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MW: The Grand Old Party's Had A Grand Old Party

Posted on: April 1, 2010

What Are They Smoking?

What Are They Smoking?

You can’t make this stuff up. Apparently, some GOP operative ran up $1946.25 in expenses for “meals”at “Voyeur Hollywood”, a club featuring lesbian bondage-type acts. If that wasn’t good enough, the RNC reimbursed him, then actually filed the expensed item with others on an FEC report. Whoo-hoo! The party of family values/fiscal conservatism strikes again.

If that wasn’t enough, there are other expenses that are simply laughable. Thousands upon thousands of dollars have been billed for private jets, five star hotels, and that ridiculous convention in Hawaii. Take that, individual RNC contributors! Those $25.00 and $50.00 contributions that you scrimped and saved up to grease the party wheels is being put to good use – good times for them, anyhow.

Michael Steele has again come under fire for this, but I have to wonder what it will take to offload him. Remember when he was charging for his speech at Republican fundraisers? If that didn’t get him fired, as his job is to raise funds for the RNC, you have to wonder what will. Remember when he stood on teevee and said something to the effect that if they didn’t like the way he did things, they could fire him? I still wonder why the RNC didn’t take him up on that deathless statement.

The RPF, in the State Which Must Not Be Named, has had its own share of troubles. Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint’s protégé and Tea Party darling, has yet to completely explain his “fund raising” expenses of haircuts, wine, auto repairs, and six airline roundtrip tickets for his wife. Where is the outrage for these fiscal f**ckups, folks? Did they have to do all of these things in order to fight the fascist Democrats and keep Wal-Mart safe from socialism?

Now, about the militias: there is absolutely no excuse for calls to “lock and load”, a la Michele Bachmann. The pain and anger of America is too close to the tipping point for that sort of speech, even when used metaphorically. As recent events in Michigan have shown, the woods have their fair share of crazies who are only too happy to oblige. The Michigan folks had law enforcement rather than lawmakers in their gun sights, but the parallel is inescapable. (Actually, it does my heart good to see that there are gun-toting crazoids north of the Mason-Dixon line, rather than all down here with me. Our only militia in the Miami area is the Alpha 66, a group of aging Cubans who would like to overthrow the equally aging Castro), but there are lots and lots in the general area of my Appalachian home town.  There are more than likely many more of them out there, polishing their guns and waiting for the time to be right….

Make no mistake, I am not holding the DNC up as a paragon of responsibility. I’m still righteously indignant about the RBC meeting in 2008. However, if they are having fiestas on the donors’ dimes, they are at least keeping a lid on them. The DNC, whatever its other faults, has yet to call for violent civil unrest/use of firearms.

This is an open thread.

(Hey, Michele – you might want to consider this when you start talking about “locking and loading.”)

41 Responses to "MW: The Grand Old Party's Had A Grand Old Party"

It’s too bad Bachmann didn’t slit her wrists months ago.

But then we’d be deprived of all of this.

Pure-D insanity is often entertaining…until it turns into violence.

Ah well – happy April Fool’s Day!

Anyone seen any good April Fool’s posts? I didn’t think Google was super-clever this year.

Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church will be sending his minions and himself (if God premits) will be comming to Gainesville on April 13th.

He will be be spreading his form of christianity at various locations around our town.

among people and groups he will be damning to Hell:

The Roman Catholic Priesthood(peadoughfiles)-his spelling not mine
Liberal Protestants
Barak Obama (the antichrist) please Obama cannot be motivated enough to be an Anti-christ
Eastern Europeans
Women who are Barren
The Southern Baptist Convention
The WCC (world Council of Churches)
The NCC (National Council Of Churches)
The Pope
The Metropolitian of Constantinople (first among equals in the eastern rite)
and a cast of thousands of others I am sure
Native Americans

I just cant wait….I will be in attendance in silent protest if I can get off work….

If you are not among thes above groups then for you he and his 67 memeber (all related) congregation will be spreading love happiness and joy.

Fuzzy, are they bringing donuts?

no pre-filled out forms for the numerous lawsuits they intend to file LOL

Talk about batsh*t insanity – Fred Phelps is the King of Koo-Koo Land!

Fuzzy – that would be so awesome if you went! But be careful. Those people are nucking futs.

Take pictures.

Did you see that Palin has asked the RNC to remove her from their invitations to some shindig. Apparently this is to show her displeasure at the kinky donors.

Oh, the hits just keep on rolling down at the RNC:

Here’s what the DNC has been spending:

Some of the bigger ticket DNC events included $26,000 for tickets and food at Boston’s Fenway Park, $13,316 at the Lucky Strike bowling alley in Washington, D.C., and a hefty $63,953 last October at Chicago’s upscale Standard Club.

But DNC officials quickly noted that the RNC expose revealed nothing X-rated.

Jabbed DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan: “The DNC, unlike the RNC, does not conduct business at sex clubs with lesbian bondage themes.”

All I have to say is thank god the Democrats aren’t patronizing lesbian bondage clubs!

BTW, how do you do

How do you do a citation? Like when you post a quote from an article in a separate box?

Glad they’re patronizing upscale clubs. I usually say “From ——“, and quote it. My computer skills aren’t good enough to use the box-y things.

DYB – for the boxy things:

Without the ampersands and spaces:


Looks like this:

The RNC conducts business at lesbian bondage clubs!


I can never remember how to put in code without WordPress going nuts and deleting it.

Look above the comment box – you can copy and paste the code from there. I use the “blockquote” code.

At the end of the “blockquote” code, you have to put “/blockquote” surrounded by “less than” symbol at the front, and “greater than” symbol at the back.


Hee! Great job, DYB!

I wonder if Lynne Cheney was with her?

I wonder if Bay and Lynne they were performing! With an assist from Donna Brazile!

Did you all see that Anna Paquin just came out as “bisexual?”

RNC — wrong number (link above)

That is the funniest political news — I wonder if there are DNC operatives “helping” out?

Both parties are a farce — this time the GOP got caught with their pants down.

Meanwhile on the Foreign news — French tv — the pope is still being roasted.

Their news is very different than anything we see from the US media. A French sailing team won a round the world sailing race — 43 days. Anyway the captains were interviewed while the boat was nearing the finish line — live. So I’m listening — and then behind the captains I noticed that there were 8 bare asses. The crew used this time to take showers (or bucket loads of water) with their bare backsides to the camera. The tv interviewer mentioned his view and one of the captains turned, looked at his crew and smiled. The interview continued. I’m watching the French tv news on a small pop-up screen on my lap top computer. I expect that the view on Big screen tvs was interesting.

“Our Meaningless Constitution”

via Feminist Law Professors blog.

Northwestrain> That’s hilarious! We don’t get news like that here!

@22 – Is it news, or is it pr0n? YOU decide!


DYB, isn’t every young actress required to be bi-sexual these days? They’re all following LiLo’s example.

P.S. @23 – Uh….I HOPE that’s an April Fool’s post!!!

MB@25> Definitely news.

@20 No, no no! Donna is not “out”. She still believes her party is “democrat”.

I remembering in the 1950’s the BBC did a whole segment on spagetti farmers in switzerland for april fools day which is guy faux day iin the UK.

In the segment you saw italian swiss farmers harvesting baskets “mature and ripe” spagetti noodles from “spagetty trees on a hill side I wonder if the clip is on youtube?

Ahh when april fools was fun….

This morning I woke up to my news radio offering a “Fake” story so here is mine:

Washington DC April 1st 2010…

Today in the Oval office Hillary Rodham Clinton the 44th President of the United States of America celebrated the first anniversary of the here historic legislative 100 days.

We all remember last year when President Clinton on April 1st signed a bevy of legislative bills like the Freedom of Choice Act, The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the Lilly Ledbetter Act with the Mahoney equal pay amendment included… the repeal of the Hyde amendment, the repeal of DOMA and the Equality Non Discrimination Act. It was the most historic day in history for any president.

President Clinton also signed numerous other bills since then like the Reauthorization of the Glass Stegal act that broke up the big investment banks stranglehold on the nation’s credit, The Creditors Bill of Rights and the repeal of the Bush Era Bankruptcy Reform Act.

On the Economy President Clinton’s “National Recovery Act” and “Fair Security Trade Act” were the key to turning our economy around. The Green Energy Development act is expected to create 4 million jobs with $ 50 billion in authorized spending and cut carbon emissions by 40% in America by 2014.

She has earned her nickname “the people’s president” by proposing and shepherding and signing numerous consumer protection laws. Her National Mortgage Fund Act took the $ 700 billion from bushes failed TARP fund and directed it to low interest loans for troubled homeowners.

Was this enough for MS Clinton? Already compared to FDR and JFK she today proved this was just the beginning of a new era of American Progress. Today Ms Clinton signs what is surely the crown jewel of her first term in office “The Medicare for All Act” ending forever the Profit Driven Health Insurance Complex!

The democrats stand to pick up over 52 seats in the house and 9 in the senate. Her Approval rating stands at an enviable 68%….even congress has finally achieved a 52% approval rating by following her lead.

On the lighter side Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Bill O’Rielly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and Rupert Murdock have applied to immigrate to the Sudan the last right wing dictatorship on the planet.

Ah- what might have been…Happy April fools!

In international news President Clinton Recalled UN Ambassador Barak Obama after he attempted to “return” the Falkland Islands to Argentina.


Follow the links — the article does sound very serious — in an academic sort of way. Seeing that 0bowma is a “constitutional” scholar and all.

Now we all know that the evolution of operational rules for a club requires a lot of give and take until there is a consensus on the by-laws etc.

This article really deserves to be a classic.

I got to the end and AF for sure.

Oh — about the GOP — at least they were opened minded in their choice of entertainment. Not like watching Donna Brazile nuts and her wig on tv and wondering when the wing is going to get up and walk away or strangle her.

Oh the 0bots — Vitchy fems are so thrilled about 0bamacare. Apparently Vitchy fems didn’t bother to READ the legislation (written by Insurance Companies) so they have no idea what they’re talking about — but that doesn’t stop these poor dears from making wild claims about how wonderful the Whatever bill is “going to be”. They are still mainlining the kool-aid.

Then CBS has something about Mrs. 0bowma just blooming in the white house — well hell with a staff of 24 — she could be jackie the ripper and who the hell would know? She needs a staff of 24 to keep her out of trouble.

Can we the taxpayers afford the presidency any longer? Why not follow the parliamentarian model and let them choose (and abuse) one of their own as Prime Minister? Or Prez of the Congress — kick the bastard out with a no confidence vote.

April Fools — or the Fools of April?

Today my inbox is full — on the ecology-friends of the earth type email — all are screaming bloody murder about 0bowma’s plan to Drill baby Drill. Well he SAID he would drill — didn’t you ecology — tree huggers ever listen to what da guy said?

In Nov, of 2008 these same enviro groups were so thrilled about the new era.

Anyone else get a mailbox full of eco spam today?

I’ll tell y’all my April Fools thing I pulled today and it was somewhat unintentional.

The momster and I were returning from the orthopod’s office today. I had previously asked they add her in for Saturday’s “beauty” day or whatever when they get their hair done, cut, whatever.

I was talking to the lady at the front desk and asked if they could also wax on her chinny-chin-chin to get rid of the “whiskers” there. She said no, they didn’t do that but the cna’s on the floor should be able to trim/pluck or whatever. I looked at Jane (who is somewhat the prim and proper lady most of the time) and I said “Oh…I guess that let’s out the bikini wax Mom also said she wanted to ask about.” 😯 She looked at me with this very quizzical look and said “I know I didn’t hear what I thought I just heard.” I laughed and said “April Fool”! 😆

I had no intention at first of pulling that one, but the opportunity just presented itself and I couldn’t help it. 🙂

Sometimes, it just comes by and you just can’t help it.

@35-Yeah, I’m usually not that swift on the replies, but it was just “there”.


😆 Fredster!

The worst April Fool’s prank I pulled was when my brother and I were kids. We switched the salt and the sugar, so when my dad had his coffee in the morning, well…it did not taste so great. The expression on his face was priceless!

We were punished for our naughtiness, but man! It was so worth it!

My son was trying to come up with an April Fool’s joke for my husband today. Madamab, the first thing I thought of was the old salt/sugar trick but I didn’t dare tell him for fear he might pull it on me one day! So we found a phony permission slip on the Internet for a field trip to Outer Space. Cute and harmless!

Chatblu: I just love that the RNC has been caught with their collective pants down on this one.

😆 Jules! A wise decision. 👿

I kind of got cured of April Fools — and in the process I learned that the local Jr.Hi Biology teacher was a Creationist and NOT teaching science.

I have a Japanese Bobtail cat who has dog behavior patterns — in many ways he is more dog like than European domestic cats. He walks on leads (better than a lot of dogs) etc.

So on April Fools day a few years back I told some JrHi kids that the Japanese had managed to cross dogs and cats and my cat was the result of their breeding program. The kids believed me — so I then had to teach a biology lesson — genetics etc. and I learned that their Biology teacher didn’t “believe” in Evolution. He also taught that all animals could be crossed — that’s how god created dinosaurs etc.

Anyway I have a really cool cat who is the result of a super secret Japanese breeding program — crossing dogs and cats.

JBT’s are very cool cats.

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