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Feminist Friday: The Haps

Posted on: February 18, 2011

MadamaB Explains It All

Beaucoup de feminist news this week, all. I will try to do it justice, although it won’t be Shakespeare!

First on many minds is the brutal rape and beating of journalist Lara Logan, which has shaken so many of us to the core. I hope you have all read Sky Dancing on this topic, here and here. I don’t have too much to add to those excellent posts, but I must say that I think that it is ludicrous to talk about the violence as though Ms. Logan’s being in Egypt had nothing to do with it. Why are Egyptians so politically protected when it comes to their heinous policies towards women? If what happened to Logan had happened anywhere else – say, in America – we would surely be discussing how shameful it is that our country still permits this type of gender-based violence. For example, when Gabrielle Giffords was shot and the other victims killed or wounded, America’s gun-lovin’ culture was dissected to the nth degree. Why can’t we do the same to Egypt?

Remember when, in Obama’s Cairo speech, he gave women’s rights the most feeble and poisonous hat tip I’ve heard from a Democratic President?

Moreover, freedom in America is indivisible from the freedom to practice one’s religion.  That is why there is a mosque in every state in our union, and over 1,200 mosques within our borders.  That’s why the United States government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab and to punish those who would deny it.  (Applause.)

That was the only time Obama mentioned women’s rights in his speech, and all he talked about was their right to participate in their own oppression. Sadly, the President lacked the courage (or the desire) to state the truth about what women really go through in Egypt. For example, this article explains the Egyptians’ “ancient” attitudes towards rape. Although the title is hopeful, it’s difficult to see why:

The statistics

Hend [an 11-year-old girl who later became pregnant] is one of 20,000 women or girls raped every year, according to Egypt’s Interior Ministry, a figure which implies that an average of about 55 women are raped every day. However, owing to the fear of social disgrace, victims are reluctant to report cases, and experts say the number may be much higher.

“If the Ministry of the Interior gets 20,000 then you should multiply it by 10,” said Engy Ghozlan of the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights (ECWR) anti-harassment campaign. It’s hard to tell [exactly how many women are raped] because there aren’t a lot of statistics. Most people won’t come out and say it happened because culturally it is not accepted.”

Rape statistics are notoriously problematic, partly because there is no precise, universally agreed definition of the crime of rape. In Egypt, for example, spousal rape is not illegal. “The law prohibits non-spousal rape and punishment ranges from three years to life imprisonment; however, spousal rape is not illegal,” says a US State Department country report for Egypt dated March 2006.

To say nothing of honor killings, in which (of course) the raped woman is killed for her “lack of honor.” After all, the “bitch wanted it,” right?

Rape is also a problem within many families. This is especially so in more traditional parts of Egypt, Rania said, where “honour killings” may take place to redeem the family of the rape victim. In some areas of southern Egypt, the perpetrator is often a family member, perhaps an uncle, and blame is often shifted to the victim, she said.

“There are problems of honour. Sometimes a brother or cousin may kill her, saying ‘you wanted this, you encouraged this, you’re not honourable, and what is that you are wearing’?… Of course it’s not her fault, but who are you going to tell that to? The girl or society?”

“Honour crimes” are not technically illegal in Egypt, according to the US country report for Egypt mentioned above.

Lest you think that the article above is no longer relevant because it’s from 2008, the website Stop Honour Killings has a story from September of 2010, in which the claim is made that honor killings are on the rise in Egypt

I’m no politician or pundit, but I sincerely believe that it is impossible to discuss what happened to Lara Logan honestly without giving the context in which it happened. If that is “racist,” then please remember that I am also “prejudiced” against male (and female) fundiegelicals of all skin colors who want to take my civil rights away. Man, I just don’t like anyone, do I?

Well, I kinda like Planned Parenthood right now. Faced with a House Bill which aims to strip all funding from the clinics run by the organization (which provide all kinds of reproductive health services, including prenatal care), the people at Planned Parenthood New York are planning a rally on February 26th. (The national organization needs to catch up – they’re still in “Call Congress” mode.) 

Here’s the information.

Let me know in comments if you want to go – I have to work in the morning, but could possibly get to the rally on time if I rush. Here’s hoping that more and more women will get their feet on the street, like our friends in Wisconsin and Ohio who are fighting back on union-busting plans by their Repub governors. Not the Democratic governors don’t do the same…like here in New York, where the union bosses are even now preparing to cave to our Democratic Governor’s demands for massive cuts to public sector spending. Let’s hope Noo Yorkaz get inspired by the actions of our midwestern cousins, and that Planned Parenthood gets inspired by its New York chapter’s activism.

And finally, some IACF! (It’s All Clinton’s Fault!) for your reading pleasure. I apologize, but I simply had to share a ridiculous email from the people at War is a Crime. I do think they have done some very good work, but I was flabbergasted to see the utter cluelessness of one of the heroes of this group, Ray McGovern. The subject of the email was “Hillary’s Hypocrisy.” The first part was very sad, and they seemed to be making a good point – that during the Secretary of State’s speech about freedom of expression, Mr. McGovern turned his back, and for this “outrage,” was roughly hauled away in handcuffs by the police. The man had bruises and was bleeding by the time he was thrown in jail. I thought, “You know what, she should have done something. Maybe I’ll give her a call and tell her so.”

Then I read this:

Ray told Rob Kall at OpEdNews what he had been protesting by standing silently with his back turned:

“Hillary is the driving force, together with a few others, behind the wars in Afghanistan. She’s one of the big hawks in Iran. When I look at her and her husband that they don’t know the first thing about war. I do and so do my fellow Veterans for Peace. I have to make clear that we Veterans for Peace think that her policies are an abomination to the nation, that they are at cross purposes to the country and not everybody should applaud and give her the idea that she’s doing the right thing.”

I’m sorry, but this man is way off-base.

If he’s a Veteran for Peace, you’d think he’d appreciate the Clinton Administration, in which not one American died in a foreign war.  If he’s a guy who “knows about” war, he should know who is the driving force behind Afghanistan. Here’s a hint: The guy’s name starts with a Barack, and ends with an Obama. His title is “Commander in Chief,” not “Secretary of State.” You know, the guy who said over and over again that he was going to “surge” in Afghanistan if and when he became President. How in the name of all that is holy can McGovern still think Obama is not responsible for his own policies? Maybe a video will help.

It gets worse. Here is the real heart of the matter for McGovern. The poor soul is still stuck in the hypnotic trance-state of 2008, believing the zombie lie that will not die. He continues:

“The height of irony, of course, is that was her tragic flaw that let Obama beat her. She supported the war and Obama didn’t. She is the height of hypocrisy. When people die because we have hypocrites at the top of our government, that compels me to make a statement in whatever way I can. It was not the theme of her speech that I was protesting. It was her war policies and support of Mubarak.”

Oh. My. Guh. Does this guy actually believe that Obama didn’t support the war in Iraq? Because he made one speech? Hey, Ray, whaddaya say about this one? I know it’s from Fox News, but the rest of the media was too busy licking Obama’s ass in 2008 to pay attention to his lies.

Yes, McGovern is right. People are dying because there is a hypocrite at the top of our government. His name is Barack Obama, he who promised to end the war in Iraq and hasn’t, who promised to surge in Afghanistan and has, who’s gleefully accepted the Nobel Peace Prize while killing civilians at will in both those arenas, as well as using drones to attack weddings in Pock-ee-ston. Until well-intentioned people like Mr. McGovern finally grok that Obama is not their friend, they will never make a dent in the military-industrial complex. And they are the hypocrites to blame Hillary for Obama’s actions, yet refuse to call out Obama. Where’s my email entitled “Obama’s Lies on Abortion and Choice?” I think I hear the sound of crickets.

I wonder if they know something we don’t about Hillary 2012? I have to say, the reappearance of this 2008 meme – that Hillary is a war hawk and Obama is a dove – is verrrrrry interesting. Are “progressives” running scared at the prospect of Obama and Hillary squaring off for a second time in 2012? And if so, why?

This is an open thread.


65 Responses to "Feminist Friday: The Haps"

Exactly. If Obama is so damned anti-war, why are we still there?

I hope Hillary resigns at the end of this term. Obama is using her as a scapegoat whenever he screws up, and at the same time she’s doing all the foreign policy work for him and getting very little credit for it.

Gates just said that Gitmo would not close. That must be all Hillary too! Frankly, it doesn’t sound to me that this group can be serious at all.

Do you get the impression that the world is spinning out of control?

So much seems to be happening at one time, rushing in at us without much room for taking a breath, shortening the opportunity to explore one issue before another rushes in and crowds out the former?

I think this might be the definition of chaos. Just too much to take in as the globe spins out of control.

Local, national and global crisises appear to threaten all aspects of our lives. Miserable situations dominate our existence and it seems like there is no end in sight.

@4: Take breaks like I do, Pat. Extended ones if necessary. Cancel your Internet. Turn off the TV. Read a good new book. Reread an old favorite. Jane Austen is my go-to author but sometimes I reread a book from childhood, like an Anne of Green Gables or a Winnie-the-Pooh. Go for a walk if your weather has improved. Go to a movie. Take care of yourself and let the world spin without you.

I think Hillary should resign too, BB. Her effectiveness is now seriously being undermined by Obama. I think it is a smear campaign. He would love to see her lose her popularity so she could never threaten him politically again. He is a Chicago thug to the end. Perhaps this is why she is fighting to get funding for the State Department. At least she can get started on some of the programs she wants to create, then pass the baton to the next person.

DYB – I heard that about Gitmo. Sadly, I was not surprised. This Repub Congress is the best excuse he’s ever had to kowtow to the MIC.

@4 I’m really starting to think there just might be something to this Mayan prophecy thing. Silly me. I thought there would be an awakening of consciousness.

@7 – Maybe there will be, and perhaps women and LGBT will be the ones leading it. Hey, you never know!

I’ll wait to see women benefit in the “new” Egypt before I consider celebrating.

The rape of a journalist — with 89% of women in Egypt reporting some sort of molestation when they leave home — seems like not much has changed. same old mcp behavior.

@9: Agree. I remember watching a journalist ( Ron Allen? ) reporting from the streets of Cairo as the crowd responded to the change in leadership. He pointed to the masses surrounding him and said, “This is what democracy looks like.” No, I thought, this is what chaos looks like.

Beata: Excellent advice!

It’s Friday (and we all know that means cleaning day) and I am about to tidy the house, turn up the music, and prepare for a dinner party tomorrow night.

To hell with Obama and his GOP playmates for 48 hours at least! My Monday post is prepared, the temperature is hovering around 46 degrees, and for once I can see the blacktop on my driveway. Oh, and my two granddaughters just talked me into buying 4 freaken boxes of Girl Scout cookies!

So nothing personal, but if you guys don’t hear from me over the next two days it is because I really need to clear my head, lower my blood pressure, and put aside the sense of doom that is feeding the airwaves and my brain as well.

F*ck ’em all!

I had found and shared that Facebook page last week or so where Egyptian women had put up pictures of all the women in the streets. They started the page because they said that all the women in the streets was not given enough air time.

Now after hearing all these stats, I applaud those women that put up that Facebook page and all the women that went to protest knowing the sexual harassment they face there. But then also going into the square where people were standing in such close quarters, pressed up against each other in the crowds.

I am awed by the Egyptian women! That they went and they went in mass numbers. Jesum can you imagine the planning they also had to share with each other before going. Though they could not protect Logan, I can only imagine they had planned to use their mass numbers to fight the rapist and molesters off when and if need be and protect each other.

That it was a group of women that saved Logan should go a long way in the continued empowerment these women must give each other. I hope that speaks volumes to the asshole men that a “group” of women saved her.

I also hope that America will follow through with investigating and “holding those responsible that committed violence” thought the protest as Hillary said. I would think that we have American jurisdiction somehow to prosecute these men for rape since this happened to an American.

It would sure go a long way for the empowerment of the Egyptian women, if Hillary and State would come out and say they are looking for these rapist and intend on prosecuting them.

@11 – Good for you, Pat! F*ck ’em all, I say.

@12 – Actually, Obama already called Ms. Logan and said that the rapists must be brought to justice.

Pat and Beata, I know – I’ve been reading but not commenting with the exception of Uppity’s where I know the community. Even reading is debilitating these days, the erosion of the rights of women and LGBT – humans all, and if they combined into a cohesive unit would make up well over half the population of the planet – is so depressing – and the idiot television, newspapers and radio are parroting crap. Must admit, I’m old enough that I never again have to worry about anything other than death, and the way things are going, I don’t even worry about that anymore. Geebus, this takes me back to when I was a young pup – and that was well over 50 years ago. We have not progressed, we have regressed, and trust me, I lived through Ward Cleaverville – it was not in any way shape or form comforting or fun. It was vile and abusive. My only hope, my gruesome twosome, their friends, Pat’s son and his friends will make a difference, and I wish them all the luck in the world because there is so much ignorance and evil.

Apologies for the rant. I get carried away periodically – full moon tonight, and despite those people who pooh-pooh the effects – I have to stay away from the gruesome twosome cause that is the only time of the month we have major arguments. They also are wary of the full moon because they have arguments with friends for trivial reasons. So put my diatribe down to full moonitis (it’s true) – BTW, I’m an atheist, not a pagan, however…….one wonders.

HT, Pat and Beata – it really is crazy these days. Information overload on a massive scale – and none of the information (well, with the exception of the protests that are happening) ever seems to be good.

I did get some good personal news this morning, though: I received a job offer! And it’s a great one! I’m totally thrilled. I should be starting March 14th. Woo-hoo!

Congrats MB!!!!!

Thank you DYB! I am blown away. And do you know who put me on to this group? Janicen. Widdershins rock!

Hip hip hooray for Janicen!!!

@18 – Indeed!

Great, great video of Rep. Jackie Speier via Woman Voter at Sky Dancing. Wow.

Hurray for both MB and Janice!!! Proof that the Internets can do wonderful things! Very happy for you, MB.

BTW, do we have any brain surgeons at TW? 😆

Aw shucks. It only happened because MB had the chops and qualifications to wow them. MB’s the one who rocks because, as we all know, it’s not easy out there. Congratulations, MB! When the cocktail hour arrives, I’m going to raise my first glass to you.

I just saw Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach on MSNBC . He said that the Dems are prepared to stay out of the state for weeks if necessary to stop the passage of Gov. Walker’s union-busting bill.

@20 – It never hurts to ask, Beata! Thanks so much!

@21 – Oh, thank you, janicen. I will most assuredly be raising a glass to you and your hubby for putting this group on my radar!

@22 – Beautiful! The state Dems are showing the federal Dems how it’s done!

Whoo hoo Janicen and Madama – great news – especially interesting cause of the full moon – perhaps Luna was looking out for you? Note to self, investigate the pagan rituals, they might work.
Beata, good news about the Dem senators absenting themselves so a vote could not be taken. Sad that it’s come to that, but good that some people have values still.

Madamab, don’t count on the federal dems – they’ve mostly been bought and paid for, and will not vote against their own interests and in favor of the interests of their constituents. Those people in WI protesting were marvelous, but witness the newspaper and other media coverage they received. Next to none. The media are part of the hegemony – there is no fourth estate any longer – just talking bobbleheads spewing their masters’ words and that includes all those right wing dudes that spew.

@25 – After all this time, you think I’m counting on the federal Dems for anything? LOL!!! Must be a full moon indeed. I’m just saying they are seeing a good example of REAL Dems in action. In fact, they have forced Obama to take a side – the right one!

Of course, Obama only did this to build support for his 2012 bid. But at least he did the right thing, even though it was for the wrong reason.

Good to see you, HT. I’ve missed you.

Totally OT: It is sunny, windy, and 55 degrees here. Students are out in their sandals, shorts, and tank tops. They will probably come down with the flu or something. Ah, to be young and stupid again!

The weather in NYC is gorgeous today. It’s in the mid 60’s. But it’s going down again tomorrow and we’re threatened with more snow next week!

Beata, I’ve missed you too. You’ve been AWOL longer than I and I was worried, as was everyone. Glad to see you back too. I don’t post often cause as a Canuck, my opinion is meaningless in your political landscape, but I try to offer my opinion when it is non political but even there I was so wrung out from all the nonsense that I just didn’t have anything to type. I was amazed at the stupidity and short sightedness of your political types trying to strip women of every last right, while they continued the bloody wars in AFPak and Iran, and continued funding Knight’s companies – Haliburtan, KB et al. Why on earth are there not taxpayers in the street protesting on how the money that is deducted out of their every pay cheque is spent? Sorry, blame luna – the full moon. That’s where the silly label of “lunacy” comes from.

@15: Good for you mad, and the community gives great thanks to Janicen, too.

@29 – Yes, we’ve got to enjoy it while we can. Spring is teasing us, but we have to wait for quite some time before she settles down!

Of course I am massively allergic, but tempted to walk to the park down the street anyway! In fact, I probably will. I am so excited and restless I don’t know what to do!

My natal Moon is in Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, so any lunar event has a strong affect on me.

Tonight’s Full Moon is in Leo:

Ah ha! Now is that the NEW Leo or the OLD Leo? 😆

Okay Widdershins, I’m out. Can’t stay home any more! See you all later.

BeatA – Sign Cancer, rising ? My sun sign is Virgo with a rising of Capricorn, which probably makes me the most boring person in history – but I’m responsible! The world needs responsible, boring people, right?

HT: My sun sign is Taurus, moon in Cancer, Virgo rising. I’m a moody homebody but very well organized. LOL.

Congrats MB! We knew it would happen sooner or later. You’re back to being a working stiff! 🙂

Pat said:

It’s Friday (and we all know that means cleaning day) and I am about to tidy the house, turn up the music, and prepare for a dinner party tomorrow night.

My secret to tolerating housecleaning was to have many mimosas while cleaning. Of course I didn’t start housecleaning until the afternoon. I did find I was able to handle the drink in one hand and the Pledge, the Orek or windex with the other hand with *no* problem.

You have to understand my idea of housecleaning though. I made a wonderful discovery one day. I had the little dustbuster and was cleaning the blades of the ceiling fan. I looked around at the dresser and night stand and an idea hit me. I made a few tentative swipes with the dustbuster on the night stand. Eureka! (not the vac) The dustbuster with that little fuzzy thing on it picked up the dust on the night stand! I tried the same thing on the dresser. Voila! It worked. No, there wasn’t any shine but there also wasn’t any dust. That was an acceptable trade off for me and after that I had no problems with house cleaning. 😆

Fredster – LOL, you can come clean up my place any day – Please.

You supply the mimosas and the dustbuster. 😉

HT: I do have to add that I *did* use Pledge on the furniture in the living room. It was just the unseen rooms that got the dustbuster treatment. I’m not a complete slob!

Fredster, I can supply the bed, the food (remember I’m in Canuckistan so you’d have to stay over, mimosas and all the dustbusters you could possibly imagine – mind you, you’d have to put up with Milly the impossibly silly dog (although I think Chloe would have her cowed in an instant) and of course, the infamous Zeke who has never been cowed – cats are like that.

HT@42: Naw, Chloe would just be a big sis to Milly.

@43, actually Fredster, while Chloe is much more mature and wll behaved than Milly, Mill is a very large cross between Brittany spaniel and parson russell, so she’s a handful while being big and extra exhuberant. There is no question that Chloe would dominate after she got over her revulsion at the untamed behavior of Milly and took the initiative – Zeke has manage it but it took a couple of months. Not that I would object to you and Chloe staying here for a couple of months, quite the contrary.

Oh no…Chloe is *mature* for sure…well behaved? Hmmm…don’t leave her alone when she doesn’t want to be left alone. She luuuuuvs to unroll the t.p. 😉

Fredster, hubby likes to vacuum everything. There’s no polishing with Pledge for him. 😆

I do like your idea of cleaning while schnockered, though.

I’m surprised how many of you all have Virgo in your sign. I thought we were inundated with Scorpii! Virgos unite, baybee!

MB@46: It sure was an interesting way to do house cleaning. But for some reason I always wanted to take a nap after. 😉

I fell in love with mimosas after having them at an Anne Rice book-signing. There were a few us running a table for the fan club and we made numerous trips for mimosas. And those trips to the bar for them got more and more unsteady.

Ed Shultz just told Rush to wrap his big fat ass in the flag after a segment where rush called the protesters un-American.

@48: Rachel and Ed have both done a great job reporting on the WI protests tonight.

@46: No surprise that we have so many Virgo types here. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and is thus associated with all forms of communication – including the Internets.

@50 – Wow! I had no idea. No wonder I took to the Internets like a Virgo to a desk organizer!

My ex-roomie’s idea of housecleaning was to lower the lights – and he was gay! It was just because no one had ever taught him how to clean, however. Now that he is in his 40s, he keeps a nice clean place. 😀

So what about the Scorpios? I thought you were a Scorpio Mad?

At times if I had to lower the lights due to a lack of housecleaning I’d have to just put those little strips of lights like the ones in planes and theaters and such.

@52 – See, Fredster, you had style even when you weren’t exactly dust-free!

I am a Virgo, but Chatblu is a Socrpio, along with La-t-Da and many others. Just say the word “Scorpio” and they’ll come running!

@52: I believe Chat and La are the Scorpios here.

My love of neatness and order ( Virgo Rising ) , combined with my love of home ( Sun in Taurus, Moon in Cancer ) means that my house is usually clean. Not that I enjoy cleaning but I do it anyway.

MB@53: It’s called *improvise*. 😆

You don’t know how happy I was when I figured out the dustbuster could do the fan blades and the furniture! The first time I tried it in the momster’s room she looked it me like I was an idiot. I asked “you want the dusting rag and the Pledge?” She looked at me and shook her head and I just laughed.

Beata said: Not that I enjoy cleaning but I do it anyway.

Try the mimosas. It helps.

@54 – There are others too. I think Janicen and HT, maybe?

I actually like cleaning a little too much. If I don’t watch myself I will be cleaning two-three hours a day. It’s kind of hard to strike a balance between too much and too little cleaning. Maybe single-malt would help!

@57: Do you like to organize your closets, MB? I can get carried away with that. Hours go by…

Maybe I will try the mimosas.

Virgo here, too.

So I’m organizing Wisconsin! Well, me and thousands of others under every sign. 🙂

The tea partiers are coming tomorrow. Will they be on camels?

Great news on the job front, madamab! Now I have to go fight against a 10 to 12 percent pay cut on my job and the jobs of 70,000 more of us. Or we’ll all be paying 10 to 12 percent less in state taxes, too. And then our crazy governor will get to claim another “fiscal crisis” — but that one won’t be a fake like this one that he created in the last six weeks to turn it on us.

He must have been born under a very, very evil sign. . . .

Virgo here – tried and true (unfortunately) I have all the worst traits with the exception of being obsessed with health and medicines. I go to the doctor once a year for my checkup. That’s it. The other traits, I got in spades.

@58 – DO I? Oh dear me, yes. One of the reasons that we moved to this apartment was…THE closet. It’s a windowed, walk-in closet that was once used as a baby’s room. It has tons of built-in shelving and a cedar linen closet built in. Can you imagine the Virgasm I had when I saw that?

I had that closet organized the second day we moved in. Still needs work…maybe a few hours on Monday…:lol:

And with that embarrassing admission, I bid you all a fond good-night! Have a great three-day weekend…will check in Sunday night, most likely.

Whoops – have to say hi to CC – was hoping to hear from you! Wow. I am so excited that you are out there with all your compadres! You go, girl!

Maybe you will inspire our New Yorkaz out here. We tend to show up at public hearings and make our voices heard, but we haven’t all been in the street since the Iraq War protests in February and March of 2003. In any case, woot woot! to you, Cream City!

HT – my deepest apologies! As a Virgo, I am usually right about everything, so I am extra embarrassed to have forgotten your sign. 😆 I’ve got the health thing too, but I try to go all-natural with everything. I’m a crunchy granola Virgo. I’ve even got all-natural cleaning products that I use for everything…and we leased a Honda Hybrid to save gas and protect the environment.

Do you like to organize your closets, MB

Oh Gawd! I hate dealing with closets. For me the floor of the closet is where you throw shit you haven’t figured out where else to put it. Of course this has led to situations where I end up flinging junk right and left to find something I knew had thrown in there. LOL!

Cream City: we are with you!!! Ed Schultz tore it up tonight! 🙂
It seemed like there were a lot of out of state folks there offering support too.

MB said: It’s a windowed, walk-in closet that was once used as a baby’s room.

And that’s just for you right? Hubby has the one in the hall.

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