


22 Responses to "Manic Monday: The Sponge Bob Manifesto"

Really and I thought they were angry because Sponge Bob is gay!

OMG, those people are insane! Insane in the membrane! And stupid because they can’t even follow the story!

Ignorance is on the rise in this country and much of it is due in large part to Fox News. To single out a kid’s tv show as “subversive” will find appeal amongst their dumb viewers who believe anything these idiots say.

This is the network tha features Huckabee and Palin for “ananlysis”. I rest my case.

Chatblu, I am laughing here because my kids are watching Spongebob while I steal a few minutes of “peace and quiet.”

The economy is in the tank, Afghanistan is a mess, but thank goodness we have Fox and Friends keeping tabs on the intellectual well-being of our children.

Sorry to have been absent for a while. I just survived a move from the West Coast back to the Northeast. Hopefully things will settle down soon so I can return to my daily dose of the Widdershins!

@4 – Welcome back, Jules! Moving is stressful (I seem to do it every couple of years), but a cross-country move is exceptionally so.

Chat, great post. Oh Noes, the cartoon sponge is a commie!

Let kids be kids!!!

I know I have a major problem when it comes to the separation of church and state since it appears that this theory has all but disappeared in some quarters, but take a look at this link regarding both Bachmann and Perry to understand why I have such concerns:

These extremists are a menace to democracy since they really believe this stuff.

Welcome back, Jules! We’ve missed you.

@7 – It’s hard to tell which is worse: theocracy or corporatocracy. They are two sides of the same belief system (Austerity), and both mean disaster for women.

I think that with Obama’s approval ratings dipping below 40%, the PTB are going to start pushing the GOP nominee forward instead of Obama. I would think that couldn’t be Perry, because he is too scary for the Independents and women voters who are needed to elect the next President.

It will have to be someone like Romney, socially not as scary and known to have a decent governing resume. Not that he’s not horrible too – but at least he’s not insane.

The only problem is that the PTB have utterly lost control of the dialogue in the Republican party. This should be at least academically fascinating.

@10 – Oh, I definitely have schadenfreude that the Repubs are falling apart just as badly as the Dems!

As I’ve said many times…the time is right for a real third-party challenger who will stand for the things the Dems were supposed to stand for. Hillary Clinton (I) works for me! 😉

@5 & 8: Thanks, chatblu and madamab!

Madamab, I love your idea about a 3rd-party candidate but apart from our obvious preference, I don’t know who the viable options would be. At this point, someone would need to step forward soon.

@12 – Yes, I know – and I’m pretty sure Hillary isn’t interested in leaving the Democratic Party. She most likely wants to reclaim it for her own and purge it of the Austerity/Obama poison.

According to Ralph Nader, we should see the first Dem primary challenger this week. I don’t think a third party challenger would step up until a Democrat does.

I could see Russ Feingold going “I” and challenging Obama. Heaven knows Obama destroyed his career, and he’s got to be sickened by what Obama is doing to the country.

@13 – I wish Hillary would administer a good colonic to the Dems!

This week and the next could be very interesting, then. Fingers crossed…

I caught a blurb of this last night on CNN. If those numbers keep going down or if he completely caves (?) to the Repubs, look for more of this.

^^^ from the article:

But of those losing faith, the poll reveals that moderate Democrats are more likely than liberals to say the party should nominate someone else and younger Democrats are more likely to favor a new nominee than those who are older.

@16 – That is why Obama can step all over “progressives.” He knows they will love him no matter what he does. (F*cking idiots.)

Seems he’s lost the people he thought would make up his “new” base, and the traditional Democratic base as well. Brilliantly done, Barack. Are we hoping and believing in change yet?

@17 – WOW. Austerity = murder indeed!

And you know, they don’t even seem to be ashamed of stealing that $900 million, then claiming poverty. These Austerian pod people are all the same. Sociopaths without the smallest shred of conscience.

Something tells me Rick Perry is going to look a lot less folksy when the American public sees how he condemns poor people to die from heat exposure just to avoid raising taxes on those who can afford to pay them.

MB@19: I read that and watched the video and just had my jaw drop as I watched it. This is what got me: Every month most Texans are required to pay an extra dollar for their power bill

We have that but it is a voluntary thing. Seems like if it was required it would have to be mandated to go into that fund to be used for what it was intended. Wonder what would happen if all the residents stopped paying it and paid their utility bill minus that one dollar?

Oh and look what China has on us now. Gonna cost a lot more to use those “green” lightbulbs. And of course GE closed their plant in the U.S. that made the bulbs and opened one in China. 🙄

FUTBOL tonight!!! 🙂

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