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MW: OMG! Astrological Armageddon?

Posted on: November 30, 2010

Mercury will be retrograde between December 10th and December 29th.  During this time period, mercury will slow down, appear to stop, then seemingly move backwards.  It’s really an optical illusion, and there really is forward motion of the planet, but mercury retrograde packs an astrological wallop.  The timing of the retrograde places it in the sign of Sagittarius, ruler of education. Disclaimer:  If this and any other post that I might submit during the month of December make less sense than usual, it may be because of a Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius in my natal chart exalting in a current retrograde. 

Mercury is the planetary ruler of communications, so retrograde mercury equals haywire communications.  Mercury retrograde occurs three times a year for approximately three weeks.  While the usual effect is scrambled communicative efforts, misplaced items and tangled projects, some pretty noteworthy events have taken place during mercury retrogrades.  The Daily Beast lists these in a recent post:

This is the same astrological weather in effect during the January earthquake in Haiti, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April, the “flash crash” on Wall Street in May, President Obama’s fumble during his January 2009 inaugural oath, the Bush-Gore election nightmare in November 2000, the Wall Street crashes of 2008 and 1987 and yes, the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

Astrologers also warn that the effects may well be magnified by the additional forces created by a full lunar eclipse on the Solstice, December 21st.  Yikes.  There are similarly dire warnings from other astrologers regarding the alignment of Mercury (communications) with Pluto (war).   Even more sepulchral are warnings involving Uranus (the planet), which can engender feelings of despondence and uncertainty as it rules the unexpected.  It seems that Uranus (again, the planet) will square with the Gemini (ruler of aviation) moon in eclipse, so try to travel by ground during the holidays.

Others say that it won’t be all that bad.  Just steer clear of air travel, big-ticket purchases after the 5th of December, and long conversations with just about everyone in your life that you wouldn’t wish to argue with.   Don’t sign any legal documents, work on any important projects, or enter into negotiations. Many astrologers recommend backing up your hard drive prior to a MR occurence.   Conversely, it can be a really good time to wrap up projects.    However on balance, it’s probably best to consider MR as a giant time out.  What makes this difficult this year is the timing – all of this miscommunication and uncertainty will land smack in the middle of the holidays, wrapping itself around the already churning emotions of the season.  I would say that we’ll get through it and be okay (which we will), but the next one arrives March 30, 2011 and stays with us until April 23rd or so – during Passover/Easter season.  Sheesh.

Just look at the mess from WikiLeaks, and we’re 11 days out from the MR.  Hopefully, SOS Clinton can get this fixed PDQ before the Uranus/Mercury alignment occurs.  Not to mention the North Korean situation – imagine that with Uranus squaring the eclipsed moon in Gemini on the Winter Solstice.  Kind of makes you want to spend the holidays under the couch, doesn’t it? 

Here is something concrete and beneficial that we can do.  Follow the link to “Count On Me”  for the national day to call congress.  Let them know that you are strongly opposed to cuts in benefit, raising of retirement age, and other measures not in the best interests of seniors and the disabled (present or future).  Those of us who rely on these programs for support thank you for your efforts.

Update:  Mad has provided a telephone number 1-866-529-7630 at which you can harass your congressfolks.  Sign the petition above, but call them all day long.

This is an open thread. 


79 Responses to "MW: OMG! Astrological Armageddon?"

Hellllllllllllooooooooooooooo!!! We’re down here! Good morning, everyone.

Morning, all. I apologize for the unintentional smushing of Chat’s post. Yesterday my post couldn’t be seen, so I “stickied” it to the front page, but didn’t remove the “stickiness” till just now.

I am so glad I am having my interview BEFORE the retrogade, and probably starting my new job AFTER it. Mercury can be mean when it’s going backwards! 😉

Normally things backwards are great. But I guess this is the exception. Well, I’m not showing up for work for the second day in a row. Would they notice if I just didn’t show up at all? Sometimes I wonder…

@3 – DYB, are you almost well?

By the way – the number to call your Senators re: Social Security is:


MB> So the temp still seems to be hovering (for the 3rd day) between good and bad. I don’t get it. I spent 7 days at 103+. Now am I going to spend 7 days around 98.6? I guess this is my new reality! I’ll just take what I can get. I can’t miss any more work.

I hear ya! My advice is, start before the retrograde happens. 😉

Oh my. Our presentations of our building schematic is during that time. Well, at least the entire class will be affected. Heck everyone that is in college will be affected. 10-17th is typical finals week. 😮

Oh, great timing — just when millions of students will be taking final exams! And just when millions of final grades will need to be inputted into thousands of computers servers wont to crash. . . .

98.6 is just fine. Actually, your temperature fluctuates all the time, which is known as the diurnal variation. It’s at its lowest when you wake up, and rises during the day. Most people are about 97 degrees upon awakening, and between 99 and 100 in the evening. Also, if you are dehydrated, your temperature is higher.

@7: La, your mercury is probably is Sag as well. You’d have to check your natal chart to see if it was retro then.

I really, really love reading the wonderful writers here at Widdershins! A daily treat.

Plan on getting some housework done today before I become a candidate for a segment on “Hoarders”. Will have the tv tuned to C-Span watching those ratf*ckers explain why they can’t vote in favor of the public but want to send extra Christmas presents to the rich. An early preview of Pottersville.

Glad to see that DYB is making progress. That bug really has thrown you for a loop!

Chat @ 9> 100 in the evening? That’s considered normal??? That seems awfully high, no?!

I’m sweating a lot too. I’m told that’s good for getting infections out.

Body temperature is a function of metabolism. That’s why it increases as the day goes on – unless you work nights, and then it flips with you. 100.6 is the beginning of fever, and in adults, you start to worry at 101.6. If you’re sweating, you may be running little fevers that your immune system is successfully fighting. Just keep up with your fluids – you need a lot more than you think, D.

@ 8 We’ll our intuitive communication skills are working today, CC. We posted the same notion of “finials” week at the same exact time. 😮

Everyone don’t forget about synchronicity/intuitive communication skills. We are not trained in them in this society, but listen to them communicate with you and do what they say during retrograde.

Those communication skills can save your butts (Uranus) during times of Pluto war. Back up your computer the minute “it” tells you to. Call that friend to find them thinking of you at the same time.

And for gods sake! Don’t hit “submit” on a blog if a little voice tells you not to. 🙂

Much sound advice today! Off to check out possible new nabes and apartments in the scary “outer boroughs” of New York City. It’s only taken me 21 years to start discovering Brooklyn. 😆

Later, Widdershins!

@13> Wow, those Fahrenheit numbers seem crazy! Translated into Celcius 100.6F is 38.1C, which is well into the fever stages! On the Celcius thermometers I have 37C as the turning point. 37.1 is considered beginning of a fever.

MB @ 15> Oooh, apartment hunting! I’m actually considering moving when my lease is up in April. My apartment is a huge one bedroom and relatively cheap, but it’s an hour commute one way. I’m sick of those! I’d be willing to downsize the apartment to be closer to work in Manhattan.

@10 My rising is Sag. Gotta go find my Hindu horoscope and find out if Mercury is in Sag. If I recall it has strong pull in my natal chart. Venus does too, thank goddess. Communicating via the language of intuition is the thing that saves me many of time and I hold that humanity can renew in this instinctive remembrance:

“Lamenting the forgotten language of intuition, venturing the thrice denial of synchronicity, The Song of Un knows we instinctively know our sustaining relationship to each other and the whole of sentient earth, despite our inherited shame of paradise lost.”

Mercury is usually either in your sun sign or the very next one.

@10 Nope. My Mercury is Scorpio and Rising, Mars, and Venus in Sag. I suppose I am speaking Venus in Sag today. 🙂

Okay – it’s in your sun sign. That works as well.

Just saying hello! I refrained from commenting here while I was a frontpager at you know where, but now that’s… moot 🙂

I am swamped at the moment, but I hope to drop comments on threads sometimes.

I’m a skeptic on astrology and not very familiar with the technical stuff, but I remember that during ’08 I read something about Hillary’s charts being murky until after the election and then she soared from there. I hope that’s still in play 🙂

She’s also a Scorpio. Hope she plugs the WikiLeaks before the MR. You’re welcome anytime, Wonk. I’ve always enjoyed your writing.

Lol @ the WWTSSOBQ graphic on the sidebar

You know, I didn’t realize this place was anathema over at TC. I think that’s really hilarious!

Nor did I. Interesting.

It’s fear…but of what?!

To be clear, I wasn’t ever explicitly instructed not to comment here.

Let’s just put it this way: I don’t make a habit of spraying the beehive before it’s dark. So to speak. 😉

@26 Don’t you all recall the “circumstances” in which TW was formed by the original founders. Without rehashing details I vaguely remember there were some “splits”. Then after that we, originals and posters, took on the building Palinistas and right wing talking point movement before it was in vogue. The leftist misfits over here are a tad “anathema”in more than a few places around the sphere. True to the matriarch Cerridwen of the Widdershin herstory concept we have stirred the pot counterclockwise more than a few times around here. 🙂

@30> Oh, I remember the day I left! LOL.

There’s not a lot of places I tend to travel in the blogosphere. The only other blog I visit with any regularity is Not Your Sweetie. That has some interesting occasional commenters… I just didn’t realize that posters here were so feared in other places about the blogosphere. I’m taking it as a badge of honor.

Okay, I want to see these documents!!!

The founder of whistle-blower website WikiLeaks plans to release tens of thousands of internal documents from a major U.S. bank early next year, Forbes Magazine reported on Monday.

@ 30. I was actually calling out the Palin/rightwing talk early on too. I explained it all here in my parting post:

I never blacklisted widdershins, and my guess has always been that there is a lot of overlap on who frequents TC and who frequents TW. I’ve had the Widdershins feed on my blogreader for awhile now. I even commented here once, but I didn’t make a habit of it. I didn’t think the regulars at TC (in the event that they were one of the ones still smarting over the blog division) would be receptive to anything I had to say if they got wind that I was posting at both places, but like I said, no one ever actually told me I couldn’t, and I couldn’t say for sure whether or not I would have been told to stop if I had tried. But, if they weren’t receptive to what I had to say, then debating the Palin/RW sympathizers that hung out there would have been pointless. I basically left because the direction the blog was going wasn’t receptive at all to my pushing back on the Palin/RW memes anymore, so the entire debate had in fact become irrelevant. It wasn’t a debate. It was myself and others having to explain repetitively that we don’t have a irrational hatred, we’ve defended her womanhood, etc… each and every time we said anything remotely critical of moose hunter. I had just had my take of years of seeing her get a pass for things Obama, Michelle, Pelosi, Romney, Bush, etc. would have (either rightly or wrongly) gotten no pass for.

Anyhow, my point was just to clarify. I don’t know if there’s an anathema going on to your blog or not (though I understand why it would be a badge of honor for you). It’s something I took upon myself because it would have been at crosspurposes with persuading anyone who was upset with Widdershins/sympathetic to RW.

Our goals were similar I think (at least where it comes to Palin and RW memes)–my strategy at the time was different, though.

I hope that clears up some things.

DYB said: Translated into Celcius 100.6F is 38.1C, which is well into the fever stages!

Well if you had that in Fahrenheit we’d be either laying you out or thawing you out. 😉

MB@15: Good luck with the apt hunting.

Wonk@33: Welcome! Sit down and take your shoes off and get comfortable if you’ve a mind to do so.

@33> Thanks for that! I’d be very glad if you became a regular here!

@30 – La, I remember TW formation very well – when Madamab left TC, I chased her to her own site, then she started another site (can’t recall the name, something about Tavern?) then on to TW – and I was mainly a lurker! (also followed you and Pat to wiredleft).
Wonk, good to see you here and at SkyDancing.

Madamab, good luck with the apartment hunt. I’ve been in the same house for 36 years, so just thinking about apt hunting gives me the shudders.

chat – interesting stuff about the MR – I’ll have to watch myself even though I’m a Virgo with Cap rising.

@33 Everyone had their strategies. Good for you! And welcome back and clink clink to your newest adventures.

@38 I followed taggles over and met some really great people along the way. Maybe I’ll starting writing at Wiredleft again one day. Though don’t see myself writing until school is out. That will be a while. And I have to further my “Green” strategy with Julia before I start writing again. I wish Pat would start writing again though. Love some of that Pat!

Wonk: I admit that even after I left I still read a few of the writers over there like dakinikat, State of Disbelief, MABlue and yourself so I kind of kept up on the almost daily drumbeat for Palin which I essentially tuned out.

The subtle “push” on her behalf was the work of one FPager in particular which was drawing in many Right Wingers and sympathizers who changed the direction of the blog into one that is seen today. Intelligent debate and critical questioning was “banned” or insulting to the poster as well.

It was originally a very good blog with some excellent posters but frequent “blog wars” and right wing links were becoming the norm so some of us departed.

I am still an adherent to Democratic Principles and the constant drumbeating on behalf of Palin was the antithesis of that model for me.

@41> I didn’t feel a thing!

@42> Interesting. Assange is now taking on a bigger role than just trying to “expose” information.

DYB@43: I didn’t feel a thing!

You mean the earth didn’t move for you ? 😉

@45> Not today!

@46: 😆

To DYB and Mad:

@48: Tee-hee!

@48> 😉 I’m glad it’s not “You’re so vain.”

Hey all – found a gorgeous apartment in Brooklyn. Bad news? It’s far away. Good news? It’s cheap! First day of looking, though. We’ll see what happens! Like DYB, I guess I missed the earthquake. Must have been HUUUUUGE! 😉

Wonk the Vote, welcome! So glad to see you here. I know exactly why you didn’t want to post too many comments here, trust me. Discretion was the better part of valor in that case.

More and more, I see that the liberal Clinton supporters are forming their own blogs and cross-pollinating with others of the same mind. You do not have to be both pro-Clinton AND pro-Palin, as so many of the older PUMA blogs seem to assert. Supporting each other as liberals and feminists is becoming more important than personal feuds of months or years ago.

BTW – thanks for the compliment on the graphic “WWTSSOBQ?” The acronym was Chat’s idea; the visuals were mine.

Well, it’s good to see like-minded individuals reconnecting.

MB@51> What do you consider “far away?” In which area of Brooklyn?

FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE ON THE DARKEST DAY? Holy Cow. Yeah, it may get a little despondent. and Uranus squared with Gemini – yeah don’t fly and do not speak.

MB@51: Not to be exceedingly nosy but do you work in Manhattan? If so, do the subways run to the part of Brooklyn you were looking in?

@51: Thanks madamab.

The “pro Clinton AND pro Palin” argument seems to boil down to symbolic voting, and while I understand where the reasoning is coming from for it, it just doesn’t sit right with me. I’d have to have voted for Obama based on that reasoning, because I care just as much about getting minorities into higher office.

“Supporting each other as liberals and feminists is becoming more important than personal feuds of months or years ago.”

We do need to stick together, because when I hear the RW machine gunning down Murphy Brown, I know we’ve gone back down the rightwing rabbithole where the 90s are somehow a more problematic decade than the decade that came before it or after. I’ve only ever been alive for those three decades, and the 90s were by far better than the other two on balance.

Ok, my comment just now either went into moderation or some wordpress wormhole.

OH! There’s an **excellent** show coming on HBO in just a few, Public Speak, with Fran Lebowitz. If you haven’t read her books they go back awhile but she’s a funny writer and speaker. Coming on HBO NOW!

Directed by Martin Scorsese

me@57: Shit! Damned browser was freezing up. 👿 The show is Public Speaking.

You were in the spam filter, Wonk.

Sorry guys – was writing tomorrow’s post!

@57 – Wonk, I think the “PUMAs for Palin” use the idea of symbolic voting to justify their support for Palin and to pretend they are liberals who only support Palin because she’s a woman. The reason I say that is because they have no problems trashing any woman whom they feel shows insufficient support of La Palin, including Hillary. I don’t believe that a real feminist trashes other women, do you?

DYB, do you mind if I pick your brain about Brooklyn offline? I would love some expert advice. 😀

@62. Definitely much of the P4P is just using feminism as a guise. But, I’ve seen another, smaller strain out there sold on the idea that we need to get more women into gov’t period first and THEN we can scrutinize women–because then women will have more power to actually function instead of working within the confines of good ol’ club. Think Pelosi and Stupakistan.

I was talking more about the smaller strain type. I get where their reasoning is coming from on the symbolic voting issue and I can ever respect it as a strategy for someone who truly believes in it, but I don’t agree with it.

@63 – I can definitely sympathize with people who are gender-based voters. It makes sense up to a certain point. But when they start backing extremist, anti-feminist women and don’t want to hear any issues-based criticism of them, well….I can’t get on board with that.

@64, one of the more bizarre phenomena for me to observe during the midterms was watching P4P get mad at Murkowski.

@65 – Yes, they sure are consistent, aren’t they? 🙄

Fredster: If you are still here, I just watched the Fran Lebowitz HBO special. Fantastic!

Am off to Amazon to pick up some of her work.

Oh my..dozed off watching the tube.

Pat–her first book was Metropolitan Life and was hysterical. I had that and her 2nd book years ago. They were loaned out and naturally never returned so I then found them combined into one. However it went under the flood waters of Katrina. They are obviously dated now, but if you lived through the period you’ll recognize what she talks about.

Wonk! So glad you’re here! I’m a big lurker at TC, but now that you and Dak have exited as well, I’m not sure I’ll find much to hold me there. Still like RD’s posts, but they are so few and far between.

Regarding the voting for women just cuz they’re women, MB and I had complementary posts about the 30% Solution a little while ago, so I believe you’ll find yourself in good company here.

here is a good explanation of the astrological events of december:

Everything is soo depressing…anyone in the mood for a funny?

How about Brother Husbands, a takeoff on Sister Wives?

@69: Thanks, BlueLyon. Great to hear from you!

@71: Brother Husbands — ROFL! Thanks, I needed that.

Wonk@72: I laughed out loud watching it and thought it was such a good send off on that show on TLC (?).

@71 – Hilarious! Why don’t you put that on the current thread?

[…] Need a Laugh? Try Brother Husbands! (h/t Fredster) […]

[…] Need a Laugh? Try Brother Husbands! (h/t Fredster) […]

[…] Need a Laugh? Try Brother Husbands! (h/t Fredster) […]

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