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MW: It's National "I Told Ya So" Day!

Posted on: December 20, 2010

Hurrah!   It’s the Second Annual National “I Told Ya So” Day.  While we were right last year, we’re even more right this year.  Just look at what has transpired over the past twelve months:

(1)  Defense of warrantless wiretapping:  Now we’ve added cellular phones to this practice.  How festive.

(2) The United Nations:  Despite being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for not being George W. Bush, Barack Obama has pretty much continued George’s practices with dissing the UN.  For example, Obama has decided that American citizens may be summarily (and extrajudicial) executed.

(3) Afghanistan:  The faster they come out of Iraq, the faster they seem to enter Afghanistan.  Kind of a revolving door in the desert, if you please.

(4) The Health Care Whatever Bill:  Yes, we passed it, whatever it might be.  Now, I am pleased about the extension of coverage to policyholder’s children up to the age of 26, but beyond that I’m not so impressed.  This was bargained rather than passed and women were the barter material.

(5) The Stupid Stupak Amendment:  See #4.  However, if I was unimpressed in #4 I am irate here at #5.  Then Senator Obama assured Planned Parenthood that he did not believe in the Hyde Amendment.  See where that got us?

(6) Elena Kagan:  Yes, she is a very nice woman.  She is, however, another careerist loyalist who seems to have spent her entire life working hard to avoid actually stating a personal opinion.  If that isn’t enough, she spent the preceding year or so trying to justify some of this administration’s overreach.    See #1, just for example.

(7) Whistleblower Prosecutions:  It’s not a particularly happy sign when the Hudson Institute congratulates a Democratic administration for its assiduous whistleblower prosecutions.  The prosecutions were pursued by #6.

(8) The Wrath of Gibbs:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We’re the “Professional Left”, all right.  However, my personal Christmas moment was supplied by Keith Olbermann when he was visited by Tom Buffenbarger, who had made this prescient speech in 2008:

Mr. Olbermann asked Mr. Buffenbarger if he had come to say “I told ya so.”  (What’s your best guess there, Keith?)

(9) DADT:  Don’t ask – the repeal passed, but all of the heavy lifting was  done by others.  Further, no one is at all certain when this might actually take effect.

(10) Tax cuts for billionaires:  Yes, Widdershins, this is the best Republican president that the Democrats have ever elected.  Therefore, I submit a reprise of my colleague, Nurse Elliott of “Scrubs”:

Hats and horns all around!   If all of this isn’t good enough, let’s remember that a total lunar eclipse begins tonight in the early wee hours of the Winter Solstice.  Wonder what this next year will bring??

This is an open thread.


78 Responses to "MW: It's National "I Told Ya So" Day!"

Extended encore:

That’s hilarious!

Great list, Chat!

I would add the following:

1) We did NOT avoid a 1994-like Repub House takeover, even though Obama said we would because of His Holy Awesomeness;

2) We never managed to raise taxes on the rich – we gave them more tax cuts instead, including the eztate tax cut which Repubs have been screaming about for decades;

3) Job creation is still not happening, but more bank bailouts (QE2) are; and

4) The President is now actively in cahoots with the new Repub leadership AGAINST the Dem leadership. Ah, post-partisanship!

Yeesh. I think I picked the wrong week to stop smoking! 😉

His “greatest achievement” is allowing the GOP and their rotten policies to dominate once again. Nothing can qualify more than that one issue alone.

Their “rise from the ashes” guarantees so much of what the liberal left has fought against for decades as they will assuredly go about deregulating and hampering the rights we have fought to maintain.

This, for me, is the worst so far since he has done nothing to erase the black marks of the Bush administration but has actually upheld most of the travesty their policies have wrought.

Although I agree with all the points you have put on display, the resurrection of the GOP to attain the power is putting this nation at risk going forward.

This is a political “mortal sin” and could have been prevented had we placed someone else in the seat of power who would have acted to deflect this wave of insanity that is about to launch come January 5th.

@4 – What amazes me, Pat, is how so few of the “left” commentators refused to see that Obama would do exactly that: legitimize the corporatism, lawlessness and woman/LGBT-hating policies of the GOP. We all knew he was going to destroy the Democratic Party, and two years after Bush, it’s done.

Our only consolation is that the GOP Congress is not going to do any better. They do not have a mandate, as Americans do not like their policies in general. And, they also have an internal revolt to deal with in the form of their base.

Can’t wait to see the reactions as “Snake Lips” McConnell and “Burnt Orange” Boehner wobble and weep their way into a 12% popularity rating.

Pass the popcorn.

It is worse than I even thought it would be. I still think we need the “Seven Stages of Political Grief Blog”.

I wish I could be as optimistic concerning the public viewing the assault on their liberties by the GOP and turning them out in 2012.

How many of these idiots are voted back time and time again when they have done nothing of substance to earn it?

Even Charlie Rangel, under indictment this year, was voted back in by his constituency nonetheless. Look at Vitter, Ensign, and even Bachmann who is essentially nuts, attaining the number of votes to regain their seats.

We may look askance at these people but we are not in the position to vote them out. Yet they manage to pull out wins even when their personal lives are on view and apparently it means nothing to those who vote in their districts.

Once a congress critter gains that valued seat it is difficult, if not impossible, to uproot them no matter how egregious their behavior, or how embarrassing their actions.

It won’t surprise me in the least to see the GOP further increase their number come 2012 rather than be turned away by the voter. Money and name recognition works in their favor if nothing else.

And who is going to listen to the Left anymore? Most of the tv pundits and the those in the blogosphere “sold” Obama to the masses by practically guaranteeing his leadership as something to embrace.

Like used car salesmen, unloading the “lemon” on an unsuspecting public is not going to buy a whole lot of credibility when 2012 comes around and he is the candidate supposedly representing the Left. He’s not, he isn’t, and he never will be.

The only chance he has in 2012 will be the opponent he must challenge from the other side. It surely will not be because of his merits or achievements because they are scant.

His only hope willl be whomever the GOP decides to float this time around and even then it will not be a certainty. His base has left him, he has disappointed the Dems at large, and his promises are as empty as the suit he wears.

Now how do we defend that?

Good day for Democracy Now. I haven’t watched it yet: Still working on my noose and which light fixture will hold my body weight when I step of the chair.

Chris Hedges: Obama is a “Poster Child for the Death of the Liberal Class”

@6 – yes, that is a good idea. I like it!

@7 – but if these people do not please their base, they will be out too. The Repub base is determined to hold their Party accountable to whatever insane crap they want. The Repubs are facing a rather large dilemma.

I’m happy for no reason today. 🙂

@11 I want some of what you have. 🙂

I can see myself come 2012 being asked why I would vote for Obama and doing a Jackie Gleason imitation of “humina, humina, humina” in trying to come up with an answer.

Picture my face as blank as Jan Brewer’s when she is asked a question that she does not wish to answer or has no clue on what to say.

Big choice come 2012: GOP or GOP lite. Humbug!

My Sag rising and Mercury in Sag coupled with the dark night of the Moon on the shortest day of the year eagerly awaits whatever it is Beata is drinking.

Beata, good for you! Keep hold of that feeling. 😀

The eclipse sounds really cool. I’m hoping that I will be able to see it, although something tells me the Web will be a better option.

Wow, I just reread the “Statement of Principles” for this blog and I am so proud to consider myself one if its adherents!

The statements contained are what we have always strived to attain because it is what America itself is all about.

Those wishing to subvert these principles need to be challenged, shaken, exposed, and held up to ridicule if they refuse to honor what this principles hold to be true.

So simple, yet so easily eroded if left in the hands of those who would seek to erode basis of democracy.

We should reread this treatise monthly in order to remind ourselves why and who we are.

Bravo once again to fuzzy and madamab for stating our beliefs!

@13..Instead of “humina, humina” (luv that, BTW), how about “vote Green, vote Green”? There IS another option, and we need to spread that word, eh?

“… we must be vigilant.”

@16 Good way to end those. Though I will add…”and give people just enough rope to tangling around their own neck when attempting to co-opt….” 🙂

I am so glad that Fuzzy wrote those principles. In this bloggy world, transparency is so important – and so rare!

We should do a list of former prominent Obama cheerleaders who have lost faith with their Messiah in the past year.

I think Olbermann is a good place to start. His Special Comment was basically a declaration of “war.” What others can we think of?


Michael Moore ( doesn’t like Barry’s pink tutu )

George Soros ( says it may be time to look elsewhere )

I am very humbled by all the comments “the statement of principles” are the synthesis of ideas that all of you have said again and again here on this blog and so many others over and over.They belong to all of us!

I may have put pen to paper and turned letters to words but those statements have many mothers and fathers! They belong to everyone who hold the ideas contained there in dear!

I am sorry I am on my lunch break…I love I told you so day its to bad I don’t have dinner with e Obats tonight!

@20 – Rachel Maddow – Obama is clueless about the Repubs’ malevolence

@21 – Fuzzy, you did an excellent job. You deserve all the kudos in the world!

Fuzzy, I have said it before and hope you never tire hearing it: You are a precious soul.

Seems to me that Keith “OgreMan” is having a very difficult time accepting the he was…..”Hoodwinked…Bamboozeled…Lead Astray!”

BwaaaHaaHaa…Latte drinking trust fund baby!!!!!

I will never get tired of watching that clip, RD62!!!!

In the middle of all the general mess we have going on, King T@rd of Sh!t Mt. is going on Christmas vacay. Naturally it’s for family and friends. 🙄 And naturally we had to have *two* entourages. Michelle and kids first and then Obie following up. What was that you said about sacrifice Barack?

I have a few more I’m going to be putting up.

Recall from a few days back the pay freeze for Federal employees? Well not so much with the Rethug Congressional staffers.

As if we needed anything else to indicate the Rethugs have a good chance in 2012, there is this: redistricting after the Census.

@26 – BARF ME!

KAILUA, Hawaii – While President Barack Obama’s standing in Washington has dropped a notch or two (MB: LOL!) in the year since he and his family last spent their holiday vacation in this beach community, the thrill is definitely not gone for many Kailuans about him coming back.

“I’m very excited,” said Virginia Carnohan, owner of The Cottage gift shop about 2 1/2 miles from the trio of multimillion dollar beachfront homes where the Obama family and friends will spend Christmas and New Year’s.

Yeah, she’s excited because Barack & Family & Friends will most likely buy stuff in her store. And?

How is this “news?” Looks more like an Obama commercial to me.

I’ve been absent from the blog due to a dental mishap.

I’m not the greatest when it comes to dental flossing. The other night I decided to floss and was using dental tape instead of the floss because I have some big gaps between some teeth and the tape does better. So I got to the front lower teeth and was flossing inbetween a tooth the dentist did a filling on in July. It was a tight space and the tape seemed to hang. Instead of pulling the tape out, I pulled up and then heard a pop and then a plop into the sink! Pulled the damned filling straight out of my mouth. Sooo…Fredster is trying to get in to the dentist’s office before they start their holiday. It doesn’t hurt really, but the jagged part irritates the hell out of my tongue. At least this time I do have a dental insurance plan so that’s some good news.

MB said: How is this “news?” Looks more like an Obama commercial to me.

Why because it’s about the greatest prezdent evah, that’s why! 🙂

@30 – Oh my gosh! Fredster, how freaky that must have been to hear that pop. I’m glad it’s nothing serious and hope you can get it fixed soon!

Just try to keep food particles out of there, Fredster. Cause right now you got a big hole in your head. 🙂

MB@30: Well it was weird with the pop and the plop! When I saw it, I hit the thing to close the sink and picked it up. I put it in a ziplock bag but they really can’t do anything with it. I’ll bring it for the hell of it maybe just to show them how they did that filling. Of course where the filing was is kind of jagged or rough and naturally I can’t help but to keep running my tongue over it, like I didn’t really know better. And I’m having fun with eating all the soft stuff. Looks like I’ll have soup and mushed crackers tonight while I watch the freezer bowl game tonight.

LTD – check your WordPress email. 🙂

la-t-da: I’ve got a dental syringe I can use on it. I saw them on amazon and got a pack of two. I love having those around because sometimes just the force of the water can help dislodge stuff. So, it will be getting a lot of use the next day or so.

Poor Fredster! Nothing worse than a nagging toothache.

hello all….So did Obama sign the DADT Repeal before vacation or will it be on his desk when he gets back…Maybe he will forget to sign it and ten days will expire causing it to be pocket VETOed!

Until I see the news clip of him signing the Damn Thing I won’t believe it!

So what has happened did the shoot the old unity pony again? I mean that thing must have more lives than a cat!

Fredster hope your tooth is fixed soon!

Pat@37: Well it doesn’t hurt badly or anything, more irritating than anything. However I haven’t drunk anything cold yet, just coffee and cold drinks that aren’t cold. I do have orajel and ambesol if it acts up and if it gets bad I do have pain pills but the things make me nauseous when I take them (Lortab).

Thanks Fuzzy. This will be the first time I’ve used the dental insurance and it does have a deductible. So I’ll probably make the deductible and then in 12 days it starts again! LOL!

Fredster, get some dental wax from the drugstore (or beeswax) and put a blob on your tooth (and keep replacing it as necessary). I know how those sharp edges attract the tongue.

So what sort of prize do we Cassandras get for being right?

Sharon@42: Thanks for that info! I had never heard of that. I had been told by the dentist that if I lose a crown or cap that you can use poligrip or something similar to temporarily hold that in. I’ve had to use that once or twice!

@29 “trio of multimillion dollar beachfront homes” I am so sick of their shameless extravagance! I get that the POTUS needs a certain level of security, but this is just not the time to put it on display.

@43 – Tax cuts for the wealthy? Endless war? The religious right’s seemingly unlimited ability to put the kibosh on all improvements to women’s lives?

I’m stumped!

0bowma= ostentatiousness extravagant

Or just old fashioned newly rich show off — getting what’s due for taking care of his buddies.

Note to 0bots — you guys are not his buddies.

Back bay@45: And why do *we* have to foot the bill for “and friends” ?? Why are these people traveling on the government dime? Maybe he and she can’t stand each others company for that long! 😉

@46 So the GOP is For child marriage? Using the excuse that protecting children might promote abortion?

Lords they can use that as an excuse for everything —

Equal Pay? No — that might promote abortion.

Child nutrition support — No that might promote abortion.

Fill in the blank — GOP is opposed ’cause that might promote abortion.

@49 – EXACTLY!

But we are supposed to pretend that “pro-life feminists” will side with us on issues not having to do with abortion. Problem is, with them, everything is about abortion!

Dog in Germany gives birth to 17 puppies and with the aid of the owners ALL puppies live.

This is far more interesting than anything 0bowma does!

@ 50 — with the religious right (who own the GOP) everything is about controlling women.

Seems to me like the main goal of all organized religious is to control (own) women.

Quakers may be an exception to the rule — Quakers seem to view females as full humans. Buddhism may be one other exception.

Fredster@44: I Googled to make sure my advice was sound and the only thing I would add is dry the tooth before putting the wax on so it sticks better! 🙂

@52, Northwet, alas I think you’re correct. Listened to a segment of a documentary on Quiverfull (if you can believe it) this morning, and women are to be subjucated, filled with semen and if they survive, made to raise the results of the semen integration. Further, they are to be submissive to the male which would be a real problem for me, because the only male in my life is my son, and there is no way in this life he would try to subjucate me even if he wanted to. He know’s I’d never put up with it and it could be dangerous for his continued existence on the planet, regardless of how much I love him.
Subjugation, yep, that’s the latest craze. I wonder what the gays will do when they realize that the repeal of DADT leaves them back where they were before DADT – I.E. questioned about their sexuality at recruitment, and dishonorably discharged when it is discovered that they “Might” be gay. There doesn’t appear to be anything in the bill to impel the Pentagon to rewrite the rules in their bible, so we’re back to no protection whatsoever. Gays and women – the best distraction from the looting of the populace one could ask for.

Fredster, I know a guy who recently fixed his own tooth ( a broken crown ) with epoxy, because he couldn’t afford to go to the dentist. Then he smoothed it down with a nail file. I do not recommend this. 🙂

Fredster you better remember to dry the tooth! are you not glad you never threw that 1500 watt hand held air dryer away!

Spoke to a Native American woman today. They are all hyped about the eclipse on Winter Solstice. Energy for movement is of high order: We are supposed to write a few things down we would like to see for the good of the whole this next year and keep a candle lit for 3 days.

@54 – That “Quiverfull” organization is part of the “Christian Patriarchy” movement. At least they are not trying to hide who they are.

@57 – Keep a candle lit? That sounds more Catholic than Native American. 😀

Quiverfull sound like they would consider the handmaids tail as their bible! what a bunch of tools!

@59 Well, then go build a campfire and nurse that for 3 days. 🙂

Beautiful, Beata. I’m getting excited. The full moon is rising and shining in all her glory here. The eclipse will also be topped off with a meteor shower. They will be airing it from NASA in Times Square on the big screens, MB!

@63 – Oh my goodness, LTD! Sounds amazing!

Sharon and Fuzzy thanks! I have to pick up a script refill I have to pick up and Walgreens has this:

I’m sure this is the same as what you all are talking about so I will get it when I get the script.

Apparently I won’t be able to see the eclipse till about 1:15 am here in the NorthEast.

Oh Gawd…I’m regressing in my ability to form correct sentences. Call the nursing home for me. Although, I do have an excuse, trying to watch the football game at the same time.

Just watched Bette on Joy Behar. What a talent and so funny!
Love her! Married to the same guy for 26 years. Amazing.

I never thought I’d see “gum-mint” not meaning “gu(v)mint”

I’m so jealous of you who don’t have cloudy skies tonight.

Pat@68: I would have thought that would be like watching two sisters together.

Sharon: If it works I’ll be happy. Now the thing will be how am I going to shape it or whatever to cover part of the tooth.

You warm it up by rolling it into a ball or oval with your fingers and kind of mold it gently around your (dry haha) tooth. Cover it all the way to the gums and it’ll even help to not be too sensitive to hot or cold liquids.

I guess “over” (the tooth and maybe nearby teeth) is the word instead of “around” (unless you have convenient gaps next to the tooth…..

Sharon – I think we’re supposed to be clear tonight. 😀

Sharon@73: Thanks Sharon. I’m going to try it and see how it goes.

Just saw part of the eclipse…it lasts too long and I was too cold. But it was awesome anyway!

sorry after 4 hours of baking I was to tired I went “Left to Bed” LOL as you know I never go right for anything!

I bet it was awesome! I meet Douglas on the night of a lunar eclipse!

It was snowing all night here, so I couldn’t see the ecilpse. 😦

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