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Morning Widdershins: Plouffe, The Magic's Draggin'

Posted on: January 26, 2010

Can He Weave His Magic Spell Yet Again?

Can He Weave His Magic Spell Yet Again?

Well, it’s official.  David Plouffe has been taken out of mothballs, dusted off, and is cranking up some more audacity to win kind of stuff.  Apparently, the President has finally noted that all is not well in the kingdom, and the peasants are in full revolt.  What to do, what to do?  Spend the remaining stimulus bucks on actual job creation?  Implement Hillary’s plan to have blanket 4% mortgage refinance and thus end the cascade of foreclosures?  Stop spending $5 billion a month on war without end?  Redirect the bucks spent bribing drug lords in Afghanistan to American programs?  Nope.  The President’s plan is to run better campaigns with better candidates.  Ergo, he has taken steps to centralize Democratic campaigns by bringing Mr. Plouffe into the DNC.

Now, there is no question that Plouffe was an extraordinary change agent in 2008.  His grassroots organization took off like a rocket, and eventually had 13,000,000 activists involved.  2008 was akin to capturing lightning in a bottle, and replicating this will be no mean feat.  After eight long years of Dubya,  Americans  thirsted for change.  Out with the old, in with the new.  Take one angry country, toss in liberal wads of cash, add some measured amounts of misogyny and name-calling, swirl with soaring orations and the liberal blogosphere and voila!  You’ve got yourself one tall, cool, frothy President, garnished with sprigs of hope and change.

Today’s landscape looks considerably different.  As previously discussed, OFA is MIA and the rest of the political landscape is looking rather bleak.  Beau Biden has announced that he will not seek the Senate seat that was occupied by his father for the past thirty years.  Harry Reid, Blanche Lincoln, and Evan Bayh all have polling issues in varying degrees from poor to just awful.  A number of moderate Democrats in the House have also announced impending retirements.  And, of course, there was the recent Boston Massacre.  Plouffe needs to start fluffing ASAP.

Sunday’s Washington Post boasted an op-ed written by Plouffe in which he stated “But it’s long been clear that 2010 would be a challenging election year for our party.” He admits to the need to “defend a more fragile turf”  and “a white-knuckled ride for many of our candidates.”

In order to avert such election debacles as Massachusetts, Virginia, and New Jersey from becoming the norm, Plouffe wisely recommends that Democrats do the business of the electorate, rather than carry water for lobbyists and special interest groups.  He further suggests that a properly functioning government should “foster the security” of the middle class.  He then states  “Many of last year’s accomplishments are down payments on those principles.” (Interesting choice of words, no doubt, but if the down payments have been made, why is the public still standing on the roadside rather than breezing down the highway in the governmentmobile? ) Plouffe then recommends a seven-point attack on the problems confronting the American public.

  1. Pass a meaningful health insurance reform package without delay.  Plouffe admits here that “the short term politics are bad”, and that it has “become a demonized caricature”.  He postulates that even if the plan is shelved, Republicans will continue to attack.  Should the plan pass, however, “dozens” of unspecified “protections and benefits will take effect this year”.  He also notes that health care is a jobs creator.
  2. We need to show that we are not only focused on jobs, but also create them.    He states that the Administration has some “terrific plans”, but the private sector is essentially dragging its feet. Democrats must lay a foundation for growth through efforts in education, energy, and health care reform.  “Politically difficult” measures must be passed in order to stabilize the economy in the short term. 
  3. Make sure that voters understand what the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act did for the economy.  Oh, indeed this will be a challenge, Mr. Plouffe.  He avers that Democrats must “lift up” teachers, police officers and construction workers” who are working thanks to Obama’s leadership. He admits that these efforts have been stigmatized, and vows to show the real truth: that the Democrats “broke the back of the recession with not a single Republican vote.”
  4. Don’t accept any lectures on spending. He correctly notes that the Republicans managed to turn a $236 billion dollar surplus into a $1.3 trillion dollar deficit in eight short years.  He states that this administration has “potent talking points on health care, honest budgeting, and cuts in previously sacrosanct programs.” He further claims that Republicans are pawns of the Wall Street lobbyists, and only the Democrats can keep honest workers from being left in the dust.
  5. Change is not just about policies.  Plouffe claims that ethics reforms were passed by the Democrats, and is horrified at the recent Gallup poll showing that 55% of respondents find Congress to be unethical.  He plans special help for the newest members of the House so that they can show their constituents that they are delivering.
  6. Run great campaigns.   He vows that Democratic campaigns will use grassroots volunteers, technology, fund raising efforts and voter registration campaigns. He plans to have candidates build relationships with voters, especially newer voters, and keep them fired up. 
  7. No bed wetting.  Plouffe’s plan?  “Fight like hell.”

Good luck, Mr. Plouffe.  Methinks that the electorate has learned a lot in the past twelve months, and that it will take more than fluffing and buffing this time.  The Democrats have some explaining to do.

This is an open thread.


80 Responses to "Morning Widdershins: Plouffe, The Magic's Draggin'"

I guess time will tell the level of Ploufe’s brilliance. Any Democrat could have skated into the White House in ’08 after Bush got through ruining the country. It should have been a landslide election, but it wasn’t.

Almost every analysis I have read says that Obama needs to put some smart policy people in charge and sideline the political people. Instead, he brings back Ploufe. Once again, Obama is acting like he knows better than everyone else.

But Obama doesn’t want to pass populist policies, janicen. His owners would be displeased in the extreme, and that sweet sweet flow of (now unlimited) cashola would stop coming into his coffers.

Therefore, he has no other option but to call a supposedly brilliant spinmeister to pretend all is will in Obamaland.

LOL Chat! Of course, of course. IACF, and Obama’s unshakeable belief in his own awesomeness – a combination that leads to major delusions, apparently.

The real difference is that in 1994 the Democrats had had control of Congress for almost four decades. They were seen as corrupt, self-indulgent Washington fat cats. Some were even under indictment or on their way to jail.

Of course they lost seats. Only a miracle could have kept that from happening.

The situation now is actually even bleaker. Although “centrists” use 1994 as an example of what happens when you “move too far left” and try to pass sweeping government legislation like health care reform, the true narrative is quite the opposite.

The reason they (Dems) are losing support for Obama is because they feel he is not instituting enough change, and he has broken too many promises to them based on left principles. IOW, he is moving too far to the Right. And “Dems” who follow him over that cliff will suffer at the ballot box.

So yes, the difference is Obama. But Obama is now far more of a liability than Clinton ever was.

That Plouffe piece reads like an Onion parody. So many things do these days. Teachers, cops, and construction workers have jobs because of Obama? Come again? What wonderful plans does the government have? Which benefits kick in immediately with the passage of the healthcare bill? What ethics reforms? Plouffe is just making shit up!

Oh, and that Tapper article. Once again Obama summarizes his entire Presidency: ME! IT’S ALL ABOUT ME! ME! ME! ME!

Also, did you see that apparently Obama will be discussing gays in the military in his State of the Union speech. I’m waiting with baited breath!

DYB – We will have a doozy of a SOTU thread tomorrow. I’m planning it as we speak!

The admin keeps putting forth polls showing that Democrats give him an 88% approval rating, and I find that hard to believe. This must be a “select” sampling, to say the least.

Hey, Mad, what about a SOTU drinking game?

The Senate has rejected Obama’s plan for a panel to cut “entitlements.”

I’ll be loading up on the Valium for the SOTU. LOL

Chat – Definitely! I’m thinking drink when he says “fight,” “let me be clear,” “Main Street,” “Wall Street” and/or “Bush.”

Any other thoughts?

BTW – GREAT NEWS about the Senate rejecting the “entitlements” panel. He was assuredly going to use that to cut Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security.

The first sign of revolt against the President’s agenda?

Obama’s been in office for little over a year now. A pretty amazing fall from grace in such a short time.

Harry Reid Says He Will Emulate Scott Brown and Pose Nude:

@13: If we drink water every time he says “clear” or “clearly”, we’ll stay upright. For “fight”, “fighter”, or “Fighting”, clench fists and drink. For “inherited”, “Wall Street”, or “banking”,drink. For “reforms”, sip a soft drink. Anyone else?

This is rich:

The task force was rejected after the powerful seniors lobby, led by AARP, objected to a potential fast-track debate of cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Anti-tax activists and GOP-friendly editorial pages pressed Republicans to oppose it. It would have tried to reveal a deficit reduction blueprint after the November elections for a vote before the new Congress convenes.

The plan was offered as an amendment to a deeply unpopular bill to permit the government to borrow an additional $1.9 trillion to finance its operations and prevent a first-ever default on U.S. obligations.

Iam beginning to wonder if he can get Congress to pass a resolution honoring motherhood at this point in time.

On a culture-related note, this Thursday will mark the Met farewell of Charles Anthony (his real last name is Caruso – you can see why he had to change his name). The man has sung more than 3000 performances at the Met since the 1950s. He’s shared the stage with Zinka Milanov, Renata Tebaldi, Maria Callas, and Eleanor Steber. And he was on the stage for the Met debuts of divas like Marian Anderson, Leontyne Price (and Franco Corelli, who debuted the same night), Eileen Farrell, Joan Sutherland, Birgit Nilsson, Regine Crespin, and Elizabeth Schwarzkopf (and that’s just the sopranos.) What a life! I had lunch with him and a mutual friend a couple of years ago and he’s the sweetest man, too, with an unbelievable number of stories. Some of which he could never share in public. Happy retirement!

I’d be up for a drinking game but Chat is right — we’d have to drink water for anything with the word “clear” in it. How about “the notion that…”?

Incidentally, I should have mentioned that Mr. Anthony was also present for my Met debut a few years ago in “Turandot.” I was the guy in the mask holding a huge and very heavy pole, trying to walk on a very treacherous Franco Zeffirelli set without falling off it because the mask offered no peripheral vision.

Good addition. So we have “clear”=water; “reform”=soft drink; “fight”-er-ing,”Wall Street”, “bank”-er-ing, “notion” =drink. How about on”inherited”, sip your companion’s drink?

DYB: you hadda big pole? 😉

Ah, you all know me…start with the entendres and I just take it downhill from there.

I happened to catch ABC news last night where Diane Sawyer did an interview with Obie. I’m linking to the transcript but if you look above that you’ll see videos and you can click and go to World News Tonight for the 25th and then watch the interview. For me it was better to watch it to see Obama squirm and twist and lie about some of the stuff this year, especially health care (I’m not using “reform” in there) He’s almost a pretzel when she asks about the meetings with the insurance companies and stuff.

If Obama says he’s “fighting for the American people”, I am going to operate dangerous machines while taking meds. Like maybe a blender. If I can find the lid.

The interview is the clip One on One with Diane Sawyer.

Well y’all have fun with the drinking game. I’m not going to watch the p.o.s. But I will check in here afterward.

How about on”inherited”, sip your companion’s drink?

I have no companions and I’m not drinking out of Chloe’s water bowl. 😆

Charles Anthony – wow. He had such a wonderful career as a character tenor. Happy retirement, Charles, and congratulations on your success!

I will try to find a suitable SOTU drink for tomorrow night. “The notion that somehow…” = attempt to drink, unsuccesfully, a la Robert Hayes in “Airplane.”

Oh, come on, Fredster. Where’s the old fighting (sip, swallow) spirit(s)?

chat@30: uh…nope. I wash out that bowl every day but I’m still not drinking from the dawg bowl.

And remember folks, when you watch the SOTU and don’t grasp what the Prez is saying and how great it is and all, Joe Klein thinks you’re too stoopid to understand.

Or we could change the goal altogether and do jumping jacks along with his head swivels. Think of all the calories we could burn!

I love the movei “Airplane.”

Fredster> Franco Zeffirelli doesn’t need any encouragement with the big poles. My understanding is when he was staging the (now gone) “Carmen” he personally directed all the young supernumeraries by leading them around by the hand and ignored his diva Waltraud Meier – who was livid and had nothing nice to say about him afterwards.

Ok, so in the case of solitary viewers, keep a spare glass for “inherited”.

DYB#32: LOL!! That’s too funny!!

DYB-Was Zeffirelli as over-the-top as Ken Russell was in some of his movies?

Fredster> I never saw him work in person, this is all based on what the other supernumeraries told me. But he was a flaming diva! He did show up for a couple of minutes for one of the rehearsals of “Carmen” I was in and had an 18 year old boy on his arm. Kind of grossed me out.

And in other breaking news, Pope John Paul II used to whip himself with a belt. Kinky MoFo!

And people wonder why I call myself a lapsed Catholic…………….

@38: Those are typical Opus Dei practices.

Ah, yes. Putting the fun back in self-mortification.

chat@39: Although I’m sure he could have found any number of formerly abused boys and girls and women who were hushed by the Church who would have been more than willing to beat the hell out of him. 😉

Oh how interesting:

Will have to catch the local news on the web to watch this.

Pimp my phone?

chatt@44: Apparently so.

From the article:

“It was poor judgment,” Robert Flanagan’s lawyer, Garrison Jordan, said in a brief interview outside the courthouse. “I don’t think there was any intent or motive to commit a crime.”

Then what were they doing trying to gain access to the wire closet?

Chat I swear…you are fast on your feet girl!! Take a bow!! 🙂

What amazes me about the John Paul II story is that the Vatican is using his self-flagellation as a qualification for sainthood. That just boggles the mind.

I love that story about someone trying to tap Landreau’s phone lines. Too bad they didn’t succeed and catch her doing some crazy shit. Is it wrong of me to think that?

DYB said: love that story about someone trying to tap Landreau’s phone lines. Too bad they didn’t succeed and catch her doing some crazy shit. Is it wrong of me to think that?

Nah. Maybe she was trying to funnel some money to her brother’s mayoral race. He’s the Lt. Guv and is running for mayor of Nola.

0bie 0bama just is incapable of learning. He’s a one trick pony — run run run for office.

Like I said yesterday — 0bie is toxic. He is trying to be authoritarian — (Dictator) but he really doesn’t care. If it isn’t about HIM — all the time — he gets bored and goes to sleep on the couch.

At this point it is hard to keep up with all the disillusioned 0bots — the born again folks are coming out of the woodwork. These are the ones who are just now discovering what — WE KNEW about 0bama — AND HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS.

We need to keep track of the cleaver ways that politicians will be telling 0bama — thanks but no thanks — keep the hell away from me and my campaign. HOWEVER — how many of those politicians will accept 0bie’s “help” because he brings money?? — So then the problem is how do they get the money and keep 0bie the hell out of their state?????

0bama is toxic.

@46: (Channeling Elvis) Thank you, thank you very much.

I stopped subscribing to the “Poofie Report from Oblahblah for America” a long time ago I hope I dont start getting more now that he is dusting off the old subscription list….

Listen Poofie…

Not One Penny

Not one Hour of Volenteer Time

Not one Vote from me

Lysistrata-in this case Fuzzy says NO!

I shall not lift one finger to help Obama I hope he goes down in flames and takes the blue dogs with him!

DYB @47:
Many of the Saints practiced “Mortification of the Flesh”.

And I am not referring to the New Orleans Saints!!!

THEY will, however, suffer a mortifying loss to the Colts in the Super Bowl. 😆

So true Beata….simple people in a simpler time trying to touch the divine through pain and suffering like the Christ.

I find that inspiring in a way…but a twentieth century pope?

yes sadly the saints will go down because Axelfraud is a colts fan! so is pampers

Oh Madamab off to tuesday dinner with the Unconverted…since the Ob*t word was banned…wish me luck they have been quite subdued of late most wont speak his name wioth out making that gaging on a bad clam noise!

fuzzybeargville said
January 26, 2010 at 7:01 PM

yes sadly the saints will go down because Axelfraud is a colts fan! so is pampers

Well if that isn’t the kiss of death I don’t know what is! 😆

Beata@53: In your dreams!

Peyton goin’ DOWN!!

Good luck Fuzzy – I keep saying that YOU should be nominated for sainthood because of your weekly efforts to bring the Clueless to the light!

But whatever you do, don’t start flagellating yourself. Dinner with your “special friends” is mortification enough!

Well, I don’t want to get into an argument over self-flaggelation, for whatever reason. But surely there are better ways to feel closer to Christ (good deeds, anyone?) than hurting yourself. To me it seems as if a screw got loose somewhere. (Incidentally, that’s how they helped the Plague to spread, too.)

Poofie and friends are delusional if they think they’re going to recreate the mass hysteria of 2008, especially when it comes to down ticket Dems. I keep saying: Obamalove does not translate to down ticket Dems. The true Oborgs only have enough love for The Lightbringer. Everyone else is out of luck. And I suspect many of them, especially those whose seats are being targeted by Republicans, will tell Obama and Plouffe to take a long walk on a short bridge.

Yup, DYB, I’m going to get the popcorn for this “takeover” by Poofie!

Jiffy pop?

Madamab (Fuzzy in his best Oprah imitation) SUCCESS!-

Are going very excited about SOTU drinking game seems they ike the Idea of taking a shot every time Obama Opens his mouth that way they dont have to listen to what he says….

They will take a shot every time he uses the words stimulus, healthcare, Jobs, banking reform, get tuff with wall street, hope, we came to washington to change the way how things(or business) is done, the state of the union is strong, the recession is over,infrastructure, education, gays in the military, hate crimes, ENDA, supreme court, campaign finance reform, foriegn policy, domestic agenda, DOMA, Afiganistan,gitmo, Iraq, brave men and women who serve, Federal Reserve Chairman, madam speaker, Senate Majority Leader, Biden, House of representatives and senate, congress, cabinet, Bush, and agenda….

crap I ment to say:

the tueday night crowd of true believers are very excited about the SOTU drinking game they will take a shot of there favorite wisky,scotch, rum, vodka, of fufu shooter any time any of the above words are said….

seams the last week of dribble from the WH staff has really disolusioned them!

I thinks that my friends will be quite hung over by thursday morning!

madamab we have the same endearing nickname fore the spinmiester “Poofie”!

there is an old saying about being able to tell the difference between shit and shinola!

Fuzz, if they’ll drink water every time he says “clear” and soda every time he says “reform”, they’ll be much less hammered.

Wow, fuzzy, at last the clueless have gotten a clue. It’s all thanks to you, I’m sure. Pat yourself on the back, friend Fuzzy!

Chat – I put the non-alcoholic rules into our drinking game. Should be a blast!

I think that one can over drink even water! So be careful — 0bama will use the words he knows and keep repeating the same words over and over and over and over again.

As for me — I can’t stand to listen to his voice — it makes me physically ill. I swear he is using the same tricks used by the Evangelistic preachers who used to travel around to whip up the faithful and fill up the offering boxes.

So I’m relying on all you BRAVE folk to listen and report and translated the BS.

Northwest – I will make the ultimate sacrifice for my Widdershins fellow travelers, and watch one of his speeches. It’s been more than a year now – I guess I can handle it.

Night all!

I expect I’ll be passed out on my keyboard before half-time.


uh-uh. I ain’t watchin’. Not when I read this:

And these snips are in it:

Lawmakers hope Obama will help them find their way when the president delivers his State of the Union address Wednesday. Obama is unlikely to delve into the strategy for passing a health care bill, Hoyer said, but he is expected to stress the importance of getting comprehensive legislation along the lines of what the House and Senate already passed.

So in essence the Dem leadership is saying it can’t find its ass even with two hands.

And Teh One had this to say:

Opposition to the health care remake in Washington helped spark the Massachusetts revolt, Democrats acknowledge. Obama called the monthslong debate on Capitol Hill “an ugly process.”

“It looks like there are a bunch of back-room deals,” the president said in an interview with ABC News.

But it was you Barack Obama who held the back room meetings and deals. They were with Pharma and Billy Tauzin and with the insurance companies.

The Dems don’t deserve to be allowed to govern. It’s beyond them.

I’ll probably have half of the markup wrong in this but we’ll see when I hit submit.

whaddaya know…I dood it!

MB: There’s a bar in New Yawk that’s gonna be the official NYC place for Saints fans in the Big Apple:

Didn’t want to put two links in one comment. Bar None:

Look at the who dats in NYC:

Got this is an email:

1968 Prayer: ‘Saints Conquered Kingdoms’
NEW ORLEANS — On All Saints Day in 1968, the New Orleans Saints were born,
and not without the blessing of the local Catholic Church.

Fearing that naming the team the “Saints” would be viewed as sacrilegious,
but with the desire to do so as the announcement would come on all Saints
Day, the owner went to then Archbishop Philip M. Hannan for permission. Not
only was permission granted, but Archbishop Hannan became an original “Who
Dat” — a long-time fan that still attends the Saints home games.

At the inaugural Saints and Sinners Dinner, Hannan presented the “Prayer for
the Saints.” Below is the text of that prayer, and here is a PDF file of the
prayer for printing.

God, we ask your blessing upon all who participate in this event, and all
who have supported our Saints. Our heavenly father, who has instructed us
that the “saints by faith conquered kingdoms… and overcame lions,” grant
our Saints an increase of faith and strength so that they will not only
overcome the Lions, but also the Bears, the Rams, the Giants and even those
awesome people in Green Bay.

May they continue to tame the Redskins and fetter the Falcons as well as the
Eagles. Give to our owners and coaches the continued ability to be as wise
as serpents and simple as doves, so that no good talent will dodge our
draft. Grant to our fans perseverance in their devotion and unlimited lung
powered, tempered with a sense of charity to all, including the referees.

The arch. (really the last “good one” we had in nola) didn’t include taming Colts but I’m sure that even though retired now and in his 90s, he’ll amend this prayer. 😆

May our beloved “Bedlam Bowl” be a source of good fellowship and may the
“Saints Come Marching In” be a victory march for all, now and in eternity.

I know I’m overdosing everyone, but got this in an email too:

If you agree COlts are going to lose become a fan of FB page Colts Will Lose Super Bowl 2010!

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